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  1. Kevin, I will take the 4th one down for asking. Sorry, I just had to say that.
  2. I’ll take the Bernzy
  3. AH please
  4. eBay has a ton as well
  5. I have one of those, but it’s a 9 footer
  6. They are both Tattoo swimmers. Top is 2.5oz and bottom is 2oz. I have both of these. No stamp on lip and same hook configuration. GLWS
  7. Skynet
  8. Mark, I would be interested in the Bernzy if the lot doesn’t sell.
  9. xxx
  10. I’m broke.
  11. One is better than none.
  12. This is an awesome idea. Im in the east bay so cant make it, but trying go fish Sloat. Good luck!
  13. That’s it. I’ll be out at dusk with mine.
  14. I’ll take the Bernzy