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  1. Will you sell just the gosa separate?
  2. River2Sea Wideglide 200F. Looks like its new but may have thrown it once or twice. $25 shipped
  3. How about $25 for all of the #2 Spro swivels? There $3 a pack normally online
  4. Pretty good, lots of info on flies and situations. Good reviews on amazon
  5. bump
  6. Where are you located
  7. I'll do that. PM coming
  8. I can do that. PM Coming
  9. Some winter reading for those interested, these are just collecting dust. Add $5 for shipping 1. The Fisherman's Ocean- $15 2. On the Run- $10 3. Tuna on the fly- $10 4. False Albacore- $10 5. Carp on the fly- $25 6. Northeast Trout, Salmon, Steelhead Streams- $10
  10. Last bump at $600 or I'll hold on to it
  11. I have one. Made in USA, pretty good condition. Box, bag, etc. Didn't really want to sell it but I haven't touched it in years so I would for the right price. What did you have in mind?
  12. Hate to let this go, but I haven't touched it much in years and don't see myself using it much having gotten mostly out of the surf game. USA Made VS250 Black with 275 knob, and extra spool. One spool is loaded with 80lb Hollow Ace (only used few times), and another with 50lb power pro (only used once). Normal scratches on the bottom, but overall very nice. Also have box, bag, original knob, all service records, etc. This is the smoothest VS I've ever picked up. Looking for $675 shipped. Located on Cape Cod
  13. Sounds good, I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't sell