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  1. Yup was called black backing the flounder. My dad always took me on the capt whittaker for spring flounder
  2. Melting away already. No need to even shovel
  3. I have a Terez waxwing Rod I'm looking to sell model tzcw70mhblk black with cork handles if you are interested not looking to ship but I am located on Long Island looking for 100 local pickup
  4. Started this weekend on clean up and rewiring still a little cold at night to fire it up
  5. Go for it! A power handle is like 40 bucks. Plus it's low maintenance and will last a while. They are heavy but built like tanks
  6. It's perfect for it. I put a power handle on it and it can crank like a beast. Don't hesitate the use it!
  7. awesome tasting fish, great in a chowder!
  8. The black nickel mustads hooks for bucktails are great but the bronzed baitholder and tuna hooks leave a lot to be desired. I find they are pretty dull and tend to bend easily
  9. They are decent eating. Key is to keep smaller fish bled out and iced grill them same day
  10. Blackfish all day every day! Swings and misses frustration then that good thump thump when you get a good one on
  11. Clean and oil reels, check line for wear, check all guides. I usually clean and seal all cork handles. Go thru tackle love ones for rust on hooks, swivels. Check leader material and tie up new rigs as needed
  12. Dedicated outfit for each species and method of fishing when I find a Rod and reel that balance and have the right action I keep it together
  13. I have had the regular 300 and now the 300cc and the regular 300 was by far the better caster. Not sure if the clicker affects casting difference or I just need to mess with the brakes. The 30cc fits my needs better with the clicker so I can live with a little less casting distance
  14. I tie up all my rigs for the year in the offseason. Never had an issue. I do go thru last years stuff and cut and Retie anything that doesn't look right. 2 seasons is the longest I've gone without retieng. I also store them in a cool dry dark area.
  15. Cut down my fishing time by 75%. He's three now and can include him and the wife for short 2-3 hour trips so it gets better. Best advice is if there's a grandma close make friends with her lol and maybe you can get in a few extra trips by yourself if they will babysit. Even 3 hours alone fluking in the bay can preserve your sanity!