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  1. I 100% trust your judgement
  2. Thanks @Sandbar1, took me three weeks and miles of river to hone in on em, all on mountain bike and river wading. Beat myself up, lots of fun!
  3. I NEVER said they should, I said that's what I do, particulary in the case of Striper fishing. My fish(Stripers) are revived to the best of my ability especially larger ones as in the case of my "scenario" I couldn't justify to "myself" throwing back a fish(Striper) that I Knew/ knowing wasn't going to make it and continue fishing. This is why After keeping a fish (for me) I stop. And yes I Also drive 150+ miles to the coast, pay for the Ferry to Cutty, pay $100+ a day for lodging , food etc. This is how I approach Striper fishing, I Dont care what every one else does. Like I said I'm done on this site, Wayy too critical.
  4. Exactly, that's what I was trying to say, some how this thread got turned on me. Those were some nice fish. And whether this thread is done I wont know, Dont care either. I'm trying to erase this site from sending messages to my mail. Done Here.
  5. The simplicity of some old school lures is Amazing, you can put that lure in the Deepest cover, fish it slow with the "new" Otter Strips. I was also using the new "Lunker Hunt" frogs. And those new Frogs cast very well, "half a mile" LOL
  6. exactly, so if I Already Kept a fish and kept fishing and caught Another and it died in my lap after trying to recesitate it , I just throw it back and say Ohh Well Too bad and keep fishing? I'm not getting it . Now ,my "Scenario" wasn't Fiction, it really happened. I caught a fish and left. End of story. So basically you're telling me that I'm the Bad guy for calling it a day when I keep my One Fish bag limit? Okay I'm done here, seriously This site is way too critical .
  7. Really , are we going here, this is getting kind of ridiculous dont ya think , now I'm full of Sh't? LOL
  8. And you as well Seadogg, I respect your decision to do as you please, we're all just fishin
  9. Last Fall in my area I was Targeting Northerns, took me a bit to find em, when I did it was smaller Pike at first then I started throwing larger lures, I ended up throwing 6in. Canal Perfect swimmers and it was on. Pike will be in the shallows now , look for gravel beds rocky shore lines, 4-10 ft. of water and dont be scared to go Big with the lures. I used everything from 5in. Keitechs to 3 1/4in.Johnson Silver/Gold minnows, but the slow sinking Canal Perfect swimmer was Definetly the one , I got mine from Canal Bait and Tackle but found A lot of them in 6in. on the Bay , great bait fish color schemes as well,Bluegill , Perch etc for about $6. I also make my own Spinnerbaits in 1oz. , 1 1/2 oz and a colossal 2 1/2oz. I got em early in the morning and late in the afternoon just as the sun was setting.
  10. Yeah that didn’t make any sense at all
  11. I must have been born in different times, I was taught that when you caught your limit of whatever fish you were targeting you were done for the day. Whether you drive 5 miles 90 miles or 150. Believe it or not there are Other fish one could fish for, I’m sure I’ve caught more than 3 species in one day. With all the controversy pertaining to this certain fishery one might think that catching and keeping one fish is enough. I’ve been fishing over 40 years and catching and release has been practiced through out. This isnt about me, please do what you do, I could care less, if and when I catch and keep I’m done at my bag limit. That’s for me , I could care less if there were little 20 lb schoolies busting all over, that’s a beautiful thing to watch. This thread was about continuing to fish after catching a bag limit, I don’t.
  12. 23"
  13. That's what I'm talkin about, Very cool !!
  14. I drive 150 miles to the Cape, fish 4 days ,eat $14 hamburgers and go home