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  1. Can't comment on the temperature reading as the air temp was close to the water temp when I went out over the weekend, but I noticed the same thing regarding the downscan not seeming to offer any additional detail over the CHIRP sonar. I also have mine installed using duct seal. My kayak doesn't have a transducer mount and I reeeeally don't want to mount an arm over the side but if that's what it takes to get good readings I might bite the bullet. I toyed with the idea of rigging it off the stern with some sort of pivoting arm so I could raise and lower it like a rudder. First I'll try a temporary arm to see if there's any appreciable difference vs. thru the hull.
  2. Here’s the only other pic I took that day where you can kinda see the finder screen. This was probably closer to 8-10 feet of water but the depth reading is hidden by my lone catch of the day. Edit: Actually, I guess the 4.5 is the depth for the right side of the screen - I thought it was the reading in the lower right corner but that is just the range scale. In any case, I think I was on a drop off so the part you can see here was deeper. All in all I think it's probably working fine but I'll try it in the deeper water and report back.
  3. I was in a freshwater river. The stretch I was fishing was fairly shallow, I think the deepest part is about 10ft but much of it is around 5ft. So maybe that's all it was. If I recall, there was still some clutter near the surface at the deeper sections but it was pretty clear near the bottom. I was the only one out so it wouldn't have been from anyone else's sonar. Thanks, I'll check for those settings. The water seemed pretty clear, not many weeds or anything yet. I'm hoping it's just shallow water as well. I didn't mess with the settings while out on the water because I wasn't sure what to change and Lowrance touts these newer units as having really good auto-adjust (although I would bet not as good as they'd like us to believe).
  4. I took my kayak out for its maiden voyage today on the river near my house. It was also my first time using my fish finder, which is a Lowrance Hook2 5 with the transducer shooting through the hull using duct seal. Can anyone tell me what might be causing these lines? Air bubbles maybe? I was drifting a bit but I had similar noise most of the time whether I was moving or not, so I don’t think it’s from my paddle stroke.
  5. Great to hear, it was tough to bite the bullet and spend more on the suit than I did on my kayak but I'm happy I won't be second-guessing my outerwear. This one comes with the lifetime warranty so that made the decision a little easier.
  6. Wow, thank you! Glad you caught that. This must have been a case of the discount being sent out to advertisers ahead of them actually putting it on the site. That doesn't excuse the way they treated me but I'll still take the discount. Also, I was not able to apply the 10% in addition to the sale price, it must have fallen under one of the exclusions. That's fine. All's well that ends well, but this thread could've been avoided if the "supervisor" had actually checked around before denying me the discount.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, there are some good deals for sure but I am a size large and most everything is small or medium.
  8. I emailed them again with screenshots of the banner ads I was getting on this thread, but they still refuse to honor that price. I don't know if they think I'm Photoshopping and trying to scam them or what but this just sucks because I was psyched to find a good semi-dry suit for a good price. It's not like it was some outrageously low price they put up by mistake either - I was ready to drop $500 for a $600 MSRP item which clearly must have been on sale at some point recently.
  9. Am I over-reacting? Just seems kinda crappy to not honor a discount that’s still actively coming up in ads.
  10. Interesting, at least I didn't completely waste my time arguing with a scam site, but at the end of the day they lost a potential customer. I told them I was ready to buy if they'd honor the price I was seeing in multiple places just prior to adding it to my cart. Too bad for them, I'm sure it will pop up somewhere else at some point at a similar discount.
  11. Even now on this site it's showing the discount:
  12. I was looking at buying a drysuit and I had ads come up for the Hydrus 3L Supernova at $492 (20% off). I clicked through to the site and it still showed the price of $492 for large in Tangerine or green. However, once I added to my cart, the price changed to full retail, $615. Google shopping had also shown the lower price. I engaged their support and they explained that there was no current promotion and the best they could offer was 10% off. This felt like a scam. I understand cookies and all that but I was using private browsing and I'm pretty sure I've never been to their site before. Even after extended, polite complaining and sending screenshots they wouldn't budge. Is this retailer shady?
  13. Great idea. I bought some caps on the way home from work - 1/2” and 5/8.” Unfortunately, those sizes are just a hair too big for the power and transducer plugs, respectively, of the Hook2 5. The 1/2” was also too small for the transducer cable, so I’m guessing I’d need 7/16” and 9/16” to get a snug fit.
  14. Thank you, great advice. I should mention, I DO NOT plan to paddle the main river or at least anywhere near the main channel - in fact I don't plan on going any appreciable distance from anywhere I launch until I am more experienced. I plan to stick to protected areas, which was really the reason for the thread. Great point. I have read the waders vs. dry suit debate till my eyes crossed and was still somewhat conflicted. I guess I should bite the bullet and pick one up. At least it would make taking a leak easier. I need to practice with my kayak, but I used to practice re-entry into a swamped canoe so hopefully some of that experience will translate. I have had some very basic kayak/canoe instruction but what you describe sounds like a good investment. Sorry, what would you not recommend exactly? Launching from the back channel? Thanks. That Esther's Marina idea is pretty tempting if (when) I get a second kayak.