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  1. I will split but it is the bms that are worth more money. I would have to ask $70 for the two bms which I think is fair. I will only split into twos because of shipping. I’m sad that I have to get rid of the wonderbread needle but I need money.
  2. Sold and payment received. Thank you SOL!
  3. Thank you! Sending pm.
  4. Sorry for the wait. Couldn’t go that low on just the bms. Trying to get close to what I paid since they haven’t been used by me.
  5. I’m still waiting for a response from @Beachbum73. He said he’ll take it. If for some reason the deal falls through then you’re next in line if you’re interested
  6. It’s yours. pm me your info and let me know what method of payment on here. Thank you!
  7. $110 for all
  8. I will also consider trades if I cannot sell. This reel retails for $410 and is brand new. I would accept a used larger offshore reel 30w or 50, shimano twinpower, or large Penn torque conventional.
  9. $120 or $70 for just the bms.
  10. Beachmaster cowboy beachmaster wonderbread needle ron mucci bunker Danny ron mucci yellow Danny All 4 for $130 shipped
  11. Sorry lowest I want to go right now is $285. It was just purchased in December and has sat in the box.
  12. No it’s just the regular one. It has about 30 pounds of drag at full. I could measure the exact drag as it varies from reel to reel, it might generate more but for the size of this reel and it’s line capacity the raptor wasn’t worth the extra money for me. I bought it for the purpose of tile fishing and jigging for tuna off party boats which it can easily handle. It’s brand new, never been spooled with line.
  13. Bump $300 shipped or make me an offer. I’m not moving too far with the price but I can negotiate a little.
  14. Yes I can do that
  15. First bump. Good for tuna jigging, tile fish, amberjack, big grouper, etc. 2 speeds: 5/2. This is made the same as the 2nd generation reels with silent dog and anti reverse and the drag preset indents. More pics upon request. Retails for $409.99. This is the regular width reel not the narrow or wide. Approximately the same size as a 4/0 senator. It’s a very light reel for its size weighing in at 26 ounces with a capacity of between 500 and 670 yards of 80 pound braid depending on what site you go by since avet doesn’t list the capacity. I’m guessing the 670 is regular braid and the 500 is the capacity for hollow braid.