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  1. I'll take this. Thanks for making this available. Please PM at your earliest convenience. Lew
  2. What is the rod rating? Thanks in advance.
  3. Can't beat the Airwave for the price.
  4. Can't go wrong with the Tsunami Airwave Elite. I used the 9'6" this past year and loved it. Sweet spot fell around 1.5-2 oz but can throw anything from .5 oz bucktails to 3 oz pencils and have seen it for sale several times on the BST forum for around $100-$120. Really versatile rod that can be used on the open beach or from jetties.
  5. Unless you're using 3+oz bucktails I would pick a rod with lighter action. I have the TVC66MH and it was one of my favorites for fluking. The rod is so versatile and I have hooked up many different species which keeps it exciting. The light version should be a perfect fit imo.
  6. What is the rods condition? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can you post pictures when you get the chance? Thanks in advance.
  8. Reel looks awesome. I'll take it for $170. Please pm whenever you get the chance. Thanks Tim/Sol
  9. I would do $170 shipped PayPal pending conditions once the pics go through. Let me know what you think.
  10. Thank you bac0701. Please post pics at your earliest convenience and a price to go a long with it.
  11. Looking for a new model or one in superb condition. Torium 14 HG or 16 HG. Would be willing to take other reel with similar features. Let me know what you guys got. Thanks.
  12. Thank you DragonsLax I'll take you up on the offer tomorrow.
  13. Would love some input on the Jigging World Black Demon Rod. I am looking to up my tog setup and if any of your fellow sol members have used it any information would be appreciated. I have read some reviews online but I think you guys would know better than others. Togging is one real addiction! I am going out with DragonsLax48 on Saturday aboard the Osprey and can't wait to battle with those white chinners. Thank you in advance. Also, any input on the acid spiral wrapped rods? I have never used one but they do look like they work.
  14. Happy New Year!
  15. I received a new gear up 3 tube plug bag. Let the countdown to the spring run. This was my first year fishing from the surf and I am eager to get back out on the water even when I am taking my waders off in the freezing night. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their close ones.