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  1. Saw some bait fish splashing while out in the water with the little ones. I was near the Hilton hotel. Good structure with some troughs and bars. Didn’t get a chance to fish. I’m not a big fan of pier fishing due to crowds but I’m sure you can get some advice there or the local bait and tackle. Plenty of charters too!
  2. Spec rig?
  3. Spec rig?
  4. Hi guys, I’m in OC, MD for the next few nights and was wondering if you had any recommendations for spots to try. Not looking for a charter, just some fun off the beaches or back bays. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I’ll be spending the next few days in Ocean City, Maryland. Would love to hear about any places you’d recommend to try to get some fish. Thanks
  6. A recent post discussed 'how to fish a line up.' What is he referring to? Rotating while fishing off a pier or a jetty? Are there some unwritten rules to follow when fishing in a horizontal line in the surf?
  7. Out back last night in NoMoCo, fished from 7:30-9:30pm, tried SP bunker color and MD bone then switched to MD ghost, ended up with the skunk. Bait guys around me were doing well.
  8. Any tog reports? Dying to get out there.
  9. Fished out back northern MoCo from 7-9; calm water, wasnt too dirty. Fished the MG but skunked. Most fish landed were schoolies caught on worms or clams. Tomorrow’s another day. On another note - what color lure do you find produces the best results at sunset this time of year?
  10. What a spring weather wise huh? If it's not the snow, it's the rain, if it's not the rain, it's the wind! Will give it a go regardless and let you guys know. Can't be worse than it was on Sat night. Brutal out back.
  11. Any reports on water condition out back in RB? Was thinking about heading out with some lures after work tonight
  12. First timer here too, but I believe they return to jetties in the spring too. Need some veteran advice here
  13. Great shot! Was this out front?
  14. Ah gotcha, also, I'm going through my tog stuff now. I got a lot of bad advice from some local tackle shops regarding size of the hook. Which hooks do you guys use for blackfish? I'm talking about inshore blackfish; haven't hooked any monsters where I fish, just around keeper size. Size 6 Virginias?
  15. Any quick fixes on how to remove rust from a treble fishing hook? Or how to prevent it in the first place?