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  1. I wear polyester long sleeve shirts during the summer. They're quick drying and wick away sweat, unlike cotton that remains soggy. They also have the added benefit of providing a layer against bugs because they're long sleeve. I'll put a shirt on over it if the bugs are mosquitoes. I pack a breathable frogg toggs rain coat if there's a chance of rain. If I'm on a pier then the Frogg Toggs breathable pants or breathable bibs get packed. It's simple, does the job for me and inexpensive. I have the NRS pullover but I wouldn't want to wear that in hot weather.
  2. A bluefish comes up and bites a chunk out of the osprey. The osprey, still snared in the lure, is flapping around, sending major blitz signals in every direction, as well as leaving a scent trail of blood. The PETA people are marching on the shore in your general direction.
  3. Is this on YouTube or not publicly available?
  4. FYI
    Google Chrome is throwing security warnings in the omnibox (what most people call the address bar). Check it out on Chrome.

    Switching to HTTPS is simple. Most web hosts are handing out certificates for free. If you run your own server you can add a free one.

    Why switch to HTTPS?
    It prevents man in the middle attacks.
    It prevents ISPs, hotels and others from injecting ads into your site (for which you don't get paid).

    People are on the site telling each other how to block your ads because of whatever funky ad serving you have. That's not good for you.

    Whatever is messing with the user experience probably isn't worth driving people away.
    Those who stay remain only because they're blocking your ads, which doesn't help you. A poor user experience is a double edge sword and you're getting slapped by both of sides.

    I turn off my JavaScript when visiting your site to avoid the intrusive ads. As a fellow publisher, I don't share that with the other members, because it's not cool (imo) to tell people how to keep a site publisher from earning a living.


  5. This is inspirational! I've got a few bottles of Pautzke scent and color infusion thingys, for adding to baits that are curing. Might give that a try.
  6. I went to the Striper Day show last month at Hofstra University and that was educational and the shopping was good, too. Picked up some Charlie Graves Tins, bucktails for tying, an Afterhours needlefish, etc. Next week I'm heading to the Jersey Shore Surfcasters fishing show. Any tips? Should I pack my own lunch? How did you like the past shows? I'm coming from Massachusetts so driving up the day before so I won't be dead tired from the drive that morning.
  7. Thanks for the update on the conspiracy theories. I live about a five minute drive from the Quabbin and I recall one unconfirmed report of a cougar around a lake near here (Lake Wyola), but as you say, it could be a Western cougar, doesn't mean it's local. Could have been a loose golden retriever as people let their dogs roam free around that lake. I know for a fact that some people around here believe in some far out kooky stuff, and are rabidly anti science to the point that they will refuse to go to the doctors and will instead ingest silver and homeopathic remedies, even for Lyme disease. I just had never heard that but I guess maybe I need to get out of my house more, lol. Thanks for the clarification. :)
  8. >>>What possible reason is there for a giant conspiracy for the powers that be <<< Uhm... Who said anything about a giant conspiracy? Oh yeah. Build a straw man. Knock it down. Check. Interesting discussion despite the weird accusation that there are flakes claiming a giant conspiracy! ;)
  9. Funny how so many anglers I encounter don't know to bleed their fish. I bleed every fish I keep, from trout to bluefish. It's downright weird that anyone keeping a fish shows up unprepared without a proper cooler, either with them or back in the car if it's difficult to transport the cooler. Every fish I keep gets thrown on ice as soon as possible (as well as bled). In case you're reading and are unsure how to bleed a fish, I first knock the fish hard on the top of the head to kill it (because FOR ME, it's humane and respectful toward the fish to put it out of its misery quickly). Then I slash it's gills, then hold it upside down or simply let it bleed. Sometimes you might need to push behind the gills on the side of the fish to help squeeze the blood out.
  10. Chumming in fresh water is illegal in certain states, FYI. I figured it wasn't in saltwater but just asking. I did it once. It was around three AM. Nobody had caught a bite or a nibble all day or night. I was about to leave. There were massive schools of bunker earlier in the day. I still had a couple dozen fresh bunker. So I thought, heck, let's see what happens! I cut up three or four bunker and tossed the pieces out. Then I cast a chunk out. Not more than a minute passed and I caught a striper. All day and night nobody was getting a nibble. Dead, dead, dead. Until I chummed the water...
  11. Farm raised. The people behind the counter just work there sometimes and aren't paid to know where every fish comes from. So the person was probably just giving you AN answer, but not the RIGHT answer. I asked the fish monger at my local Whole Foods about the undersized striper and he said they're farmed.
  12. I've always considered chumming from shore or pier as somehow not sporting. Not sure if it's legal either. But anglers in boats do it. So any thoughts on this?
  13. John Skinner uses the Tsunami Danny... I'm keeping an open mind about it.
  14. I do curls. It helps my casting arm stay strong. Then there's the prancercising.
  15. I'm thinking of paying to fish with Bill Wetzel, too. Saw him speak at recent Surfcaster event at Hofstra and was impressed with his knowledge and positive energy. I've been on a multiyear quest of learning how to fish a certain area in New England. I moved here six years ago from the West Coast and pretty much started from point zero. Last season I was running down the beach tossing tins at blitzes during the day, catching bunker in certain places during the day, then fishing eels and bunker chunks at night. Took a few years to dial it all in. But I wasn't by myself. The best thing I did was to hang out A LOT and get to know people. I've been reading books and spending a LOT of time at the fishing spots, making friends with the local anglers and eventually picking up phone numbers, names, Facebook friending, etc. That way I give intel and I get intel. But most importantly the more experienced anglers have given me helpful tips, etcetera. And I've been passing it on, too if someone seems cool. I didn't have everything handed to me, I put in my time. That's one of the best pieces of advice a fellow angler gave me, that you have to put your time in. Just putting in a lot of time so that when the fishing gets hot you are Johnny on the Spot. Put in the time to pick up some lessons. Sometimes I was the only person on a beach or a pier at night. But yeah, doing the Bill Wetzel thing will probably save you a couple years on the learning curve.