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  1. Sounds good, I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't sell
  2. Rod Rack off my old F150 all made up. Has a 3 rod Hunter Rod Vault on the left side, and a Thule kayak rack on the right side. The feet are 50" apart on center, could be easily modified to fit other vehicles. Comes with all the keys, etc. Was going to keep it to put on a future truck but I can't see holding onto it for years and I don't need it on the current vehicle. $400, pick up on upper Cape Cod area. Consider trades as well.
  3. Anyone unloading any used Shimano Stella SWB 18000's? Need a few more. Really looking for any used ones. Thanks
  4. Ocean Lures Peanut Bunker, Anyone got any? I only got one left, much appreciated.
  5. Yeah I'll do that, PM coming, thanks
  6. Sorry I don't really have use for those, thanks though
  7. Whatcha got for 8 and 10wt salt lines
  8. ttt
  9. PM coming, thanks
  10. Rio Switch Chucker 8wt line, only used about 1/2doz times. Retails for $90, looking for $60 shipped paypal.
  11. No clue, but its a black over orange/red
  12. Just as the title says, both NIP. Looking for $50 shipped/paypal.