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  1. Would you do 15 for the knock offs?
  2. Would you take $20 for the super slick?
  3. I haven’t been at the canal yet but I can tell you The ODM Jigster throws 2-6 range very well and jigs excellent. The Frontier x is also a canal killer from what I have heard.
  4. Beautiful watch. I respectfully offer 1500. I know it’s not what you want for it but this is all I can offer.
  5. Check out the shimano trevala
  6. I have the battalion and confirm its a great stick for the money. I have the conventional 2-6 11ft and use 5-6 oz and a chunk regularly with out an issue.
  7. Have pics of the team Daiwa s?
  8. Nice boat.
  9. Since you are new to conventional it’s really hard to start with a reel like the one you bought. I would have recommended a Magged real for sure. One thing you can do is start with heavy braid like 80lb or even 25 pound mono as backlashes will be easier to pick out( you will have many). It will cut casting distance a bit but in time you will get better. Take it slow. Look at some YouTube tutorials and you should be fine in time.
  10. I would be interested in the popper
  11. I live in Hudson county. Im going to pass on this great deal. Thank you for the consideration. This should go quickly.
  12. Both. The 12 foot mojo surf with the Newell 229
  13. I’ll take this
  14. Dave would you break up the mojo 12 and Newell 229? Interested. Please let me know.
  15. 110 if you want it pm me