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  1. Are these good for a 9 foot st croix mojo and 10 foot st croix avid?
  2. Nice work brother!!!
  3. Hanging waders in the garage for the winter...good or bad? Basement a better option being there’s heat? any advice would be great. Happy new year to all, right lines!!!
  4. Dude, I can’t tell you. I literally fish every morning from 530-8am looking for peace and quiet...nope, all the people doing their morning walks find their way to me for about stop...gets annoying!
  5. Lol yea man! Been going there since I was 5 yrs old. My parents own there too. I bought my own right after got married. We usually go during Easter break that is when I own. Not sure this year because we went twice last year. Need to see what the work schedule holds. I fish every morning off the beach...legit every morning from 530-8am. Catch jacks, barracudas, etc...good times dude
  6. Bucktails, shads?
  7. I own a KIA sport age 2017. Any suggestions on roof rack rod holders? Any imformwould be appreciated. Thx
  8. Who has fished in the snow before? What are your thoughts on tomorrow’s weather? I like the wind direction and hi tide for NOMOCO...thoughts? Does it have an effect on reel and line?
  9. 7 is plenty just bring wire leaders...barracuda wracked my Fluoro and snapped it
  10. You will Love the island. All the restaurants are awesome. Places to definitely go to are Azzurro (which is in the Playa Linda) Hostaria D’Vittorio a must. He’s a good friend of mine. El Groucho Steakhouse (awesome place) Pelican Pier which is the pier I told you to fish off of. It’s nothing fancy but food is good and the kids can feed the fish at night off the pier. You will see some cool fish surface to eat the dinner rolls. you are staying st the best place in Aruba. Playa Linda is dead smack in the middle of the hi rise hotels. You have everything right in front of you. You will need a cab to El Groucho. It’s only 10 mins away if that. Island is safe no one will haggle you feel free to walk at night. Safest place to go, which is why I only go to Aruba. It’s home away from home for me. If you like to gamble a little bit you can play at the Hyatt or the Marriott but all I can say is if you gonup a couple hundred bucks take your money and save it for another night. Take it in small amounts. I’ve got crushed there a few times thinking just another couple hundred more and before you know it I was down 2k lol. Enjoy it and let me know what you think when you get back. It’s the best place and fish every morning get up and get out you won’t be disappointed. I hooked up into a tarpon off that pier formlike 3 mins, jumped a few times and shook the hook but it was fun. Enjoy man, I love aruba so much.
  11. Fished NOMOCO this morning 7-12 Nice white water, good wind, great weather. Caught 6 of these guys on 6 inch white shads, was getting bumps constantly. Can’t find the big guy...he’s still hiding. Overall great morning, action was good.
  12. Nice! I own at the Playa Linda Easter week. Been going to Aruba for 20 years. As soon as you walk on the beach the pier is to the right of you. I use a 3 piece 7’ tsunami travel rod. Fits right in my suit case.
  13. I’m heading out tomorrow morning and second guessing it reading the posts. It sure is scary but at the same time it’s a good reason to keep us fishermen in check. It’s unfortunate but we need to all take it in and remind ourselves all the time, not just when a tragedy occurs. What are the conditions supposed to be like tomorrow?
  14. Sorry Divi Phoenix (typo)