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    If not fishing, chilling by fireplace with good scotch.
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    Doing anything to do nothing!

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  1. I'm in, Thanks.
  2. Spain, I have 15', 10oz for shooting bait over horizon.
  3. I would let her take look at mirror.
  4. I prefer new style, but think the one with pointed end on line side and round on lure end would be the better than current design.
  5. Better than you can imagine unless it gets inflicted with bacteria and you may be main suspect. So please handle fish carefully. I am releasing all stripers and when weighing big one I use weighing sling.
  6. I don't know, but if so then whole Baltic sea would be fishless as all Danish narrows are stuffed with hundreds of windmills for decades already.
  7. Henrik Lundqvist?
  8. That's what 1% of Americans is thinking about you and me. Live is a beach, suck it up!
  9. Holly Sh....t!
  10. Only difference with CCC is that guys here can afford T-shirt!
  11. No problem casting half oz with 9.6' but it gets much better with 10.2'. This baby has been born to do just this. Way longer cast and increase sensitivity.
  12. We are with you, hopefully nothing serious.
  13. Teraflops? So he's not keeping it in the scrapbook?
  14. It should be cheaper to buy new AR-15! Just kidding. Self inflicted wounds sucks the most. At least it didn't fire and hit somebody.
  15. You lasted a minute at 15? That's good score.