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  1. There's a video of a guy who cuts open a Yeti and discovers there's no special mojo to it. It's just thick, that's all. There's another video of a guy who tested a Yeti versus an Ozark Trails Yeti style versus two other coolers. Tested them for days. Really good experiment. I have a Coleman Xtreme that kept ice for three days in my van under 90+ degree temperatures, hotter in my van. They cost about eighty bucks. The cooler is about 40 inches long.
  2. I got some email from somewhere that said if you're thinking of going to the canal, get here now this weekend. Which to me meant, stay home.
  3. Right. My criticism wasn't directed at you personally. It was strictly about the reporting. The article states that fishing is about the art of patience, which is a part of fishing but there's very little that's artful about patience. The art comes in knowing it's time to wait for a changing current or to move on because a storm up river has muddied the water and ruined the fishing. The art is in so many other details. Patience, while important, is probably the least artful aspect of fishing.
  4. Those look great! :)
  5. Read the NYTimes article about angling the Hudson River? Fishing is described as the art of patience. I've always considered the "art" of saltwater fishing a matter of understanding the currents and other such factors for a particular spot. There are "lucky" anglers and there are anglers who know what time a spot is going to be hot. The art is not about "patience" it's about understanding the technical aspects of a specific spot or structure. Patience is not an art. Any fool can toss a line and be patient. There is zero art to that.
  6. I have the Okuma Trios. I'm happy with them. I am also happy with the Cabelas Salt Striker reels that are made by Okuma (check the Salt Strikers parts schematic and you'll see they're identical to the Okumas)..
  7. That's called Dead Sticking.
  8. I used to be a 1.5 pack a day smoker. Tried going cold turkey but I literally felt like crawling the walls. Doctor prescribed Wellbutrin, as my insurance would cover it if prescribed for anxiety. It's the same thing as Zyban, which is explicitly for quitting smoking. That stuff did the trick. I was able to stop smoking without feeling the anxiety. I've been smoke free for almost twenty years.
  9. Yeah, I get the same taste clicking through to Mother Jones as I do clicking through to Fox News. Except Fox News is 10 times more biased than any other legit news site. Thanks for taking this discussion off topic Vaporizor.
  10. I've seen lots of scup. Not sure if that's it, but that's what I've been seeing...
  11. I once got a couple packs of tide-rite leaders from the tackle shop that were brittle. The tackle shop was good about it and exchanged it for something else. I've had issues with snaps opening up during a fight last year. So I'm going to be tying my own this year.
  12. Do you think this works because the slap is the fish trying to stun the bait prior to eating it?
  13. Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presided over the replacement of a section of the Oakland to San Francisco bay bridge, a span that sees far more traffic than the Cape Cod canal bridges. The way they did it was to build the replacement span next to the old span. When the span was done, they closed the bridge for five days to connect up the highway to the on ramp. Because the cape has more than one bridge, there doesn't have to be any delays whatsoever. If a bridge closure is necessary just close one. Building the replacement span next to the old span might be a way to do it, aside from closing a bridge and working on the other, etc. But that might not be necessary. The bay bridge sees between 250,000 to 270,000 cars per day, all year long. The cape bridges combined see about 130,000 cars during peak days, a fraction of that. Will be interesting to see the ideas the actual engineers come up with! :)
  14. I suspect it's the bend of the hook that is causing fish to come unbuttoned. This isn't a problem with Siwash hooks. Siwash hooks have less of a bend. With a Siwash hook there isn't an extreme bend in the hook. It's a smaller bend. So when you get the fish closer and the line starts pulling the hook from above, the hook can't rotate out. The hook grabs and pulls rather than rotate. So what I think is happening is that when the fish's head is at a certain position relative to the fishing pole, the bend in the rod rotates the hook out, instead of grabbing in the bend the way the Siwash hook does. This happens on round bend trebles in Kastmasters, too. Just as you get them to hand they come unbuttoned. The reason is probably the same. The bend in the rod is pulling the hook in a way that rotates the hook out of the fish's mouth.
  15. Saw a video where the guy had rigged up some bungies in the car to slide the rods into. I have a fishing van so I'm thinking of rigging something up so my rods aren't rolling around and getting tangled with each other. Do you have any interesting rigs for transporting your rods?