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  1. Bluefish for the fight, Flounder and Blowfish for the table.
  2. How aggressive are the little guys? Was he trying to pinch you?
  3. If you zoom, you can see the bottom here:
  4. It's closed, but with holes so it drains.
  5. I got these a little over two years ago. So far so good. Cheap, but seem to be holding up okay.
  6. I always swap it out. Every other drift gets fresh gulp. Old ones go back in the juice unless the tails are gone, then they go in the trash.
  7. Had to clean out the carbs and replace the fuel pump because it sat for a while, but that's it. This is my third year with it and she's still running strong.
  8. Search all the used boat websites regularly, and don't get discouraged. You might make 10 trips to looks at boats that are junk just to find that one diamond in the rough. Paid a little more for mine, 3k, but it's perfect. Doesn't draft much and can handle the ocean fine on nice days. Hydra Sport 20 Bay Sport: Plus when it's sloppy out having a V bottom can be priceless.
  9. Apparently they don't like boat reports?
  10. Saturday morning the wife and I headed out a little later that I wanted, still managed 1 keeper at 19" and about 4 shorts. Sunday had 2 others on the boat and did well, 6 keepers up to 21" and about 11 shorts. We each managed to bring in 2 keepers a piece.
  11. Nice job! How were the gnats today? I hear they're starting to get pretty bad.
  12. Man, those skies look ominous. At least you were able to get out one more time before the crazies take over the bay!
  13. My Hydra Sports Bay boat.
  14. Joey, I had traps out this weekend and caught about maybe 10 - 15. All small, not one keeper. I don't work nearly as hard as you though, just drop 4 traps and check em 8 hours later... Two weekends ago we I did really well.