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  1. I never had an issue with hooks. Now The gulp container with fluid I forgot was in my bag that was a different story.
  2. The increase in drag output on reels have given guys the chance to fish lighter equipment for larger fish. In slow pitch jigging for example the rods are like pencils. When playing a tuna or west coast yellowtail you can’t really rely on the rod to give you the leverage to wear the fish down. Instead the drag is used to play and wear the fish down. I personally like the larger drag outputs since It can make a reel a lot more versatile. I can target flounder/Seabass one day then football tuna, dolphin the next and gorilla blues and trophy striper in the fall all on the same setup.
  3. Shimano-Teramer, Trevela, and Terez Diawa-Proteus SS Black Hole- Charter Special Slow Pitch
  4. I honestly don't know and hope someone with knowledge can comment. I do also have an SX and have never had issues I like that reel as well. Forgot to mention my reel recommendations are biased as I'm a lefty and only have a few to choose from.
  5. Before you know it Ocean City to Stone Harbor will be a giant island.
  6. The only downside with the G2 SX or SXJ is the drag output. It maxes out at 14lbs and 7lbs at strike. I was just in the same spot as you looking for a solid/light wreck/reef reel that in turn could handle stripers, bluefish, small pelagics, and west coast yellowtail. I ended up with the Accurate Boss Fury 400 Narrow and I love the reel. Drag is super smooth unlike other models this is single drag. Drag also maxes out at 22lbs so for a tiny reel it has some power behind it. Also went with the higher gear ratio at 6.1:1. These reels are also made in the US and free 2 year servicing from Accurate. Their customer service is very good one of the best. Other reels I'd recommend (not sure your budget) for almost jigging specific would be Shimano Trinidad, Ocea Jigger (japanese model commonly found in states) Shimano Tranx, and Maxel. Now Maxel is all second hand info I've never fished them but hear good things and very little negative. Now the Trinidad and Jigger are star drag convential reels but have the auto engage feature. So if you're thumbing your spool get a strike all you need to do is reel to engage the reel from free spool. I'd like to add this to my arsenal since I've gotten into slow pitch jigging and continually have to reel and drop with a lever drag gets old quick. The Tranx is your typical baitcaster geared towards saltwater fishing. Another reel I've never fished but guys swear by them. They can handle anything from flounder to small tuna.
  7. Didn't happen to be Palermo's ? Only pizza worth going to in the Blue Bell area. Worst slice for me was from Peace A Pizza. Only slice I've ever eaten I had to throw out. Absolutely horrible.
  8. Curious your issues with Accurate. First negative review I've seen. I love my fury super smooth single drag the narrow spool makes thumbing line simple and a lot of drag output.
  9. Yeah last few years we've been able to sneak the 17' mako outfront there but haven't tried this year. From the little bit of poking around I did it looks like a tight channel towards the OC side no idea what the depth is high or low. Hopefully won't have to tow and dump the boat in OC if we want to hit the reefs. I don't think we should but with that inlet anything is possible. I wish I could find the overhead pictures taken via plane of Corsons. That'll show you all the info you need to boycott beach replenishment.
  10. Fishing Corsons for the past 15+ years and look at the disaster that has become. Perfect example of the negative side of beach replenishment. Feel like the inlet is never the same year to year. Only spot I've ever run a ground and had to get towed in late fall.
  11. Picky they were. I think the drop in water temp and the south wind played a part with the water it brought in. It was a shame super clean water. Thought it'd be a banner day
  12. Wasn't on here this weekend to check but thanks for all the replies. Fished flatfalls, lucanus, ava with sandeel, bucktail, and plain diamond jig. Produced just an eel on the lucanus. Marked a ton of fish some suspended 20-30 ft off the bottom just couldn't buy a bite. Water temp was cold at 59 degrees. My girlfriend got a handful of shorts and a few keepers 13-15" on clam and some spearing but that was it. Not too discouraged yet and will continue fishing those slow pitch jigs until they produce or I figure out the best way to fish them.
  13. Dipped my hands in to SW tanks. Had a 20 for a while but I didn't have an RO/DI system so I had to buy all my water at my LFS for like .50 a gallon. Just became a PITA going there 1-2 times a week. Broke the tank down and that was that. I'd like to do it again but if I do I'm going to do a 65-90 gallon. The smaller tanks can crash so easily it was more of a hassle then enjoyable.
  14. Saturday fished 1-7pm out front of MOCO for seabass. Few shorts, three keepers between two of us. Marked a ton of fish few spots suspended 20-30 feet off bottom just couldn't get them to bite. Water temp was 59 degrees. Fished bucktails, lucanus jigs, flatfalls, and Ava with sand eel. Only thing that produced was an eel on the lucanus. Luckily had some spearing, clam and squid with only clam and spearing producing. A ton of short bites as well not sure if they were bergals or smaller seabass. Yesterday fished the incoming/outgoing 3-6pm outback OC. Water temp ~62degrees water was clean. Wind was against the incoming so the drift was all screwed up. Picked away at 4 shorts with 2 coming on one drift. Was really hoping the rain would hold off but the sky opened up. Jumped around to a few different spots picked up another short. Last drift I hooked up in 20 FOW felt a good bit of weight on the end of my line thought I was snagged at first but felt a good big head shake. Knowing I had a real nice fish called for the net played it like you should rod tip at 90 degrees and nice and steady retrieve. Not sure what I was thinking as my girlfriend next to me was clearing her line and my cousin grabbed the net I slowed my retrieval up waiting for the net to come by. When I did that the fish made a run peeled like 2inches of drag and POP I'm covered in 65lb JB braid and my 30lb flouro leader broke at the dropper loop where my bucktail was. Never saw the fish but if I had to guess somewhere in the 24-25" ballpark probably ~6lbs. Super bummed I broke but its always awesome hooking a big fish and getting a little bit of a fight out of it. We called it a day right there since everyone was soaked and a little chilly. If anyone catches a big flounder with a bucktail in its mouth I would like that back you can keep the fish though.
  15. Perfect thanks for the response