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  1. thanks for all the input guys, definitely gonna give it a shot come next semester.
  2. thanks. I read an article online where some guy was catching harbor pollock in bar harbor in the middle of december and implied it was an active thing through january. the article was a few years old though and thats why I was asking.
  3. http://www.wcvb.com/article/1065-foot-container-ship-breaks-free-from-boston-terminal/14186750 looks like tugboats brought it out into the harbor, there were 20 crew on board. It only drifted across the small channel and into another dock before the crew got it under control.
  4. thanks. I'm not really interested in ice fishing tho tbh
  5. haha, i'm desperate to bend a rod. Been going crazy since striper season ended. 45 min from umaine to get some ocean action would be nice.
  6. Anyone have info on fishing for Pollock in the winter? Still a decent population? I'm thinking specifically in Bar Harbor or other coastal areas in the Bangor region. Thanks!
  7. i took a kayak out in salem harbor on saturday just cause it was nice out. Tried jigging for mackerel but didnt get any. I didnt get very far out in the harbor though as it was choppy and I felt stupid being out this late as is. Was fun anyway
  8. would these be considered 'holdovers'?
  9. so still some schoolies to be had on the north shore?
  10. Ill be home from school this week for break I was planning to take out a kayak tuesday in salem harbor for some mackeral on super light tackle just because.. supposed to be mid 50's and sunny.
  11. damn thats awesome. Really surprising to hear tho. Anyone still fishing?
  12. so theres still fish on the north shore, interesting
  13. north shore = north of boston?
  14. gave it a go today in a spot thats been loaded with schoolies throughout the year.. nothing doing. seems pretty dead. No bait around either and there was a ton in this spot over colombus day weekend.