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    Newbie in saltwater fishing . Have a star rod stella 10ft surf rod , 11 ft shimano tiralejo MH
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    Fishing and hunting, car , motocycle
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  1. Awesome , thanks . I might get the black one then .
  2. Which model will be ? Never mind , i found it . Its the ci4+ xtc . I found the black color looks better but it says on shimano website , its for carp so i bought the same one but for surf ( ci4+ xsc model ) I compared the ci4+ xtc and ci4+ xsc , its the same capacity line , drag , weight ... Any difference between those two beside the color ?
  3. Thanks . Let me kmow if you are looking to buy one , i will send you a link with a good deal.
  4. Yep , thats why i went for ci4+ . Going to match with shimano tiralejo 11 foot MH 2-6oz
  5. You still have that version xsb
  6. Bought from UK. I dont know if this reel will be sold in usa yet . Latest version of 14000ci4+. This reel came out around end of 2017. (19 oz)
  7. Yeah , i will do that . Thanks
  8. Oh ok , i will use 30lbs jbraid or powerpro. I know i use 3 washers for my baitrunner 6000 oc . Just want to go the easy way lol
  9. Just got my new reel . For those who has a ultegra 14000 size , how many washers you guys use for the winding shape ?
  10. Its a cool reel but personally i wont buy it. Price is too high for me