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  1. Hope that heals up for you good, that is always in the back of my head when fishing down in Sanibel having a run in with them rays. Rest up and have a good holiday. Hope all is well.
  2. That sounds great, Kent narrows looks like a nice area.... where do you acsess to fish with a fly rod.
  3. Glad to here your into some snook this fall.... the bird watching is pretty cool there. Tight lines to you.
  4. Snook fishing off the beach and Ding Darling is a blast, very nice island... Captiva Island is also nice.
  5. Sounds interesting, that's a pretty nice area.
  6. Looks fishy there... I'll have to try it sometime.
  7. Good to know, I go through there often and always wondered about trying it out.
  8. I bet, I only get to fish the salt about every other month or so.... I envy you guys. Lot of knowledge you all have. I mostly get to fish Delaware & Maryland once every few monthd. but once a year I fish down Florida witch is a blast. I'm mostly a trout and smallmouth fly guy.
  9. Sounds like a good time... hopefully I'll get to try it sometime there in NJ, I'm in the Rehobeth and OC Maryland area often so I fish them 2 areas quit frequently.
  10. Sweet looking flies man,
  11. I was wondering if around the Sandy Point state park and Terrspin State park area if there was any fly fishing from shore to be had for stripers, c&r only no keepers. Tight lines to all.
  12. I've been looking at trying Cape May area for a day in the fall. I've got skunked so many weekends in the Delaware area I'm bound and determinedto try to figure them out. The blues and shad are fun to catch though.
  13. I use a renzetti traveler and like it alot, I also have a griffin spyder this is not to bad. Bot seem to do the job.
  14. Thanks guys, I'm gonna keep trying for them.
  15. I remember him from long time ago, pretty cool he is still at it. He is a Icon on that boardwalk!