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  1. I was actually planning to go there around that time. But I don’t fly fish. I’ve been wanting to go for years
  2. I have the same light. It’s been dunked in the water plenty of times and never cleaned. Left it in the basement for 10 years and just found it a few weeks ago. scrubbed off the corrosion on the inside from leaked battery acid and it still works perfectly. First setting when you turn it on is the red light and that’s the one that I use 99% of the time.
  3. This reel is a little bigger than I wanted. It’s brand new never used. Want to trade for 5500. Might be willing to trade for different reel and add money. Would have to meet in jersey or pa. Has box and papers
  4. Would take any offer of a cheaper, quality spinning reel. Old 704, 706, ss550, daiwa bg, etc. I know this is a long shot but wanted to give it a try. I’m in need of similar sized reel for my spare rod. Conventionals too as I could use one of those as well. I’ve seen these stereos sell on eBay for 60 to $70 but this one is in amazing condition. It’s definitely one of the higher end 8 track 4 channel stereos they made. Would also accept a cheap plug bag or pair of korkers in size 12
  5. No I thought maybe this would be interesting for someone who actually has a collection of 8 track tapes. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen one. that was before my time.
  6. I was thinking someone would get more use out of this than me since I have no 8 tracks. Still works perfectly. Made in 1974. I’ve been using it as a stereo for years. It’s one of the higher quality 8 track players and in very good condition. Would be willing to trade for penn 704 or 706. Might also be willing to do partial trade for Newell or 525mag (as in I’ll add money). Would prefer to do pickup in jersey or pa. Don’t know how much it would be to ship, it might not be worth it.
  7. I guess I should rephrase my question. Is there any bait shops in north or central jersey that are open til 10 or 11pm?
  8. I thought I remembered there being a place that was actually open. Maybe it wasn’t 24 hours but they were definitely open very late
  9. Is there any 24 hour bait and tackle stores in Monmouth county? I think I remember there being one up near the raritan bay in the highlands but I can’t remember the name of it.
  10. Live squid is the best if you can find them. But I’ve also heard of using small cocktail blues. We would catch them at the dock before going out. Never caught anything on them but I’ve heard other people say they work great. I’ve only been out for tuna a few times without much luck but almost every fish I’ve seen caught is on chunks of butterfish.
  11. I’m in. Thank you !
  12. The fish is dead it’s not in any pain it still has cells that can respond to stimuli. The nerves that create movement within the tissue are still being triggered by electrical signals. This isn’t something only seen in fish.
  13. I’m always over gunned when it comes to my tackle. But then again I’m only 28 and a 10 ounces doesn’t make much difference to me because I don’t have back or shoulder problems. I find a balanced outfit for me is more important. The difference is I always go out with the objective of catching big fish. A reel that only fits 20 or 30 pound braid on it isn’t going to cut it for around rocks or under water structure. When you lose that 40 or 50 pounder and I have before it’s something you’ll regret for a long time. To me that’s what it’s all about when fishing for striped bass, it’s the hope of hooking that fish of your dreams. And even the best light tackle won’t be enough when you factor in a hard current or rocks. Not saying you can’t land big fish with light tackle but I’ve seen enough big fish lost to know better. That being said though my next surf outfit will be a light weight one because it’s something I don’t have right now and it definitely has its time and place. And also all fish fight differently, I’ve caught 20lbers that came right in with little effort and I’ve seen the same size fish give me problems even on medium heavy tackle.
  14. Thank you maybe I will try that. I’ll have to find who’s best to go with. I’m sure as with other charters I’ve been on in the past there are some that are much better than others and have more experience. I know you have a lot of experience with stuff like this. I remember you being on another site I used to be a member of a long time ago but I didn’t do a lot of posting on there.
  15. this is what he sent me. I was surprised how responsive they are to customers. Very good customer service.