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  1. This winter wont go away
  2. I just saw on the Lowrance website an update for some of the newer units, Elite TI, Hd etc. It is called Fish Reveal looks pretty cool , going to install later. Mike
  3. Good info , Mine came with the c-maps ............any day now ........waiting to check it out. Mike
  4. I just installed the Lowrance Elite 5ti with the totalscan transducer and the berleypro cover om my Outback. I am hoping to get out and play with it over the weekend, maybe just on a lake if needed. Mike
  5. No I have not fished there YET. But I will. Mike
  6. Nice setup Rob let me know if you are going back to that spot. Mike
  7. I am installing my totalscan on my Outback this week, great deal at Basspro I bought the Berleypro protective cover online for it . Man this thing is big, and sits below the bottom of the hull. I will have to be more careful launching and loading. Any day now. Mike
  8. Hey Rob, When you upgraded from the hook 4 did you have upgrade the battery as well? I just picked up the Lowrance 5 ti totalscan w/ c-maps from Basspro to replace my Mark 4 chirp I was wondering if I need a new battery? How long do you get on a battery/ what type do you use? Thanks for the info. I am not far from you maybe we can meet up one day for some fishing. Thanks again Mike
  9. Rob, Great Job you are killing it out there. I went out the other night on the Mullica and got the skunk. I was using the same lures as you and I was only a couple miles north of you, I could see AC from my kayak. What is your top water lure? I will be out tomorrow somewhere ,the weather looks good. Mike
  10. Any action going on in the Bay?? I am trying to decide to come up on Thursday. Hoping for some striper or bluefish action.
  11. Great Job Rob. I am going out tonight I hope to have some action like that.
  12. Looks like a good night. I would love to try fishing at night in the kayak, I have fished off boats at night but not the kayak yet. Mike If anyone in SJ is going let me know
  13. 2 Sand Sharks and 3 sea Robins no Stripers anywhere.
  14. Going out on the Raritan Bay saturday morning . Blue Outback Launching Staten Island south of GK also Mike
  15. Yes that was me with the blue outback. I was out Friday Night , Saturday and Sunday had a good time playing with snapper blues and a couple of cocktail blues. I trolled a small spearing rig with frozen spearing 90% hook up on every troll . Let me know when you guys come down again , I will meet up with you. Mike