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  1. Price on the yellow musso , and can you beat $ 60 on the blue cloud Danny ? What’s price on third pic black plug and also price for the plugs still in package !
  2. Love it mike ! I finally decided to pull the trigger on the fly fishing I’ve always wanted to do, ya know being 28 and finally being able to afford actual trips to fish different places and such has made me want to learn it more , and it’s definitely an art form to me . Centerpinning took a great deal of practice to get down haha , definitely not easy to just pick up and do , really looking forward to the new venture with fly fishing ! P.S. don’t tell my wife the journey never ends ! Haha! -surf
  3. It’s all personal preference and if you can afford to buy and fish it then have at it ! Most plugs I fish are between 20-60 dollars , I do have some oldie but goodie plugs I’ve paid $ 100+ for but they rarely get fished , but they definitely do get fished when time is right. Yeah it would really suck to lose a $ 100 plug , but I’d much rather lose it while in the pursuit of a fish then drop it on the street or have it stolen.
  4. Pinkie is beautiful , not sure if I want to spend that much, could you do $ 50 on the blue cloud Danny ?
  5. Yup, you go to moderation tools I believe and just hit lock thread.
  6. That’s great advice , I’m trying to learn everything I possibly can about fly fishing now. Got pretty good at center pinning for steelhead and stuff, but I always admired the fly fishermen.
  7. I’ll keep my eyes open on here for good deals on rods for sure !
  8. I think you’re supposed to close out your thread yourself, just a heads up
  9. How much would you want for each of these also?
  10. Hey sorry I thought I replied to you, but I’ll have to pass only due to the fact I have those two plugs. Very nice plugs though and great pieces of surf fishing history’
  11. Guess he tried to pull a fast one on me and pass to off as a Pichney.
  12. Yeah thanks for saying it better haha, and definitely 100% agree , the stuff they do with plugs now is crazy, becoming more of decorative/collectors pieces now rather then fishable lures, they’re so nice you wouldnt even want to fish them . Lol But im 100% on your side with this one , I used to buy all those flashy lures but not anymore.
  13. This is exactly what I was getting at but just used wrong choice of words.
  14. Where can you get these ?!