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  1. Ok awesome that would be great. Thank you !
  2. That’s good because that’s all I think I have. I don’t use the small ones
  3. Let me revise this since there isn’t any interest and I’m not going to use these. One big sinking needlefish or pikie for both.
  4. That’s one of my favorite colors of the bm so I’ll definitely let you know asap.
  5. Ok cool. I’ll let you know as soon as I find the redfins.
  6. Ok I’ll see what I got. Btw what is the weight on the bottle. Is it the 3 oz or 2oz? And red fins would probably be still in package as I bought a bunch at one time and only had a few in my bag
  7. I mean I might have like 5 still in packages probably if I have those maybe a couple are loose. If you’d want that and anyting else i posted or something else let me know
  8. if I do I don’t have enough to be worth it to you probably. I’ll check what else I have in storage tomorrow since I have to go there anyway. How many Redfins and which ones?
  9. Same these I haven’t even used but I like bottles, needle fish, pikies, and jointed eels. That’s about the only wood I will fish and I lost a full cooler of tackle in my dads old garage so what I have as far as wood is very limited. Here are two other ones I have on me. Got some 3-5 oz black bucktails I don’t use because they are too heavy for where i fish too. I believe the other might be an old Danny pinchney and Gibbs but not sure. Like I said probably nothing too interesting. I need to get my plug collection back up. I don’t really fish any of these or the darters. If anything I would offer you multiple plugs for the bm as the bm is worth more
  10. I just figured since you said darters you might be interested. I no longer have any of the high end plugs you would probably be interested in since I do very little fishing with wood. I found that those darters were made by a member of this site. The only other ones I have to get rid of are custom as well and although they are nice I have no clue what they are. Love those bm plugs though need to replace the ones I lost eventually
  11. If you’re interested I’ll trade you the two darters I have up for the bm bottle. They swim very nice. Better than most other darters I have tried.
  12. I was thinking of getting one as well. Will my stormr jacket do the same thing though? It’s supposed to have 5lbs of positive buoyancy. Either way this always comes to my mind when I’m on a sketchy jetty or when wading to a bar. A lot of times at night I’m all alone with no one around. If something happens in that kind of situation and you don’t have a plan you’re screwed. Its very sad to hear this happened and it’s not the first time.
  13. Not looking to spend a ton. Maybe around $200. I know this is a long shot but show me what you have. Problem is I need it to be 2 piece. Not sure if a lamiglas like that even exists. No breakaway hdx (already have one) and no mojos. Conventional only.
  14. My goal is to break the 40 and then 50 lb mark I know I can break 40 from shore cause I have a plan but the 50 is going to be hard and is probably more like a dream until it happens. Also want to break the 100lb tuna mark which should be easily achievable. I also plan to fish a lot more this year as I’ve been away from the sport for a few years. I’m only hunting big fish starting in the spring and I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling but I know that big one is coming from down the street.
  15. Want to trade these two darters. I just don’t use darters a lot. Top one I’m guessing is around 2.5 maybe bottom around 1.5 oz. would want either 2 large needle fish around 2.5 oz or 1 needle and a big pikie or bottle. Used is fine. (Also any info on who they are made by would be nice)