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  1. Kevin, would you have more Danny or Cigar? Thanks.
  2. *
  3. Withdrawn. I did not read the no paypal section.
  4. Second.
  5. Offer withdrawn.
  6. I will pass. I picked up a shorter rod for jigging. GLWS.
  7. I will take this lot. Thanks.
  8. Would you take $160 money order to ship to MA 01760? I have plugs (BM, RM, etc) if you will be interested in a partial trade. Thanks.
  9. Anyone has a TVSS63MH (S jigging) spinning rod to spare? New or used. Either ship or pick up in MA (Boston, Worcester, south shore or canal). Thanks in advance.
  10. I will take Savage Sand Eel. Thanks.
  11. I will take the lot if it is ok. Thanks.
  12. What's the weight? Thanks.
  13. Second.
  14. Withdrawn.
  15. Respectfully offer $30 for the yellow googoo.