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  1. Spring we had two weeks then it shut down cold. Fall was better, fish stuck around a bit longer as we had some bait to hold em. Lots of rats towards the end as the water temp cooled off. Definitely like you say, hot and cold days, just gotta put in the time like anything else. Was a pretty good year for us in general, all species, but we did have to work for it.
  2. Dads fish: 51” length with 28”girth. Calculates out to 49.98lbs haha!! Released very healthy! Trolling a big ol’ Bunker Spoon out of barnegat in the spring.
  3. I forgot a couple rods in the garage one trip and did it with a penn 7500 for a day. It can be done but I would not recommend it, just reeling it up every other boat thought I had a fish on, had to pump the rod to reel in the slack, cant just winch it in reeling it up with the conventional.
  4. Here’s a pic, not really a close up of the reel though, kinda shows the finish. It’s a 712 greenie. Has stayed pretty shiny with just a rinse off at the end of the day, now that the seasons done it’s due for a tear down along with everything else. Need a good Reel week haha...
  5. Same worked well for me, sand down to 600-1000 first then buff.
  6. I’ll have to try that in the spring. I never thought about the vertical action before you mentioned it here in this thread. Ive always been the thought process is that I know what I’m trolling works, just gotta put it in the right depth, at the right speed, in the right direction. So always just concentrated on putting it in the zone, I wonder if the vertical swing imitates a baitfish fleeing “up”? (And also it would cover slightly greater depth range) Always nice to learn something new!! Thank you sir.
  7. Cmon, Wire’s not so bad! I have more big bass on wire than anything else. Just like Joey said, you can’t sit back and crack a beer, have to work it just like anything anything else. With the mojos we use 32oz and 28oz on the corners. We drop once unless we are on the line fishing 60+ feet, then sometimes we will drop a second time till you feel the bump of the bottom and lock it up. This is with 65lb braid (braid is a must to cut the blowback down) Side note: we caught well one time in a real big swell, in the trough you could see the rod spring back as the bottom mojo bounced the sand. Closer to the bottom the better, as long as you’re not dragging.
  8. Killing me haha, pulled my boat on Tuesday. I got iced in last year so it only makes sense I had to pull the plug early this year to make up for it. Way to get on the fish cap!!
  9. Mine have swinging hooks. This is the only photo on my phone. I’ll take one tonight when I get home for you.
  10. I’m pretty sure on a calmer day the swing of the outriggers while the boat rocks will “jig” the mojos up and down. On a rougher day it’s not really needed since the boat is moving more to begin with. JoeySac let me know if I am wrong here. We will always keep the spoons in the outrodders as well to reduce tangles and help turning radius.
  11. Very well said!! That’s the challenge for the day is to figure out what they want, it’s why trolling is not just sit back and crack a beer, and also the difference between getting one fish, and several.
  12. It’s not too bad, we use shimano trevala jigging rods 80-200 6’6” they are pretty sweet all around setups that are light and can handle just about anything. One has an avet mxl other I think a saltist both with 65lb braid (braid gets deeper) i use the heaviest mojos I can get, 32oz ones. They stay straighter up and down, I figure they are my “downriggers” I put anything from a spoon or shad, to my homemade bunker as a trailer. Always have two spoons with wire on the outrodders though, two down with the mojos on each corner, two out and way back with the wire. This spread with catch right up there with anyone!
  13. Thanks for the first hand comparison. I was leaning that way, will make my decision much easier.
  14. Looking to buy a pair of small spinners for fluking on the boat. Would be in anywhere from 5-100’ of water with 15# braid. I previously have been using freshwater spinners that are flexing and binding up while reeling in, especially deep with big fluke on. Looking for a sturdy reel with good cranking power, I realize I should be going conventional but with newbies it’s easier to give them spinners for less tangles. And also nice on a calm day to cast out substituting for no drift. Just looked at and handled the bg 3000 and 4000 and same size in shield at the local shop. Thinking the bigger size just for torque and cranking power even though it would be slightly over size on the rods (8’ 8-17lb rating) What is the latest consensus between these two reels for this purpose? Thanks, Tom
  15. Found the card: