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  1. Awesome job brother!
  2. Thanks brother...I would never fish a straight south wind but SW can’t be that terrible. Thanks again
  3. Any advice on Fishing a south west wind ? I’ve had great luck in a West wind but contemplating Saturday’s SW...wind...any advice?
  4. Gator blue on a tsunami popper, insane hit and fight.
  5. I was thinking out back Friday but something is telling me head out front...
  6. Great night out back. First one 26 inch released, second was 29 kept it. Caught another one 30 inches and let him go. Lost at least 3 or 4. Blues are in, caught 1 and of course let it go. Should’ve left my plug bag home...SP blurple, didn’t change it once. Great night out.
  7. Give it a shot you never know! Out back MOCO this morning 5-11am skunkaroo...no sign of any life...maybe they were hungover from Saturday night...go out, if I could I would!
  8. Skunkaroo for sure! But, always nice to get out..future outings should be better
  9. Same here out back today fished 530-10am, not a bump, no sign of any life. My buddy and I were saying it might be time to go out front the next outing...who know?! Lol
  10. Experienced that for 5 hours this morning from 530-10am...thought it was going to be good but I was way wrong...I assume outback is done...time to go out front
  11. Thanks dude definitely going to try that. My leader to swivell and TA clip can be uni knot right?
  12. Thx for the lookout brother
  13. It’s never failed me and I don’t want to jinx myself either lol. Can you still tie a Palomar to one end of a seivel if the other is tied arkeafy with Fluoro?
  14. @adoboboy thx brother