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  1. Not as complicated as togging and usually the sea bass are way more aggressive. Clams/squid on a 4/0-6/0 octopus hook while bouncing a sinker on the bottom should be the magic recipe. Don't be surprised if you get tired/sore from targeting these species especially in deeper waters. Best of luck tomorrow and can't wait to hear the results.
  2. Andy: Thank you... Mr. er...? Red: Red. The name's Red. Andy: Red? Why do they call you that? Red: Maybe it's because I'm Irish.
  3. Just picked up the Frog Toggs Breathable Hellbenders for under 200. Amped to give them a try once they arrive.
  4. I've heard that before but would you do Montauk and places you plan on walking 2-3 miles per trip in neoprene? I did that last summer and don't think I have another one in me.
  5. Fellas, I am ready to hang up my first pair of waders due to leaks/holes in one leg and I do not think I can bare another hot summer with neoprene again. I loved the comfort and warmth neoprene waders offer in the cold months but I think I am ready to make the investment ($200-$300 ballpark) to jump to a breathable pair so I don't walk off the beach feeling like I spent the day in the Sahara. I plan on fishing a lot more these upcoming months than last year and will be rock climbing, walking the surf, and making weekly visits out to the Mecca. I'd love to hear the selection of waders everyone has chosen and why. I am looking at LL Bean but know they recently discontinued the Lifetime Warranty. I prefer the boot foot over the stocking foot but could easily be persuaded after hearing everyone out. Thanks guys.
  6. +1. Can't beat a Pat's heart attack.
  7. Really considering going on a trip soon with DragonsLax48 on the Osprey. I hope the spring season is remarkably better than the winter season aboard the boat but still the best service I've ever experienced on a party boat. Tight lines everyone.
  8. Can't go wrong with a Daiwa BG4500 with a 9'-10' rod rate 3/4-3 oz or somewhere in that boat. Sp minnows and bucktails are probably the two most versatile plugs. What type of fishing does he plan on doing? Jetty, out front, back bay, etc..
  9. I am fishing it now on a Ron Arra 9' and a Airwave Elite 9'6". I guess respooling the VS is the best bet from here.
  10. I'm not sure who spooled the reel it was already spooled up when I bought it from the previous owner. To mml4, the hump seems higher than the spool lip. Do you think that's the culprit? I am debating on getting the reel re-spooled before the spring season really gets going to avoid this tedious problem. I might have to toss on metal every several casts for the meantime so I am not constantly taking off the spool and unwrapping the line. Really appreciate the input guys.
  11. That definitely does make sense know you mention it. It's never been an issue for a bucktail or jig but recently I have been tossing a mag darter and that has been the culprit. I'll keep that in mind and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again Salty.
  12. Its 40 lb fireline. I don't think the issue is having too much line on the reel it seems like an ideal amount.
  13. Fellas, I've been running into the same problem every few casts with my VS150 when the line gets wrapped around underneath the spool and I am unable to cast it until I take off the spool, release the line wrapped on the shaft, and reel in the slack. I thought the problem was when I would go to cast it the reel knob was not all the way down. That definitely led to less repeats of the dilemma but it still continues to wrap underneath every 10-15 casts. Any of you VS guys ever experience this and know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm in. Thank you Tim/Sol! Thanks FyshhTrap
  15. 4" mag darter, 4" mag darter, and 4" mag darter. Retrieved in various techniques such as twitching it every few cranks, straight forward retrieve, or even an occasional stop to let it float to the top has been deadly for me the past few weeks. They straight up catch day and night.