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  1. Fished Saturday early in pea soup, loaded up on Mac's then hit the fog horn. I was with a couple of buddies from work who were not very experienced. They hooked up 6-7 times, but in experience cost them as they ripped the circle hook out of the fishes mouth. The 8th fish we hooked I took the rod to show them the right tech. Landed a small fish, 28 inch, but they got the jist of what to do. Landed a few more small fish, a lot of people and kayaks on the spot and I wanted bigger fish. We left to get away from the crowd and chase size. Found some bigger fish, but again lack of knowledge hurt the catch rate. The highlight, I was hooked into what felt like a good size fish, a couple of good runs, just as I was able to get it to turn and started bringing it to the boat it made a hard run. The line went dead. I reeled in the head of what looked like a decent fish. Bitten off just behind the gill plate. Either a seal or a shark took what I think was a 35+ inch fish. What is the storm going to do for the weekend? fish going to run away from the pressure and slow things down? will the run into the protected waters in the harbors? or head deep?
  2. I am not sure of the name on the one he has today. I know that it is 14 feet but that the weight limit is 300#'s which he gets close to with gear. I don't want him spending this kind of money on something that isn't right for what he will be doing. Do you have a fish finder on yours? was it setup for it? or did you engineer a solution?
  3. So my son is looking to get deeper into kayak fishing. He has a decent 'yak now but wants a better performing one. One that is more stable and able to handle the ocean a bit better. He recently flipped losing my $800 Orvis setup. So he is looking at the Wilderness Sys Atak 140, since I know nothing about kayaks I figured I would ask. It seems like a lot of money for a Kayak. So thoughts? are there alternatives?
  4. Wow pretty powerful. Was on our trading floor, sitting across from a co-worker who was pleading with his brother who worked at FTC when the south tower was hit. The floor went quiet, all anyone could hear was my co-worker screaming in the phone for his brother because the line went dead just as the plane made contact with the building. It was the last time he spoke to his brother. I can still hear him screaming... hollow feeling to be sure.
  5. For the price of a frigid rigid I would hope it puts yeti to shame. I bought a yeti, 75 and paid 300 brand new. Frigid 65 is 659 ad 85 is 789. That is more than 2x what I paid and close to 3x's on the 85. I have had the yeti on the boat (locked down) since new. Over the last month I have put Ice in the Yeti 3 times. The contents within the cooler remain cold. The drinks I leave on the boat are all cold. I have been nothing short of amazed by how long the cooler keeps ice and keeps the contents cold. Use the boat 3-4 times a week and are in and out of cooler all the time. Short of having a power supply I can't see any cooler being far superior, though I have been proven wrong before. I did own a few knock offs (rtic, igloo sportsman, and Ozark) before I decided to just buy the yeti. The knock offs were ok but didn't perform any where as well as the yeti. Sorry for the side bar. I agree with others, ask capt and let him tell you what he wants on his boat.
  6. So school is back and the harbor is full of schoolies. Sat after noon we had fun on ultra light gear catching 30 plus micro's. My usual spots are not producing at the moment as all the bigs that were holding up around the harbor appear to have migrated. Hoping for a few more big fish before the season is over. Nothing like a big slamming your offering and ripping off line. Next year I may need to try Tuna and Shark fishing.
  7. ahhh thank you, a bit slow on the draw.
  8. sorry not getting it...
  9. Out yesterday early w youngest, loaded up on macks and hit a spot that has been holding larger fish. Son dropped a Mack in the water and didn't have time to flip the bail before he was already tight on a fish. Fish had 4-5 good runs in her before he was able to get it boat side. 10 mins in and he already boated a 23 lb bass. We caught 7 in the 20+ lb bracket and a few smaller. We were down to a few macks and he asked if we could chase schoolies for a bit instead of hunting more bait. We hit the triangle and immediately found the birds and schoolies. He caught 10-12 schoolers while I dropped a Mack in the water. My Mack got pounded by the schoolies, but nothing big enough to take it. We headed to a spot inside the harbor near Long Island that I thought looked interesting for an out flow. Drifted a couple of our remaining macks. We were marking some big fish then went tight with a lot of line running out. Son asked if he could take it, I obliged but he was slow on the pick up and the Mack got spit. Funniest part of the day, when we were done he released the last couple of macks (he's a conservationist at heart), no sooner did he drop them in the water and a shadow, splash, and gulp. A good sized bass came out of no where and swallowed one of the newly freed macks. not it a bad day fishing, but a great day spent w my 14 year old. All fish revived and released back to the water in hopes they w grow, breed and come back bigger and stronger next time.
  10. The fish was longer than the 44 inch mark I have on the boat. We hooked up in shallow water. There were no signs of blue fish in the area, we were catching good size strippers in the same area. No one more surprised than me.
  11. Hoping this uploads. By far the largest I have ever seen.
  12. Out last night filled live well with 25 plus mack's. Hit a spot that has been producing good size fish. Caught 8 fish over 30" s and a few under. Nothing big to speak of. Had a few misses with the circle hooks. and a gut hooked fish on a sub 28" fish. Felt bad, cut the line as low as we could and let it go. Fish swam away but lost a lot of blood. If it was over 28" I would likely have kept it, but sub 28" I didn't want to run the risk of getting caught. A shame really. Anyhow as the sun was setting the blues came in, son hooked a large fish and nearly boated it, lost focus for a minute as the blue shook its head and it was gone. Fight was a good 4 - 5 minutes. I hooked up with a fish and knew immediately it was a blue, and it was big. 10 minutes almost to get the fish in the boat. Fish was a monster. Approximately 22 lbs on the boga, but my old eyes could have mis read it. It was big, looked to eclipsed the 44" mark on the tape. We quickly got the fish in the water, after a bit of tail waggle, back and forth in the water, she eventually swam off. Was afraid it wasn't going to survive for a while. But eventually she took off. I have never, seen a blue fish this big. It was impressive, and the fight was AWESOME. I have a picture that doesn't burn the spot, I will figure out how to post it shortly. My son hit the same spot today with a friend, he has one 40" fish so far a few smaller ones. Still a lot of big fish around.
  13. Went out Saturday later than we wanted. Got on macks outside the harbor, new spot but there are lots of them out there. Filled live well. Headed to a couple spots that we haven't tried yet this year. First spot we were able to catch 7 fish that were all good size (32 inches give or take a few inches). When the bit slowed we moved to another spot inside the harbor. First drift we marked a lot of good size fish. The sun was down by this time and the macks stopped producing anything. We switched over to plugs. Landed 4 more fish. A small 26 inch fish to a large 37 inch fish. Wrapped up around midnight. There are lots of poggies in and around the harbor. May head out again tonight if the rain lets up a bit. Else I will head out next weekend.
  14. She is a 2003 Boston Whaler 240 Outrage with 2016 twin Mercury 150 four strokes - Name: Out-A-Luck