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  1. I use #49’s. Same reel, not as beefy of reel seat, no harness lugs. But it has the extra lever to disengage the drag to count the turns of the handle and keep track of how much wire is out.
  2. In my area we fish deep, I have 450’ of monel. We have some deep water by us, so truthfully even my reels are “small” with not much backing behind the wire. some guys even use 6/0’s...
  3. The Penns I have are the “newer” black aluminum spools. Every season I pull the wire off with a rag soaked in WD40, and beginning the next season it goes onto the spool with the same treatment. WD40 gets sprayed after each trip, So far so good... I’ve had them about 10years myself and who knows how long they were used before that...
  4. Where’d you get the tubes if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. Thanks for that idea, I will try that!!
  6. A friend I fish with has the old 113’s, black sides, smaller gear ratio. He also has one new setup with the tekota. I can tell you between those two it is night and day, he had a fish to the boat almost faster than me clearing the line with the penn on the other side. (This same friend says he loves my little “fly reels” when we are on my boat lol) The penn 49’s I believe have a 3.5 to 1 ratio, so already way better than the 113 and close to the tekota. I’ve upgraded the handles and drags so to me the difference is marginal, however my dad always complains about reeling in the wire, so while the difference may be slight for me, it possibly could make it much more enjoyable for him, and that would be worth it!! Rick, I will check out the daiwas, the saltist was the one suggested to me by my local shop however (similar to the tekota) what is the ratios on those sealines?? (I have a pair of 900h’s I use for tuna, and yes they are bulletproof)
  7. Thanks, I still have the shoulder strap. Just felt clumsy using it while casting. Guess that could be just getting used to it as well.
  8. I love the bag, really is a great entry level setup. Eventually I’ll upgrade it. Hoping to get a full season out of it, and if the replacement tubes worked out maybe more... a couple more weeks and maybe Santa will bring me a new one.
  9. Has anyone here swapped the tubes from the shimano surf bag? What did you use? Loaded up my bag is pretty heavy, starting to tear the belt loops, I wear it on my belt so it’s kinda my fault for it being so heavy and the loops... 1) trying to lighten up the bag and 2) if I feel adventurous maybe reinforce the loops. Anyone ever attempted this?
  10. I have a set of older Penn #49 wire line reels. For those of you who have the tekotas, is it worth the upgrade? Are there any other reels to take a look at while I am shopping for an upgrade.
  11. Sent you a pm
  12. Yes it’s gone.
  13. CrashHard23 It’s lower than I wanted, but If you’re still at 70 that’s good with me for the reels. Also: Spoon rod no longer for sale.
  14. Most of my trips I run up the beach looking for bait... well, that doesn't always happen and at some point you have to make the call to head off deeper and troll. I will argue that it takes a heck of a lot more effort than just sitting back waiting for a fish. Maybe it's just me but man do I feel like I have to work for a fish on days like that. Every course adjustment the speed gets changed. Every 5-10 minutes without a bite the wire gets let out or reeled in a few feet. Tuning the spoon to swim right. I also spent a very long learning process to figure out what works for MY Boat (every one reacts differently), different rod action... you still have to be in the right spot, at the right time, present the lure correctly, at the right depth, at the right speed, etc. Same as with any fishing... Sure you can buy a wire line rod, let out 300', and drive around all day and catch fish. But the difference comes on the slow days catching multiples versus just one by chance. Note: I agree it is flat out rude to troll around other boats that are working on a school. I've had it happen to me and it sucks, can't blame all trollers in general, just sometimes either people are ignorant or don't have respect for others.
  15. 80 and they're yours.