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  1. I’m in. Thanks!
  2. Are you more interested in the plastics or wood? I’ll send you some pics as soon as I get the chance
  3. I never had that problem. I’m super careful though. I can’t afford to break an expensive rod. The rack seems like a way better solution though.
  4. My problem is I’m a big fan of one piece rods and fitting an 11 foot one piece in my car is a pain. People are surprised they even fit, I have to angle them a certain way so they go from the left side of the trunk to near the passenger side window.
  5. That’s easy enough. I think I saw a video on one of the more expensive roof rack systems where it was like that and they suggested buying a cheap broken reel for a couple bucks and cutting off the stem.
  6. Just looked it up. $235 for the 2 rod one or $275 for the 3 rod one plus I’d have to find a cheap used roof rack system. Not too bad. I’ll probably do something like this in the spring. Thank you all for your advice!
  7. I’m probably in. Wish it was earlier in the day. i can probably only stay until 3 at the latest so I can make it back to philly for work.
  8. That’s very nice! Looks like it would work perfectly. What is it? And no matter what I have I’m only putting the rods up there not my expensive reels I don’t have that much trust in anything.
  9. That’s one way I was thinking it would work. If you’ve ever seen those delivery signs that go on the top of a car those magnets are super strong. It’s hard just to get it off, I don’t think speed would matter at all.
  10. I bought this saltiga g boat rod last year. It’s model SAG 70HR-Q rated 20-40. The rod has never been fished and is brand new. I paid around $210 for it. I really like this rod but want something a little different. I’m looking for another rod rated 20-40. My first choice would be a black hole charter special but if you have anything else custom or otherwise to trade let me know. Want something around 7’ that’s good for stripers, blues, drum, black fish, and even big fluke. Would prefer local meetup in jersey or pa. Thanks!
  11. Is there any rod racks you can put on a car? I used to have an explorer and had the locking ski racks that worked great. No more truck though and with gas prices it’s just easier to use a car anyway for long trips. I can think of one way it would work, I just don’t know if they make anything like that. Something that doesn’t require any modification to the car would be best.
  12. I’ve heard people talk about fishing for herring but why not in the Delaware? Is there anywhere you are allowed to buy the herring to chunk?
  13. The big ones actually fight hard. I’ve gotten double headers on jigs and teasers that I thought were monster cod and turned out being 20 pound pollack.
  14. I didn’t think of it like that. What’s a good comfortable boot then? Something for long walks that’s very light and keeps out sand. Boots are one thing I know nothing about. And everything I’ve tried on I don’t like.
  15. I asked this question before because my feet are pretty messed up and don’t hold up so well in regular boots for long walks. I had a pair of ll bean wading boots that went missing over 10 years ago that I loved but they don’t have anything even close to that as far as comfort and quality anymore. I have always preferred stocking foot waders and boots, right now I am wearing a pair of doctor martins that actually work very well and are water proof but I still have the problem with a lot of sand getting in. I really like the idea of the flats type boots or zip up boots like the Hodgman or Simms, they appear comfortable, light and easy to put on and take off. In theory it seems like these would do a good job at keeping sand out. I’m not trying to go too expensive but I’d like to hear some opinions on what you find comfortable and what works best at keeping sand out, I’d also be interested in hearing if my idea for boots would work out as im thinking it would. A lot of times I’m wearing korkers over the boots so lightness, comfort and mobility are very important, some of these boots even the more expensive ones are too stiff for my liking and don’t allow for as much free movement when jumping from rock to rock at a fast pace