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    Newbie in saltwater fishing . Have a star rod stella 10ft surf rod , 11 ft shimano tiralejo MH
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    Fishing and hunting, car , motocycle
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  1. Last weekend , i went to try it , i like it. I used to own the shimano tiralejo 11 foot 2-6oz , but i prefer the blackhole.
  2. Want the 1st and th least one. Thanks
  3. Ok , good luck !
  4. Hey Ksong , you need to make a short video for that for a tutorial.
  5. I have a okuma azores 5500 for sale . Use only once. There is a dent on the lip of the spool , it wont affect the line at all. Price asking is $85 Pick up in MA
  6. Didnt try mine yet . Why dont you use the warranty?
  7. Selling for a brother, a st croix avid 11 foot 3-6oz , 70/30 split . Very good condition. Took a day casting only. Price : $310 Pick up in MA
  8. Its true , the 1 year warranty sucks , but for lifetime warranty is not free either ( i mean , send your rod back at your own expense to the compagny , they ask a fee , you pay shipping back , i told about tfo only , dont know about star rod, i have the star rod stella for 3 years now and no problem at all )
  9. I bet , heard good reviews about it
  10. Name the 7-8 different 2-6oz please.
  11. I would like some reviews compare to a century sling shot if you plan to buy a blackhole.