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  1. That is a huge fish!!! I hope some of these big ones show up here.
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. These should be available soon. I have the 7 foot version and am really happy with it.
  4. Personally I tip 20 percent even if it’s not a great day. The only time time I don’t tip 20 percent is if I win the pool. In that case, half goes to the mate.
  5. What size and brand trebles should I pick up to replace on hogy epoxy, deadly dicks and other Albie sized metals? I am ordering online so I don’t want to order too big. Thanks
  6. It’s a great reel. More than a great for 100 bucks reel. However, I don’t agree that it can take a dunk. Water gets in quick and stays there. If it gets dunked it needs to be taken apart and cleaned.
  7. High temps. Probably left in a hot car in the sun. Yours truly, -Sherlock
  8. Just thinking outside the box here, but I bet this happened during your trip a month ago and not in your basement.
  9. That’s a good fish. Congrats.
  10. Perfect.
  11. Perfect temporary solution. Thanks!
  12. Anyone know a fix? I tried refreshing. Want to look a travel rod up before a trip. Thanks.
  13. Mine just started last week. Long wait, but had a blast following them on bunker off the kayak. Caught a few off beach too. Too early to rate it, however I know one thing for sure. I WILL NEVER AGAIN COMPLAIN THAT I CAUGHT ANOTHER BLUEFISH. NEVER. You really don’t appreciate something until you think it may be gone.
  14. 1-4. Will be back in the city on Monday.
  15. I have one that was casted once just to try it out. Ill let it go for 140 if you are interested. Can meet you in Brooklyn or Manhattan.