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  1. Would you take 20$ for 2 darters on the right?
  2. great show. Love the 80's feel to it.
  3. Offer retracted. I have too many lexa’s at the moment.
  4. Just saw the review and you showed exactly why the ODM surf bag is so popular. The bag is packed with a lot of features, looks like its made of high quality material and the simplicity of use makes it a great value. Quick question. Can you use the ODM surf belt with the bag?
  5. Sure you can. Just use a 2 oz sinker and the bait.
  6. Bluefish has been terrible for me my way..
  7. Do you have another Citrix ?
  8. LMAO. Too funny.
  9. Shark skin baby.
  10. "Richie loved to use 22s because the bullets are small and they don't come out the other end like a 45, see, a 45 will blow a barn door out the back of your head and there's a lot of dry cleaning involved, but a 22 will just rattle around like Pac-Man until you're dead" lol
  11. lol
  12. Cant forget one of my all time favorites!
  13. No little shop of horror?...Oh the horror