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  1. At my spot by 3 Sunday morning. still had to walk a quarter mile further just to find an opening. Not 30 minutes later and two guys set up less that 50 feet on each side of me.
  2. Anyone know of any good fishing related deals on Amazon today?
  3. Forgot to add: one part of the weekend I enjoyed was when two guys set up no more than 50 feet on each side of me and proceeded to snap off their plugs on each of their first casts. Gave me a good laugh to lighten my mood.
  4. Saw someone posted a comment earlier basically stating “just because you’re allowed to keep one per day, doesn’t mean you have to.” Then I saw this picture on a fishing app. I understand some people use fish to provide for themselves and their families, but it was sad seeing how many fish were left flopping on the bike path or dragged to a car. Another low low point of the weekend was overhearing someone say “I’ve never caught a fish before. I don’t even know how to scale this thing, but I’m keeping it.” I’ve always avoided the canal on these crowded streaks until last night/this morning. It really was shocking and I saw everything awful that I’ve ever read about on here.
  5. Anyone get any good pictures of the madness this weekend? Trying to explain the crowds to my girlfriend but I think a picture would help.
  6. Recently heard about Eastman Docks doing a pm striper party boat charter. Not a fan of fishing party boats and I’ve never actually gone on one but I’d be willing to give it a shot. Any reviews or comments on this? Thanks in advance Edit: Forgot to mention they are located in Seabrook (to avoid any confusion).
  7. This happened back during the first week of May but I just thought of it again. I was sitting at Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth looking out toward the bridges for a late lunch. Although I knew stripers weren’t around yet, I was still scouting out the water, imagining breaking fish. I then noticed something swimming across the river out in the middle, toward the port authority. The way its head was sticking out, I could tell it wasn’t a seal. Looked more like dog or deer. At the time, the current was ripping, but whatever it was made its way across rather quickly and easily. Anyone ever see anything swimming in this area?
  8. Heading down to Pompano Beach from this Saturday to next. Absolutely clueless as to what there is for fishing in the area and the internet isn’t offering much aside from charters. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Heading down to Pompano Beach from this Saturday to next. Absolutely clueless as to what there is for fishing in the area and the internet isn’t offering much aside from charters. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Haha I know. I need to ditch it but catching fish is a much better feeling than not. I’ll actually be down in Florida for the next week, but I’d definitely be interested at some point after that. Look forward to the PM
  11. Just getting into saltwater fly fishing this summer. Only been out a few times but I have had no luck. Saw a schoolie follow my fly in close to me, but no strike. I’ve been out a few times with my spinning rod and reel with mixed success. Few bass on the bottom and a few on top. This success is making it hard for me to really commit to the fly rod but I know once I finally have some luck, I won’t want to give it up. I like the challenge of something new. Basically I am just looking for any suggestions or tips or General areas to try. I’ve done plenty of reading on here and other various sites, but I’m still feeling lost. I don’t know if I was fishing the wrong tides, wrong technique, wrong flies, or just plain wrong locations. Feel free to PM and I’ll discuss where I’ve been trying and what hasn’t been working. Thanks in advance.
  12. That was my take away from my situation. I think the guy would’ve kept asking for more (food, shower, and so on).
  13. Had a similar thing happen this past weekend. Fishing in New Hampshire I pulled into the pull off and a motorcycle pulled in as I was getting out of the car. Guy apparently had never seen saltwater fly fishing and asked many questions and offered tips based on his fly fishing experience (did not seem like much). Very friendly the whole time, but just too much. I was trying to learn a new knot while looking it up on my phone and he wouldn’t let my attention stay on what I was doing. Ended up taking me 20 minutes when it very easily should’ve been done in 5. When it came time for me to hit the water, I feared he might try to break into my car, as he was looking inside the whole time he stood around it talking. Thinking I’d scare him from trying anything, I told him I was only going around the corner for maybe 20 minutes before I had to head out. Unfortunately I think that was the wrong move because he then asked if he could come for a walk with me. I’m a genuinely friendly guy and this wasn’t something I could really stop him from doing. I then tried telling him I had about a mile walk and that a lot of it would be over wet, seaweed covered rocks (this was true). He wasn’t deterred and followed me. Even with my wading boots, this walk was difficult. I didn’t slow my pace as he struggled, hoping he would turn back. He kept coming with me and eventually fell hard, soaking himself and most likely bruising much of his back and arms. He got right up and continued with me to where the water line was. At this point I cut across a cove in almost chest deep water, knowing he couldn’t continue. When I began my trek back to the car a few hours later (around 10:00) I pretty much expected my car to be broken into. As I reached the heavily wooded path I was met by a bright flash light. The guy was there again and met me with “I figured I’d come look for you since you haven’t come back yet.” This meant that this guy was waiting somewhere around his motorcycle for almost 5 hours for me. There are no benches or well lit areas so I don’t know what he was doing. I was a little freaked out at this point. I’m 6’2” and around 180lbs and this guy was a bit bigger than me. As we walked back on this very secluded path, I casually held my 8wt like a baseball bat ready for the situation to ten less/or too friendly. When we got back to the parking pull off, he continued to talk my ear off as I packed my stuff and undressed from my waders. He then asked where I said I was heading for the night (we never discussed this). I told him I had about a 30 minute drive home and he asked if he could come. Asked if I had a spare room or a shed or a backyard or anything. I began to panic, not wanting to upset him him by knowing I was lying. I told him I didn’t have anything and I apologized. He didn’t quite believe me and kept pushing. He offered that I could hold on to his license. No chance I was giving in. When I got in my car and began to close the door, he put his hand on it and kept trying to talk. Started asking for my phone number so we could get in touch next time he’s around. I told him I was moving to Texas at the end of summer for a new job (luckily I was wearing my Texas hat). Relentlessly he kept trying to keep a conversation and eventually I just slammed the door and pulled out. He kept talking even with my door and window closed. The whole situation freaked me out quite a bit and I kept an eye on my rear view mirror the whole drive home.
  14. Haha hardly recognizable, but I guess that’s the sign of a good outing. Thank you
  15. If you don’t mind, what fly pattern were you using? I was out Saturday with my spinning rod and reel and had a lot of luck but never got the chance to see what the bait was. Plan on going out with a fly rod for the first time this week.