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  1. More info on lengends and pics please
  2. Still looking for vs or zb RHR
  3. I have a 11 custom made for sale lol
  4. Ya looking for a flatlander 2 tube with pouch and or side lock for add on
  5. I’m too impatient to wait six months I spoke to him he’s going to have blitz bags but i want something with longer tubes like odm 2.5 or like the mak bag
  6. What’s out there for flatlander bags looking for 2/3 tube max thanks
  7. Last bump closing post soon
  8. 75$ last time I’m taking it down
  9. Still available
  10. Thanks bud
  11. I have a VS150L new in box retails for 700 asking only 600 shipped buyer covers pp fees
  12. Still available
  13. Still available
  14. You could post them I’m seeing what else is available thanks