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  1. I will take two goo goo. Thanks.
  2. I will take this if the hook size is mostly 2/0 plus. Thanks.
  3. I will take this 38. Thanks.
  4. No worries.
  5. Hi, Phil, $25 shipped. It's 6". Thanks for considering. Wen
  6. Hi, Phil, I have a new 2oz Fish On 8 pikie. It's in bone/bunker color.
  7. I'll take a squid troller.
  8. 125 PayPal works. Please send pm. Thanks.
  9. I will take these. Could you take 120 money order? Thanks.
  10. I will pass. GLWS.
  11. I will take this lot if these are new. Thanks.
  12. Respectfully offer $95 for the redhead and yellow spotted pencil Fixters. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Paul, who are the makers of these lure? Is the bottom one a BM? Thanks.
  14. I will take this lot. Thanks.
  15. Can I buy this nice pencil if it's available? Thanks.