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  1. I checked a few web sites and saw no mention of a hither hills air station. Anothet one I know of is Shinnecock East
  2. Ok seems straightforward , thanks ! is anyone creating custom sonar maps? I have navionics on my iphone and the back bay detail is either non existant or pretty weak. I’d love to be able to save the sonar maps (created as you drive around) as an overlay.
  3. Thanks for the additional info guys I appreciate it. Spring is almost here, starting to get antsy.
  4. I want him to order the unit first without factoring in the price of the install or he will want to get a 4” screen im assuming a bracket and install by a boat yard would run $200 or so?
  5. Is anyone running a second fish finder on the stern where you fish from? I’m wondering if you can’t see the main unit from where you fish, if that would make sense. Can it share the same transducer assuming you get same brand as main unit?
  6. Is there a website or master list somewhere of air-up stations on eastern Long Island?
  7. I have a giant table like this:
  8. Thanks guys. Do you also have a board to place under tires? Which portable air compressors are you using? It sounds like the extra room in a Sequoia would come in handy.
  9. Excellent! I really appreciate the advice. This forum and its folks rock.
  10. Thank you everyone, this is great info, I appreciate it! So far based on recommendations, looks like choices for a 9" screen are - Lowrance Elie 9TI with totalscan transducer and CMap Insight Pro charts. $929 - Simrad GO9 XSE with totalscan transducer and Navionics+ charts. $1299 - Garmin 94SV Echomap plus with Chirp, ClearVu, and SideVu transducer, Bluechart G2 charts. $1099 Bumping to a 12" screen which would be nice, looks like it adds over $1K to the cost
  11. Thanks, that helps. I used to have electronics 10 years ago on my bass boat but everything has changed so much since then, reading the specs and the manufacturers web sites seems geared towards physicists not the average person trying to determine what they need and don't need. And if he doesn't need chirp those dollars could go towards a larger screen size.
  12. Thank you Darth and Brian. Sounds like I can't go wrong with either choice. Nothing I own over 10' is a 1 piece so I should be ok. It looks like on newer vehicles there is a big difference in price, which gets much smaller once you are over 120K in miles. Any issues or things to inspect closely on the higher milage vehicles? Aside from automatic tire deflators, should I have anything else on my must-buy list?
  13. Hoping for some advice/thoughts: Currently have an Infiniti JX35. I can store 7 rods and multiple milk crates of tackle securely. Have an inflatable kayak that also fits inside. While I can take it on hard packed sand, the low clearance and no 4x4 makes real beach driving not possible. It also has an antennae square in the middle of the back roof so roof loading of a kayak not likely. I'm also hoping to upgrade to a better kayak this year, potentially a Hobie Outback. I read through Consumer Reports and picked these 2 vehicles (4runner and sequoia) as likely options because of resale value and reliability. Because I will use it only for beach/fishing/kayaking, (basically a fun vehicle), I don't want to spend a pile of cash. I'm thinking a vehicle with 140K miles or so should be fine? What would be the upper limit on milage or age you would recommend before the likelihood of yearly issues becomes a problem? The massive amount of room in the sequoia would be nice, but, I'm also thinking about the joys of lifting a 80+ pound kayak onto the roof by myself. The sequoia is almost a foot higher off the ground. Can I assume something like a Thule Hullavator would make the process of loading/unloading reasonably quick? If its a 20 minute process I'm less likely to take the kayak out if I only have 2 hours to fish on a given day/night. Any clear advantages of either vehicle for my intended use? I considered getting a truck like a Tacoma or Tundra (tossing a kayak in the bed is much easier than loading on a roof), but my concern would be secure rod and tackle storage out of the elements. Some nights I switch between the ocean, jetty, sound, and back bays depending on wind, tide, current, bait, etc so its nice to have several rods securely stored and always ready to go. Can a 9 or 10 foot one piece rod fit inside a 4-runner? I was thinking of getting the Rodmounts rod-up system. Does anyone currently, alone, load a 80+ pound kayak on the roof of either, and if so, what have you found to make this a less painful process? Is there anything else I should be taking into account? Thanks in advance for help/advice.
  14. I mostly surf cast. My friend is an older gentleman with a 1985 Grady 23' that I've finally convinced to put electronics on the boat. He's not a big spender, so the total cost including transducer needs to be around $1500. I've been reading the forum as well as manufacturers web sites (can be confusing). Its hard to get a true understanding of what some of the units do and don't do. I'm hoping the experts here can provide some badly needed advice or recommendations! He does not need radar capability, since boat is heading out of 3-Mile Harbor in EH and will not be heading far offshore. While I would love the autopilot feature to make drifts easier, I don't see him paying the additional money for this feature. So, unit would have to have a GPS Chartplotter so we can use it to head to structure we see on the maps. Should be able to drop and save pins, when we find new structure or catch fish on a spot. We'd likely never fish water deeper than 120 feet. From what I can determine, we want the unit to have Chirp, sidescan, and downscan to get the best possible picture of what is happening beneath the boat? I thought I read some units can save the sonar map, as you drift, to a card, so you can load it into your computer to get an accurate 3-d representation of what is there? I also thought I read you can upload and share those sonar maps with others, and download ones they've uploaded? This sounds like a great way to get the most accurate charts? Obviously the bigger screen the better, but if $1500 is the budget I'm assuming 9" is the size he'd wind up with? Is there anything else that should be considered or that I am missing? Any recommendations? Thank you in advance!