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  1. Same old story, tons of micros real close to a tackle shop in salem
  2. Some feed action this AM in Salem.. Mostly out of range for me from shore, managed to pick up one micro. Couple boats were killing the schoolies tho. Went on for a while.
  3. tons of these guys in salem, no bass on them tho
  4. that guy looks great for 90. lol
  5. racism is not over. You your self may not be racist but there are many in this country who are. Also, i am not sure how you think we've dealt with slavery and "fixed it." Being open and discussing it is part of the process. You dont need to be so ashamed to deal with the wrongs this country has made in the past and continues to make. Discussion and recognition hurt no one and take nothing away from dealing with other issues. Do you also think we should "move on" from the holocaust because its in the past and "dealt with"?
  6. sorry, do we just ignore the history of racism in this country or?
  7. not that it has anything to do with what he is as a president, but it's pretty well documented that he's a really unhealthy person so I'm not surprised at his heavy breathing.
  8. I also gave this a go a couple weekends ago in bar harbor with no luck.
  9. yeah, there's fishing right there.
  10. So I should just disregard everything he said?
  11. thanks for all the input guys, definitely gonna give it a shot come next semester.
  12. thanks. I read an article online where some guy was catching harbor pollock in bar harbor in the middle of december and implied it was an active thing through january. the article was a few years old though and thats why I was asking.