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  1. I shared this on a few other sites, hope you don’t mind as it was a great read, regardless of where it was published.
  2. So my donor reel arrived in the mail. You can see how the gear is set up for the style of body I’ll be trying to make. I have some left over bearings from making a few PennStaals, I’ve had good luck with these bearings getting dunked and they have held up great in the past. As it turns out, the same bearings I used in the 706/704 will fit the gear set from this tiny little 720... I also have an anti-reverse needle bearing that I’ll be putting on the pinion gear. Thank you for posting about forged carbon fiber, it is a super easy process that I think will fit the bill perfectly here after researching it further. I have a lot of experience with Fiberglass, and we use a similar process as “filler” haha. Having both male and female molds will “squeeze out the excess epoxy” giving the molded part it’s strength and lightweight characteristics, versus just a poured cavity of epoxy and filler. I’ll need to tool up some molds for the body and rotor and I should be ready for a few trial run. will keep adding here as I make progress. I have a few ideas about making interchangeable rotors, one similar to the original “cup” and also a more modern style rotor. As this progresses i will play with the aesthetics and you guys here can help with this as well.
  3. The 720 and 722 both have different gears than the rest of the spinfisher line and “should” be able to have a round gearbox.
  4. So I’ve had this silly idea for a while. I’ve had several old penn 704’s forever and they always amaze me with their simplicity and longevity when it comes time to service them. I also love the look of the round gearbox on my van staal. I need a new smaller reel for a 9’ rod I have, soooooo... My theory is to buy a penn 720, steal the gearing and main shaft, make everything else? Not sure yet, maybe I can Frankenstein it and save some more parts. Basically I’d end up with this super simple, super light, no nonsense reel. No worries about sealing it, just grease it every once in a while and go? I went ahead and bought a donor Reel online and think I’m going to go for it. My backup plan is if I can’t cast the parts I need, I’ll mold “blocks” of carbon fiber and mill them out with the cnc, might be a cool project to learn the machine. (The finish wouldn’t be as nice, but I know I could make the parts this way) So if anyone has ever tried anything like this, I’m all ears. I’ve worked on reels my entire life, but always open to suggestions and criticism, especially on something like this, I’m sure I’ll run into some challenges. My one initial concern is that the carbon might flex a bit, (couldn’t possibly be worse than some of the graphite reels out there) but it’s possible. I think this being such a small Reel will help me here some, smaller parts = less room to flex, and also will have 15lb line max so not much tension overall. As I get started I’ll post up pictures and progress.
  5. Well said.
  6. Are you going to be drilling the reel yourself? Ive done quite a few for myself so far, one I did up with 8bearings and instant anti-reverse. You can easily go way overkill with what you can do to these reels. my recommendation for a super simple bulletproof reel would be to pick up a cheap 710z. Z emphasized here for the aluminum spool, and buy a Mitchell manual pickup for it. Drill three holes in the bottom for drainage, spool with fireline, pack with grease and done. the 706/704 sound too big for what you’re thinking. If you need help let me know I’d be glad to walk you through it.
  7. Speaking of wooden plugs not swimming. I have a couple wooden metal lips I made that “never quite swam right” well turns out they dance around just like a darter, the metal lip keeps them hooked up and down slightly better than a regular darter which always seem to pop up for me. Once I figured that out I used them like I would a darter and they caught fish. Not really relevant to this thread, hope it’s ok, but if any of you guys have some old wooden metal lips laying around with a flat slanted top check em out used like a darter.
  8. No worries! When you get it figured out, please share what worked, maybe it could help some of us here if anyone has the same issue in the future.
  9. Stupid question since you mention you have another Reel that you have taken apart before, but are you turning in the correct direction. Ive admittedly done that once or twice for other projects, happens to everyone at some point or another!
  10. I did it before I called actually. Phone call was just for confirmation and to ask before I posted here, so I don’t give false information. Sorry, should have clarified that in my above post.
  11. Follow up: Here’s what I did and when I spoke with VanStaal they said it was all online and that I was good to go. On their website under customer service tab, there’s a link to product registration. It brings you to a separate website (zebco brand as a whole) that is just for product registration and warranty claims. You select your reel model and enter serial number. It will prompt you for purchase method and date, select “other” and whenever you purchased it. You will have to sign up for an account at the beginning. That’s it, all online and they said I didn’t have to do anything else. Hope this helps. Tom
  12. Sent you a PM.
  13. So I must be off basis on price. First $150 takes it shipped. Own the baddest 704 out there.
  14. Thanks again, I definitely will update once I hear back from them.
  15. Thanks all!! Much appreciated. The guy I bought it from for sure was just flipping it, however I think I found the original owner. I’ll ask him if he can write something up acknowledging the sale. will definitely give VanStaal a call!