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  1. I picked up a glass rod for chunking. Looking forward to trying it out! I picked up another glass rod, 8 ft, for tossing spoons. Rated for 1/2 oz to to 3 oz. Took it out for a test last month and it worked great.
  2. I have read that the best way to cook American Shad is to cook it low and slow for a long time. This allows for the bones to disintegrate. The other way to cook shad is to smoke them. Smoked Shad is very delicious. I know a place that freezes all the shad they can obtain then smokes them for months afterward o they have a supply of smoked shad to sell well after the shad are done with their run. I'm going to try for some this year. MMMM.... MM! Good eating!
  3. Kastmaster hooks have always been unreliable. I've lost countless trout coming unbuttoned. I switch them out for Owner stingers and the problem goes away. Johnson Splinter spoons are cheaper and the hooks are better.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Kima!
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Very helpful! I've been fishing these kinds of low water situations. This season I'm going to be focusing on fishing lures. Some beach situations but protected by the sound.
  6. I read somewhere that lures like pencil poppers and maybe spooks were originally worked with fiberglass rods. But when graphite came along, anglers had to adjust fishing technique to compensate for the faster tips (I think). Are fiberglass rods obsolete? Do fiberglass rods still have a purpose in saltwater angling today?
  7. Ah, thanks for the feedback! Didn't know about the 302/402! Hmmm... Mitchell 402 and Penn 704z... Sometimes I get something on the brain that I need it. Not sure if I just want it. So is the 406 not useful for fishing? Is it too small? It looks pretty cherry.
  8. An acquaintance gave me her deceased husband's old St. Croix UL rod. It's graphite. Took it out last Sunday and it performed perfectly casting light spoons. I regularly fish with an UL Shimano that cost me about $99 seven years ago, paired with an UL Symetre. One of my favorite rigs for fishing lakes and slow moving rivers. When desperate for a bite, I can cast a worm on 2# test line and get a wonderfully natural drift. No need for split shot.
  9. I've been thinking about getting a vintage Penn 704Z and have been following several auctions. But then I saw a super clean Mitchell 406 also for auction. I did some research and it seems as if this might be useful to fish in the surf. Part of the attraction is that the reel looks like it's showroom new, too. So it's not a fixer upper. Selling for about $50. Is that too much? Is this something that I could realistically use in the surf? I researched on this site and I get the feeling that maybe it's more of a novelty. My research on the 704z gives me a better feeling of confidence. Members who talk about the Penn seem to be more enthusiastic about fishing with the Penn. Or is the Mitchell 406 obsolete and only has value as a collectors item? I'm looking for something sturdy that I could fish with- not a collectors item. How hard is it to get the Mitchell's serviced? Or am I better off with a vintage Penn 704z? Thanks for your help!
  10. I have Okuma Rockaway Fever!
  11. I fished lakes today It was too cold today and I suspect the holdover trout were sluggish or holding close to bottom, far from shore where I'm at. Did better doing the bait and wait with artificials. I tried slinging minnow lures and spoons but no luck. Bait and wait brought me my limit. Will Try Rivers Soon Going to try local rivers with spoons soon.
  12. True. I called in sick to work back in the early 80's when the salmon were running off the Pacifica Pier. It was crazy and cool. Pacifica is a seaside town about half hour drive from San Francisco. They have this huge long pier out there. It's huge! And it's high up. You need to lower a crab net down to the water to retrieve your catch.
  13. Yeah, it's important to point the rod at the snag because that will relieve the pressure on your rod. Making the rod bend unnaturally can cause tiny fractures that later turn into actual breaks.
  14. A Motorola flip phone with a camera in the late nineties? Phones didn't have cameras in the nineties. So it was impossible for you to have snapped that photo of that Jersey Devil with your flip phone in the late nineties as your story suggests. The first phone with a camera wasn't invented until 2000. And that was a Japanese only device.
  15. What kind of camera were you carrying on this fishing trip?