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  1. Shimano Stradic 100% of the way. I've fished both Penn's and Shimano's and since Penn moved everything but the internationals production to China I've noticed a lack of longevity and cheapness in the reels. I do like my first generation Battle a lot but my Stradics have aged a lot better and preform 10x better. I've used a lot of different brand spinning reels collegiality bass fishing and nothing can match what shimano produces.
  2. Might give it a shot Sunday AM hopefully I'll find parking
  3. I know exactly where you’re talking. I’m a little more familiar north of there didn’t realize the eye fishing there was any good. Are those islands north of the bridge posted? I’ve seen side by sides driving on them before.
  4. Yeah not planning on hitting it until water levels drop especially after this storm whenever that is. I can't remember where I saw it but somewhere I saw posted a few bridge names and specific areas to target around. I've been scouting on google and saw a few potential spots but unknown how the fishing is in those areas.
  5. Was going to hit Brunner Island next weekend but found out about the closing of fishing there. I will now try to focus on the Delaware for some early spring walleye. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with the Delaware River fishing wise. From what I've read between New Hope and Easton is a solid stretch for walleye. I'm just looking for decent sections that are accessible to wade fishing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. With the closing of Brunner Island looks like I'm out of a walleye/smallmouth spot. Was looking to come up next weekend but no idea where to start. Does anyone know an area or stretch with bank access I can give a shot at some walleye? Looking for around the Harrisburg area but might end up staying close to home and hitting the Delaware.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Think I’m going to hit on of the spots after all this rain clears up and water cleans up.
  8. So I live in SouthEast PA and work in Anne Arundel county twice a week and drive down via I95. My question is I know its coming up but when does the perch run really begin? Also I've done a little research and saw some spots in Aberdeen and then around the Magothy in Pasadena I may try after work one morning. Is there any other general area or creek to check out? I've never done this before but what do you look for in the streams to target them (ex. deep holes, flats, vegetation) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've never had an issue with any weather. I have a few solid back bay tog spots and on the sportiest days I get into them constantly. I'm sure offshore wreck fishing them it might be a different story with the swells.
  10. South Jersey jetty yesterday from 10-1ish. Wind was howling and rain a few times was literally sideways. Picked up 3 doz green crabs and made a decent day out of it. One keeper tog 15.25" thrown back for another day. 10 or so throwbacks on top of that. Action all day just a little tough feeling hits with the wind hitting the rod.
  11. Debating between another Avet or Accurate Fury reel. Looking for something a little heavier for big striper, small tuna, mahi, etc. But also want to be able to offshore wreck fish with it. Will pair with a Black Hole rod. Any suggestions would be appreciated.