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  1. Congrats on your snook, they are addictive. Nice one from longboat key also.
  2. I really like the Rio smallmouth line, I use it in a river that stays fairly cool all summer long. It loads nice.
  3. Congrats, what a nice fish.
  4. Pretty big surf on on north side of the inlet today where that sand is built up.
  5. Nice tribute!!!
  6. Yep, didn't think about that.... Hope I get to test that out pretty soon.
  7. The dogfish place in lewes looks interesting... probably is a decent place since dogfish is 1st class in everything it dose. It's right by the bridge.p
  8. Another storm looks like it's on it's way... may change agine who know' s. Think the stripers will still hold along the edge there?
  9. Wow... It's getting wider!
  10. Hope these storms let up soon, and spring gets here. Always exciting to get a new toy... enjoy!
  11. Isn't that usually a pretty good ledge just a few feet off the wall there? Its amazing how much sand moved in.
  12. 1st few days are rough... but after that it's nice to be able to fish later in the evening.
  13. Wow, didn't they just dredge a few months ago. Noreaster must be having a big impact.
  14. I have fished hollywood beach fort lauderdale beach and around the dania pier area I fish an 8wt and mostly small white streamers. Used some EP patterns , clousers and deceivers . I always want to go after the peacocks when I'm on the SE coast but have always been unsure about ir so I just stuck to the beaches.
  15. I use a formula out of George Danials book. But another that works for me is about 7ft of 20lb clear blue stren to 3ft clear 14lb clear blue stren to 1 ft of 10lb red amnesia the 1 ft of 8lb green amnesia then tipper ring then your tipper. George danials book dynamic nymphing is a great book with lots of info.