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  1. GReat job kil. Is it even possible to spot burn the canal?? Lol who cares!!
  2. We charted stanzyck for swords last winter he told us he hardly ever uses a mate. Only had one that day because of the 6’ seas to give us a hand
  3. I got one lol i can take $550 cash if you come pick it up in fort lee, NJ
  4. Frank (greenmachine) has a penn battle forsale in that budget
  5. That’s literally what I’m NOT looking for lol. Thanks anyway
  6. Looks nice but just sold my odm 3/4-4 have no use for a 1-3. really looking for a GoPro plus cash Will consider a 2-6oz rod plus cash
  7. Which rods are those? Appreciate the offer gonna let it ride a bit longer
  8. Ya man. I tell this to anyone who asks me about my trip to the canal. It’s really is a unbelievable place. There’s nothing else like it.
  9. I Thought the same thing was there. I was fishing alone and thinking man this is like the Wild West here. Didn’t see one cop, ranger security or anything. Complete free for all up there. A local told me guys sleep in the grass days in advance to reserve there spot. Doesn’t anyone work??
  10. We went swordfishing in February and the captain was tipped.
  11. Looking to sell or trade my silver 22. Comes with box bag and sticker and unregistered card. has 350yards of powerpro superslick 30 reel and drag is butter smooth has some scratches and dings on rotor and spook but just cosmetic. Will sell for $600 shipped PP firm or 550 cash picked up in north NJ. (Will meet within 30 miles) or belmar area on weekends. also looking for a 2-6oz 10ft rod plus cash go pro 4 or 5 (prefer 5) plus cash
  12. Come on where’s everyone’s sense of spirit. If you don’t want crowds gonfish the lonely open beach at night. I had a blast at the canal and am dying to get back. Coming from NJ a crowd doesn’t bother me I guess. Last time I was at the canal there was a group of maybe 10-15 guys about 150 yards from me they were hooting and hollerin’ all morning I was cracking up watching those guys. Anyway nice work kil it’s refreshing to see a rod guy actually go out and fish. There’s a reason blackhole is the most talked about rod on this site.
  13. The few days I was there in June some of the locals were complaining about the crowds to me, but coming from NJ I didn’t think it was that bad. I have at least 50ft on either side of me so I don’t consider that crowded
  14. Offer $100 shipped. Thanks PayPal ready
  15. I’ve been looking at this rod for my few canal trips each summer.