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  1. I'm in Congrats on the 1000 post!
  2. Sound good please PM!
  3. Looking to buy a VR 150 bail. Anyone out there not using theirs and would like to sell it?
  4. I have a triumph surf m and I think it can handle more then what it’s rated.
  5. A full on break down of the Okuma Coronado cdx would be great..
  6. NJFish what camera where you using? The video looked very hazy.
  7. If only the lexa was a lefty I would be all over it. I already have a 300 hd but at that price I wouldn't mind getting another.
  8. ill take it.
  9. Hi fishy I have played with the 3/4 - 4 and the 2-6 and they are light and strong. I prefer the 2-6 because its great for throwing lures and chunking. A very versatile rod with some serious back bone. Hope this helps.
  10. Can you do 70 for the reels?
  11. Akios 656... phenomenal out the box.
  12. I cast my sx g2 and do not run in to this.
  13. Ok. PM to arrange pick up.
  14. How much for 1 TLD 15 and the 6/0?
  15. Ill take the set