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  1. I will take the two Guppy please. Paypal.
  2. Thanks for your advice. I will take these please.
  3. Do these needles sink slowly or fast? Will needles work in the Cape cod canal when the current is strong? Thanks.
  4. I will take these for $55 shipped. Paypal. Thanks.
  5. I will take the green 2oz swimmer (top one) for $22 please. Thanks.
  6. Respectively offer $60 for the two lots above (needles and reverse atom, etc) if you are willing to split. The Gibbs bottle appears to be in the next Gibbs lot (I will add $5 for that bottle). Thanks.
  7. What's the weight of the needles, Gibbs bottles and darters? Thanks.
  8. I will take 16 too. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. BTW, what's weight of #16 and #14?
  10. Respectively offer $32 pp for the SS darter and Northbar bottle. Thanks.
  11. I will take these please. Paypal. Thanks.
  12. If you could rig cut hooks, I will take it $38 pp as you asked. I am a newbie and I do not know how to rig cut hooks myself. Thanks.