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  1. If mounted on the side of the yak, side scan will need to be in the water, below the keel to work properly. if it is mounted on the transom, in the water, with no obstruction to the sides, you should be ok. If only using a unit with DS, you can shoot through the hull. There are many references on how to do this on you tube and on this site. I did this many years ago on my 21' center console without a problem.
  2. I cannot agree more. Can't wait to see how much a sidescan will assist with the fishing this season.
  3. We think alike here. Ordered my unit from WM yesterday and the magnetic transducer mount today. Please let us know what your initial impression of the unit is, when you get a chance to use it in reel time. (pun intended)
  4. check out they have mounts for inflatables. If your handy, maybe you will find a way to make your own. good luck
  5. My thoughts exactly. Also, one can get the Navionic charts for $30 if bought at the time of purchasing the Lowrance unit. (at least from Bass Pro) I was told that to purchase it seperately, it is $120? I like Rob's saying too. He should make it his signature, if he does not already have one.
  6. Yes, the salesman did make reference to that. I will be getting the Lowrance Hook 2-5 tripleshot unit. This one is capable of 300 feet to either side, with side scan. (others probably do the same) and this unit is navionics capable. and to quote one writers review......."If you opt for Navionics charts you can benefit from sonar chart live, which is a real-time feature where the device creates an overlay of depth contours based on your own live sonar soundings."
  7. That is correct. You can get images out to 100' or more to either side. It depends on the settings of the unit. I'm sure there are other factors involved. The rep at Bass pro told me that you cannot mark fish using the sidescan. It is primarily for finding structure. However, he did indicate, that as you get familiar with the unit, you will see marks on the screen that do not look like fish in the traditional sense, but may well be fish. Somebody here I'm sure will clarify that.
  8. OK, I'm sold on the side scan. thanks for the info. West Marine is having their spring sale, starting the 15th, at 10 AM. and ends the 18th. I will be getting it then, if they have it in stock. The sale price also applies to anything that has to be ordered during the sale. so one more question, how did you attach the transducer to the hull? I'm leaning toward the "magnet bracket".
  9. I will be purchasing a fish finder / chart plotter soon. But I am now considering a side scan unit. I will be fishing mostly the bays and rivers. My thought is it might be nice to have in unfamiliar waters for finding structure, but other than that, is it worth the added expense? Anybody on this sight use side scan?
  10. nifty idea using the go pro mount. Let us know how it works out after a few outings on the water. How do you like the Dragonfly unit? I was looking at that one, but I found a 2016 post on the internet stating they had software issues. Allthough, they had plenty of time fix that, but ya never know.
  11. thanks, bstriping, that is what I wanted to know. I may look into this after I purchase my FF and will only be using the transducer mount if I don't fabricate one myself. I was down at Bass Pro today. The salesman was very informative and made reference to the Sea Sucker. He claimed that some yakers use them without issue. The cups have a pump attached to make the suction.
  12. Hello All, I was looking for a way to mount my transducer to the yak, but also making it portable, so to move it between three different yaks. I came across this site, Fish Finder Mounts .com. They use magnets. One on each side of the hull, to attach the transducer. It looks easy enough to make your own bracket. However I was wondering how practical this method really is. Anyone have any experience with this, or know of anyone that uses a mount like that?
  13. That is what I started to do last season, However I mostly targeted fluke in the Manasquan. So the rods were similar, with one being a dead stick and the other kept in hand. one got in the way of the other, so started using one rod. Preferences will most likely change this season. Flounder starts the first of next month and I hope to get out a few times for them, but scouting for turkey takes preference over that. Hope to catch the blue blitz this spring in the upper Barnegat. Also hope to hit the Raritan with an old friend this season too. Im sure you haunt those waters on occasion. If so I'll keep an eye out for ya.
  14. I will most likely do away with the pole holder on the center console and move it to the side. For bay fishing I will pick up a pen 3000 or 4000 reel.
  15. dbjpb, Sorry about the delay with the pics, I just took them today. This is my setup for now. It will definitely change as the season progresses. As far as the Caribbean itself, I like it. Paddling and maneuvering is very easy. Weighing only 50 lbs. makes it easy to load and unload from the racks on my truck. Because it is so narrow, stability is taking me some getting use to. Mostly because my original kayaks were much wider. I chose the yellow color for more visibility on the water. I plan on being a minimalist while fishing, so no more than 2 rods and I am currently considering only one. Rather than using the bungie for the crate in the back, I locked it down with a strap, thus leaving the bungie for the wheeleez. the spare rod is locked down with one of the bungies for the paddle and the tip is placed in the rod tip holder/saver up front. Any and all suggestions on how to change the rigging on the kayak will be welcome and given serious consideration. As is most things in life, setup is a personal thing but that is part of the fun in this hobby. And a thank you to those that answers any initial questions on this kayak.