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  1. I don’t have any $100 but some in the $50-60 range id use them no problem what’s the point of having them. I don’t understand the collector aspect of them. Outside the fishing community who really cares about your fancy fishing thing with hooks sticking out of them.
  2. I just bought the montauk top at surf day. I went to surfday with intentions on walking out with the new top from guy Cotten but hated it when I tried it on. Way to light I don’t think it will ever hold up. Guy Cotten really missed the boat with that top. Add a hood to the montauk top and you’d sell them silly.
  3. I saw Jamie as well i offered a cash bribe to move to top of the list he declined lol skinner cracked me up every time I passed he was just standing there with hands in his pocket. I’d love to fish with him I’m sure that’s we’re you’ll get it out of him.
  4. Good show but man what a Zoo. I was there a at 930 and got back in my car at 11. Would’ve liked to spend a little more time at each vendor. I can’t atand pushing people out of the way to see anything. Got a custom bucktail from s&s the joe baggs minnow/darter lure a John skinner book signed by him and a guy Cotten top from fisherman’s headquarters. one side note is I didn’t even know skinner was going to be there. Every time I walked past him he was just standing there by himself. Thought to myself he’s prob the best fisherman in the place. I chatted with him a bit but was a little intimidated by him being a beginner still but what a wealth of knowledge he is and very nice!
  5. Had a good time. WAlked in 930 no line when I walked to my car at 11 it was a zoo. Would’ve liked to spend more time but you can’t get near anything without pushing people. I saw some guys wearing long sleeve shirts that said jersey shore surfcasters on it with an American flag on sleeve....anyone know where I can find one??
  6. Wfan diehard here...member of mongo nation....the show is awful now. Gave it a solid week to be fair. It’s carlin who sucks.
  7. I’m a UPS driver as well has a fisherboy and have had my costa’s for almost 2 years now of just about everyday use. They’ve been dropped 100’s of times and they’ve held up great. Been under water in saltwater plenty of times, on my face/head when it’s 120 degrees in the back of my truck pouring sweat. No complaints here
  8. I agree. I was caught up in the “need a 200 or 250” but honestly for the fishing I do and the fish that I catch or uhh don’t catch (lol) the 150 has the capacity and drag that I need. I got a shield 6000 on the cheap (free) and use that as my beater reel that I don’t care what happens to it reel.
  9. ODM 10’ 3/4-4 I throw small bucktails, small lift plastics, SP minnows all the up to 3 1/3 Danny’s and poppers no problem with my vs150. It’s very light, holds plenty of line for me. I’m not out catching cows every night though. So for me the 150 is plenty
  10. I held a vr50. My buddy has one he’s a member on here. Very compact little reel, extremely light. We did a drag test abs test scale showed 23lbs before the line broke so it has more in it. I will get one after seeing it in person
  11. Fair offer but I’d rather not split right now, going to ride it out a little longer. Thanks
  12. E6x for spinning and the sloopster casting rod you can pair it with a g2 or new torium
  13. Sold to OU812
  14. Yes regular 15 size floater brand new in bone
  15. Going where?