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  1. Didn’t even think of HF thanks man. $60 can’t beat that
  2. I’ll check it out. Been looking at a few on amazon for around $100. Im Going away in a few weeks only probably going to use it once
  3. Anyone have one they don’t use anymore? Looking in North NJ. I’ll give it a few days then I’ll buy a new one I guess. Not looking to spend over $100
  4. Looking for a home first. Might end up sticking at my parents house for the grand kids
  5. That avid is going to be more of a broomstick than the odm. My buddy has a custom 2-6 odm and it’s a sweet rod
  6. Bought a new clubhouse for the kids. Hate to throw this out I know it’s not fishing related but anyone local to North NJ might want this. It’s a 2 swinger in great condition I’ll even help take it apart/loading up. $100 obo pickup Verona NJ
  7. Lol! See what improper punctuation does?!
  8. Man fishing can be so cruel. Fished from 3am till 11:30am Monmouth county not even a tap, threw the whole bag. I made the “last cast” call in my head and a dude walks up in work boots and jeans 2nd cast 33” 9lb blue and keeps it and walks back to car. Can’t make it up
  9. I use the Montauk top. Been perfect for me so far. I even used it while snow blowin in the March blizzard and I’ve worn it at work (.Ups driver) in pouring rain. Wish it had a hood. I got a great price on mine at surfday
  10. I had a 5000 on a gloomis e6x. Very underrated reel. It’s a tried and true standard in my opinion. What do you plan on using it for? I’d keep it away from the surf. More of a inshore Boat reel edit jus reread. For fluke I’d drop down to a 3000 siZe. The ci4 is much lighter. I had a ci4 stradic 1000 it felt like a toy but was strong as anything.
  11. Greenmachine is the guy you wanna ask about that. He’s got boats and bags.
  12. Nope haven’t even seen one. Don’t teally have any desire to either.
  13. Yea I keep hearing 15lb is the magic number. Still afraid to be that guy!
  14. Beautiful. Even better. Nice job IRT. Still not impressed but can’t wait to hear results
  15. The pricing sounds insane but our system isn designed to handle over sized items. All irregular items have to get hand sorted and hand moved in the building. They cannot fit thru the belts and slides in our buildings. In order to handle the iregs, they need man power which costs more money than adding a new conveyor belt. Trust me I’m not defending the pricing at all as I lost some accounts on my route but just trying to shed light. Trust me you do not want you 8’ rod blank any where near the back on my car. It’s a very rough system