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  1. Interested in any trades?
  2. Looking to trade my torque 5 bail less in black and gold plus cash for a small VR or VS. Reel is in excellent mechanical condition and good cometic condition. Will post pics later. The torque is a really great reel I just want another smaller VS, I already have a VS250. I would prefer the Van Staal VR because I would like a skirted spool reel with an optional bail but I would also be happy with a VS150. I can put up whatever cash necessary or cash and plugs if anyone is interested.
  3. Bump. Just looking for a rod for fluke and striper fishing off a boat. If you’re interested show me what you have!
  4. If you’re interested just let me know what you have. Thank you!
  5. Nothing too specific. Just need a lighter party boat rod. 6’6”-7”, around 15-30 or 20-40. I know with a trevala or similar rod the rating will be different. Will be used with 4-10 oz sinkers and bait or 4-8 ounce bucktails and jigs. Will be mainly used for fluke, bluefish, and stripers.
  6. Looking for a rod for party boat fishing to match with my Newell 235. Maybe a shimano tevala or lamiglas but im not going to be picky. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Here are some of the plugs I have. Beachmasters, mucci, afterhours, NorCal Kat, rm Smith. Also have some 3-4 ounce bucktails I’m trying to get rid of. Would also be willing to throw some money up depending on which plugs you want and the rod. Not looking to spend a lot though that’s why I prefer it to be mostly a trade.
  7. Besides the 3 bms all have been bought at shows and never fished. They show no damage though. Just cannot confirm since they were bought on this website.
  8. Selling as pairs. No single plugs. Bm cowboy sr $37 bm needle $34 bm/sporting wood collab bottle darter $40 rm Smith Giant $30 Mucci large metal lip $29 mucci small metal lip $23 afterhours a40 $45 norcalkat pencil $35
  9. Bump. Great rod for heavy weights or jigging. It’s a very light rod, not sure exactly how much it weighs but it would be the perfect tile fish rod, deep drop rod, and could also easily handle tuna with the drag rating. Will sell for $180 picked up. I’m open to trades if it’s something I’m interested in. I already have enough heavy boat rods. Also forgot to mention it’s spiral wrapped and has all Fuji guides and reel seat.
  10. This is a Jigging World Deep Monster rod. Rated 50-100, 8’, up to 4lb lure weight, and up to 30 lbs of drag. Great rod for tilefish, cod jigging or anything else in deep water using heavy weights. It’s a very light rod for its size and very well built. I’m looking for a deep water fluke rod that can also be used for bluefish and stripers off party boats. I’d be interested in Black hole, loomis, seeker etc. let’s see what you have. Want something rated 20-40 or 15-30. This rod originally retails for $250 and comes with a rod sleeve. Bought it for a tile fish trip I never went on and there is no better rod for thhis purpose in this price range. Located in Philadelphia. This rod is too long to ship. Rod is brand new.
  11. Bump would also be interested in original van staal 150, can be beat up as long as good mechanically or shimano twin power 6000 or 8000.
  12. Have a first generation penn torque 5 bail less in good condition looking for a vr. Will include plugs to even out trade. This torque is very smooth compared to other ones, the handle is not tight and will almost fall on its own unlike other ones that are tighter and not as smooth. It was converted to bail less. Will post pictures later.
  13. Bump. Both beachmasters for $70. Both muccis for $50