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  1. What a deal
  2. Dan ,are you still selling just the Heads,? Best stuff out there !!! Very interested 5/8oz , 1 oz, 1 1/2oz-2oz
  3. That is some Funny Schi... That'll work... Do Not say SOL>> I dunno, I happen to meet a Ton of guys, all friendly , said SOL..
  4. Skunking is part of the Game , lets not be "Skunked" but lets know "why" the fish are there, Fishing is Not catching, it is Learning, a Huge process. Learn "why' the fish are there, then hone in.
  5. A "Ditch Troll" is ….well, ya gotta just say " what @Sandbar1 "said, and then , keep it Husshh , except when …. There are No fish in the Canal, then show up at a "Ditch Troll" event and swear that there are <*)))><{
  6. Deal with the frustrating, That's a nice plug, I'd throw it in a second. Finishes come in time !!!
  7. Just wanted to say Thanks to all for such a Great time, Finally got a chance to put faces to all the Funny names, or vice versa !! Food was Top Notch , I even grabbed a bite to-go for some evening fishin' !! @Sandbar1 had some Great Canal set-ups, Thanks for letting me try them out !! Meeting my Favorite lure maker @lonellr and just all the good talk with the Great company, such a good time. Hope to do this event again !! <*)))><{
  8. You need to call Ryan White 252-216-5285 at Century
  9. Just happens that Century rods will be at the Bulk Heads tomorrow between 10am and 2pm for a casting demonstration, I’ll be there too
  10. Cuts , scrapes, bruises, sprained finger and a broken Century rod all in two days
  11. Ride your bike in
  12. With out a doubt
  13. Looks like TONS of rain for the week, possibly through the weekend
  14. Hey Phil, if there's no takers, I'll buy the Guppy Wacky Mack and the Guppy Yellow over Grey scale, I'll pay you at the meet on the 28th
  15. I’m thinking like last year , I fished 12hrs straight, that was 14, I’m certainly not expecting that but I’ll be out from 7:30 pm the 25th till passout 26th am, at least 12-14 hrs gimme 6hrs, and I’m good, this is Cape side 300-94, If I fish hard the first night, I won’t be up until at least 9am