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  1. Replace the whole guide. If you are worried about doing it yourself pretty much any tackle shop will repair it for 10 bucks
  2. No longer available
  3. They are yours I’m currently at work on a tugboat so I won’t be home till June 12th anyway after that we can arrange to meet I will have 2 weeks off can meet anytime
  4. Still available
  5. General light bay fishing fluke weaks porgies with maybe up to 1 oz weights tops
  6. I have an abu revo x on mine nice little reel for 100$
  7. Look at tsunamis website for rods and reels you can easily grab a setup for under 150
  8. Just get one they are small light take up no room and it’s better to have than have not in an emergency
  9. Daiwa Tatula or Lexus in the 100 size is perfect for back bay fluke
  10. 2 tsunami rods for sale Tscc701mh 7ft medium heavy rated 10-20 and a Tsunami Airwave Coastal Tsawcc701 mlf rated 6-17. Both rods are in excellent shape, no rust or corrosion, cork is mint and treated with u-40 cork sealer.Perfect fluke rods.Located in Bayshore Long Island for local pickup. Asking 50 bucks each
  11. South shore bays fluking usually do well on ebb early season but this year they seem to only bite first couple hours of the flood water still cold with all the rain not many fish but good amount of keepers
  12. 4 fish at 19 inches for ny this year regs change pretty much every year
  13. tony dilernia on the rocket
  14. tons of them in Hudson canal in Freeport today.usuallly means the water is warming a bit but otherwise a pretty dead bay today
  15. That's where I fish too I have the saltist rods very nice good price I have the medium for the back bay and the medium heavy for inlet and ocean good rods