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  1. I too love my Jigster and I mainly use it for chunking and since it’s a conventional build I love the way it throws pencils and work them. I paired mine with an akios and it’s a pleasure to cast. I love my Jigster.
  2. Big game low profile baitcaster are awesome. I couldn’t just settle for one so I picked up a tranx 400, 500, Lexa 300 HD and the Komodo ss 471plx all left hand. I have used my tranx and lexa extensively and they are both excellent. I’m waiting this spring/summer to break out my new Komodo SS.
  3. I can’t wait to check the limited edition out. I’m sure it’s a beast!
  4. Can’t go wrong with an akios 656 or equivalent Abu.. I also use penn fathoms and squalls.
  5. An ODM Nex1 9 foot is what you need. It can throw 3oz very well.
  6. "Happy New Year"
  7. My pick would be a ODM nex1 9ft with a vr50.
  8. RonZ’s are great as well.
  9. I’ll take it for 489
  10. Why not go with a lexa 300?
  11. I would look into a tsunami slim wave.
  12. You lucky duck haha. Wish I had the room to store a one piece .. I would grab a 9” and match it with a vr 50. Cast all day with that setup.
  13. If your thinking of cuting it, why not go with a 9ft? It will definitely throw 1/2 really well and handle 3oz with now problems. I was throwing 4oz with the 9” and it handles it great.