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    If not fishing, chilling by fireplace with good scotch.
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  1. Ever heard the words FISHING PARTNER? Good thing you didn't go overboard.
  2. Can't talk about balancing reel/rod if we not adresing how one holding/gripping it. If you hold it like on the middle picture than its gonna be totally different feeling as oppose to hold with foot arm between your fingers. Same people will place it between pinkie and ring fingers others like me between ring and middle fingers. IMO you got to match your personal style, to feel it right.
  3. Glad you have good, successful time. You are winning every time you are out fishing!
  4. Glad to see little fella is doing fine. After seeing people run into problems with brand new reels because they weren’t properly greased, I can’t comprehend why it is outrageous for same guys to open one just after buying it. If facing such a silly question my answer is “Because I can!”. Now if don’t want to be ass, I will answer with question: You just bought brand new parachute, are you jumping out of the plane like it is or unpack yourself, check out how it look, pack back and keep ready for next jump?
  5. Than you can wake up, hopefully you will be not on Brighton Beach or Coney Island.
  6. No, no rush here. Good luck to you and your family. Just let me know when you’re ready. Best regards.
  7. Yes, I am up for experiments. Let me know in what sizes you can make them between 3/4 to 2 ounces. White buck tail with siwash hooks. Looking for darker shade of gold, think it’s called “old gold”, but will be happy with whatever you can do. Please hit me with sizes and prices and I will tell quantity. And than some of your others lures. Thanks.
  8. So what you do if he is talking Russian back at ya...
  9. You are the expert, but I guess they are solid brass, right?
  10. Sorry for not been precise. I am looking for replacement to standard Hopkins no=eql in gold color. I only wish, I can afford golden plated lures! Size 1 to 2 ounces maybe 3/4? Maybe you can post link/topic with your line of Hopkins? Thanks
  11. Hi Dan, I am looking for Hopkins 1 - 2 oz tin in gold.
  12. I don't, am I less worthy?