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  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe mike if you could pm me would that be against the rules ? I live in Maine and don’t know a lot of two hand guys except the guy that got me into it Alan.
  2. Oh ok I get that but being the you are TH guru any input would be much appreciated into a heavier striper set up. Maybe not your set up but one you would recommend?
  3. What would be breaking the rules? Serious question
  4. Hey I am fairly new to the two hand world and am curious what most of you guys use in the beaches for stripers? I know about grain weights but am still working that out per rod. So I do fine with my 7 wt 12.6 with around 450ish grains when it’s not too windy. I am looking to get two more Spey/switch rods this season one a 4 wt for trout which I might make a different post for and a heavier rod for the surf then my 7 for windy days and who knows maybe even good days. Just looking to see what you guys are running rod weight and grain wait of line. As we all know the two hand line game can get exspensive. So maybe a list of you guys set ups could help me narrow down what I am looking for.
  5. I have a 7 wt 12.6 but was thinking I might want something Better for the wind. I will start a post for suggestions. Don’t want to hyjack the thread. Thank you
  6. I generally use my kayak for this. Great way to get to those hard to get places then hop out inwade around for a bit
  7. I talked to this one guy and he said “what would you rather be a swinger or a stripper?” I laughed and said well a swinger ofcourse
  8. What weight two hand rods do you run for the wind? I know it’s s but off topic sorry for that
  9. I think people should respect a anglers room no matter if they are in a boat or wading or on the shore etc. when I fish the surf I have a lot of boats crowd me especially when I am catching other fisherman wading or shore guys will do the same to me. Sometimes they crowd me so bad I just leave. Pretty sad people do this it is disrespectful. I try not to crowd other people I wish they would do the same. The reality is it happens all the time and you either need to cope with it or find a different spot. I know it sucks but it seems a lot of people don’t care and it’s easier to just move to a new spot ten confront someone about it. When I am in my kayak I try to give plenty of room and will do minimal paddling till I get by and away from them. If some one is just floating by then they are the respectful ones most of the time. It the ones that drop anchor land fish in your zone that’s no fun. I just try my best to have a good time and let the rest just be what it is
  10. Yeah the river still has a while
  11. I find fishing with my spin rod boring most times. To be honest most of the time 100 ft or more cast aren’t needed I catch decent fish every outing while I can cast a 100 most of my strike are within 50-30 ft a lot of times I get strike when I get to my head. Like I said above though I could cast the two hander all day even with a sloppy technique but if I tried bombing my whole line all day on my one hander my elbow would be toast.
  12. Well I for one picked up my flyrod and never looked back. I am 33 and only on my second season with a two hander been using a one hander for ever. I switched due to tendinitis in my casting elbow. I use a 12.6ft 7wt and my elbow never hurts now. I have a 11.6ft 8wt switch that is a blast to fish with also and could fish for hours. My technique is sloppy and try to work on it every time out but my arms don’t seem to bother me. One hander is a well balance 9ft 9wt and was fine the first bunch of seasons. 3 seasons ago I fished the hardest I think I have ever fished and that’s when my elbow went. I met Alan L and he let me try a couple of his set ups and gave me the basics and was a day I will never forget. Since then I have used my one hander mostly when in my kayak or on a boat and a few handful of times with the waders. My arm gets elbow get sore when I do this. I am sure it’s my form. Either way the two hander is much funner for me and no pain ( unless fly connects with body lol) so I will keep working on that.
  13. Wow wild article thanks
  14. Plenty of big fish in the marshes and river still boys. As oob said both really.
  15. I have found light rods in the wind fatigue me a bit but if using a heavier wt rod in the wind it’s not as bad. I tend to stick to my two hander most of the time now as it’s just so addictive. Also I agree that unbalanced set ups also can be tiring but a well balanced appropriate wt rod for the situation generally I can cast all day with out a issue