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  1. Great reel. Not sealed the same as a Saragosa or a Spheros...but it can take a splash or a quick dunk if it happens to occur. Plenty of muscle to take in a 15lb blue on a 7' rod with no problems.
  2. Penn spinfisher bailess

    Bailed...never had a problem with losing lures or bail breakage. Th supposed benefits of bail-less...meh, they don't pertain to me.
  3.'s just what works best for me. I like having pre-tied leaders in my bag for a quick uni knot change out when needed.
  4. That's what I do with Hogy's...but with a 3 foot leader. And no, I reel the swivel just below the tip top guide and cast from great.
  5. I have this rod in the 9' 1-3oz...stays true to it's weight ratings. It might be different for others, but it feels like such a broomstick to me.
  6. Another vote for the plastic FishGripper. That coupled with a small luggage scale if I'm weighing anything of substance...done.
  7. I got my BIL a pair of the Penn Bullnose pliers for Christmas 2016. They are holding up pretty well, no rust...the jaws are slightly misaligned, but nothing serious. Personally, for the $12 that they cost, I don't think you can beat the Shimano Brutus 8" pliers. I've had them for 3 years and keep them in an $8 leather holster with snap holder. High carbon steel covered with a black nickel finish to resist corrosion...apparently, lol. Whatever it is, it works great...pliers are 3 years old and still function/look near brand new. I don't think they can be killed. Also, for another $15, I picked up the Brutus pliers in 11" for deeper hooks. That thing is a beast and every bit as tough as the 8".
  8. Shimano Spheros 6000 would pair nicely with that rod. At 16 oz. (which looks to be close to the Slammer 4500) it would work very well, especially if you would like a lighter setup for longer sessions. It is also sealed like the Slammer. I have the Spheros 6000 on a 10'6" Mojo and a 10' Avid and it balances perfectly on both for that lighter setup feel. PS The Spheros 6000 has a manual bail, which is something you were worried about.
  9. That's certainly a lot of breakage for new rods in just a small circle. Then again, I know 3 people other than myself, who have fished Mojos for 3 years or more without any problems. The reel seat was a known problem 4-5 years ago...but I from what I understand, it was supposedly corrected. Again, none of the people I know nor myself, have had loose reel seats. The Avid is a great rod, I have the 10' 1-4oz Surf. Albeit, it's a completely different rod compared to the Mojo in most of the sizes as far as feel goes. It's a much faster rod with more felt backbone when compared to the Mojo. Nonetheless, I think the more moderate Mojo is exceptional for certain applications like using smaller plugs and working poppers. It's a great rod.
  10. Just wondering, what was the problem with your friend's rod that they acknowledged? Was it the same exact problem with all 4 friends, because if so, that IS a big number for such a small group owning the same rod. Another question is how old were all 4 of the Mojos? I ask, because apparently it is an industry standard that any rod breakage over 12 months is widely considered to be "user error" at that point, mainly because any manufacturing errors will show up before that timeframe. As far as the warranty not helping anyone while they are pounding sand...that goes for any rod out there. If it're done for the night no matter who the manufacturer is, factory or custom. The only way to prepare for that is to bring more than one rod when fishing, so that your outing isn't ruined. Whether it's a St. Croix Mojo, Avid, Legend, ODM, Black Hole, or doesn't matter. And no, I don't believe that because someone has a Mojo in their hands...they are more likely to lose a night of fishing than the guy next to them with company XYZ's rod...strictly because they have a Mojo.
  11. The Mojo is a great rod, I have the 10'6" and have fished it for a while. There are potential problems with any rod possibly breaking, most of the time user error. You have to remember that there are a lot of Mojo's out there, as they are popular mid-level rods. Therefore you will tend to see more reports (both positive and negative) about it, strictly because of the volume that are sold when compared to other models and manufacturer's. The other thing to remember is that St. Croix has an excellent warranty and service of, if not the best in the industry. If you have any problems, rest assured, they will take care of you. The statement that the Mojo's have problems because they are made at St. Croix's factory in Mexico is just plain false. There is nothing to support this notion. In fact, if you do a little of your own research you can find out a lot about the quality control of both factories and how similar they are to each other in terms of manufacturing.
  12. I love my Maui Jim Surfriders...they fit my head perfectly and work great in the surf. Glass lenses with a bronze tint covers 99% of my fishing from the shoreline. Even though they have glass lenses, they are still nice and light.
  13. Yep...that's why I was hoping the leader would break!
  14. 30lb Fireline to swivel with 6 turn Uni knot. Then 30lb. Seaguar leader to swivel with 6 turn Uni knot. Then Improved Clinch knot from leader to TA clip. I wrestled for 15 minutes with a 400lb. Grey seal that had grabbed the bluefish I was retrieving, while hoping for the leader to break. Finally, I felt relief of tension and reeled in the fish's mandible with my lure still attached. Fireline, leader, knots, and Hogy Epoxy all intact.
  15. Exactly! Plus it's great tasting...and it only comes in cans (as it should, lol). I love it so much I got their t-shirt.