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  1. Wait and see what comes out in 2020. I’m sure by then the VR50’s will be delivered.
  2. Blackhole Suzuki.
  3. I had to look it up in Wikipedia, but yes Gilt Head sea bream. Absolutely delicious and super expensive in Southern Europe. Porgies are the closest thing to them here, or maybe Sheepshead because the Gilt Heads get big ( up to 15 pounds).
  4. Yup. Thats a "Lavraki"in Greek which translates to "bass" in English. Found all over the Mediterranean and they are absolutely delicious. They are also farmed in the Mediterranean in huge nets. Great eating, but they don't grow as big or fight as well as stripers. A previous poster said it may be a "Sebrum", I am sure he meant the "Tsipoura"in Greek (Sea Bream in English) which is also a Mediterranean fish. The Mediterranean Sea Bream is the European cousin of the Porgy but much tastier. Also delicious and expensive as hell in Europe which is why Mediterranean people go nuts fishing for porgies all summer long. Its a delicacy back home.
  5. I swore by PowerPro super slick. It is fast, silent, easy on the casting finger, smooth as silk........ but soon realized the abrasion resistance was less then zero. If the line even looks at a Boulder it snaps. That's just my personal experience. People love it. Switched over to SpiderWire Invisibraid based on a few buddies recommendation. Hope it works out.
  6. Greatest fish in the sea. That’s funny. I want that shirt.
  7. How did it work? I’m thinking of picking one up for this season. Thanks.
  8. We are all conservationists and I all love nature. We are all animals too. My point is that seals are being OVERPROTECTED and the effect is detrimental to the environment and fishery. They are also attracting too many Great White Sharks who are NOT an endangered species and are ALSO overprotected.
  9. ‘That actually made me laugh out loud. I’m with you.
  10. I definitely agree with you on culling some of the human population, but apparently that’s frowned upon in some circles. But seriously, there are way too many of them and I just don’t see why they are still a protected species. The current population level has a detrimental effect on the fish stock. And I’m not only talking about the cape. You wouldn’t believe how many are in the Narrow portions of the east river between Manhattan and Queens and under the Verrazano devouring bass during the spring run. I’m not saying kill em all, but some sort of population control is necessary. Not to mention the amount of whites traveling to the cape each summer is doubling every year. I just think they are overprotected at this point and I believe most people don’t even realize the effect they are having on the ecosystem.
  11. I picked up an HD400 recently and can't wait to use it this season. Thanks Sudsy. I haven't been disappointed by a Daiwa reel yet.
  12. There are way too many seals in our waters. The numbers have gone up way too high since they became overprotected. The theory (thank you Shark Week) is that there are so many that the smell of their collective feces in the water is what is attracting the ridiculously high South Africa levels of Great Whites into our waters. I believe these sea mutts are eating all of our bass. I think they are damaging the Striped Bass fishery more than any commercial fleets or recreational anglers ever can. If this is this case what can we do? Club some of the babies on the shores of Long Island and Cape Cod? Who is in? I kid... about the clubbing at least. If I don't fish soon I may lose my mind for good this time.... and if it wasn't for the Albies last season I don't know what.
  13. I don’t know if it’s just familiarity but I still prefer uncle josh pork to otter tails/fat cow etc. wondering if I am just set in my ways. does anyone prefer otter tails to pork rinds?
  14. Great thread. I miss my dog so much.
  15. Jeez... I thought you were asking about the FleshLight.