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  1. There needed to be a video of this
  2. dan can i get the following bullet head 4x 4oz painted black long shank 4x3oz painted black long shank 4x3 oz painted green long shank shad head 2x 4oz painted black long shank 2x3oz painted black long shank 2x3 oz painted green long shank
  3. some good news
  4. ah sorry can't be much help then, going to say there's some monsters in blackstone if you're willing to travel, but its in RI. Was thinking you might have been more central Mass.
  5. what part of mass are you in?
  6. closed, thanks sol
  7. I'll take it pm sent
  8. how much on the isla?
  9. how much for saragossa or cabo?
  10. Like title says looking for a 4000-5000 reel for some albie fishing. Matching it with a 9 foot TFO rod and a 10 foot Lamiglas rod, plan on using mono, so looking to fit 20lb test on it. Looking to have it shipped to 02886, pretty busy at work which is cutting time away from me being able to meet for it, Paypal payment. Let me know what you got.
  11. Do you have the specs on this reel?
  12. Respectfully offering 65, I can pick it up tomorrow at the canal
  13. I heard it was tuna on facebook