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  1. Its actually better because you're paying less for the same garbage that Costco sells for more, how that Aussie weather ?
  2. OK lets keep this simple, SP minnows, bucktails 3/4-1 1/2oz., Tsunami shad, white 1-2oz, Kastmaster 1-2oz. , This for day, add a Gibbs 2 1/2oz yellow/white darter for night. Learn what the lures can do, I'm starting to get a good grip of fishing Jigs after 35 yrs. from beach, river and boat
  3. You can buy Anything at Walmarts
  4. yeah , they didn't have any surf rods at the Utica ,NY store, I was looking for a "Beefy" back-up boat rod, the Tallus was it at $169. TD has some great rods and Great shipping
  5. In had that rod in my hand, was gonna buy it for a back up, then I saw the Tsunami Airwave series, 8' 3/8-3oz. for $20 more , Bass Pro shop Walked out with the Shimano Tallus and was thinking, "why didn't I buy that too"
  6. OMG !!
  7. Wow , really digging that olive swimmer !!
  8. Now I'm intrigued, did he go on the date? There was nothing in the local news, no arrests any way
  9. Its a bit heavy and the scope sucks, but for $44 Squirrels and Chipmunks will hate visiting my Mothers house. I also have a tricked out 1377 Crossman pistol and another older springer which I do pretty well with, basically hit dimes at 75 ft.
  10. I'm at about a 3.5 with it right now, we'll try a different scope on it and some different pellets first an see how it goes. Right now if I was a Squirrell , I wouldn't want to get hit by it at 75 ft, by the looks of the pellets I dug out of the phone book
  11. Yes, yes I do... some from last year, I have twice that now mostly unopened. I fish jigs mostly
  12. Honestly, I’ve been deep woods backpacking the Adirondacks for over 35 years , sole purpose was trout fishing, never had a case, I know this doesn’t answer your question but never had any need for it
  13. Yup what he said, once the Herring arrive it’s game on, mostly all jigging for me but as the water warms I’m using all types of plugs, darters, sp minnow, big sinking needles and top water, all surf casting equipment 10-11’ rods 40# braid etc. Been fishing the Hudson River every spring for 15-16 yrs
  14. Unfortunately losing jigs is part of the game, jigs are expensive. In your case in learning the river, I would suggest going at the lowest tide and seeing what it looks like, look for anything and everything that looks like structure, slowing of current in certain areas, then get a bank sinker 3oz and throw it like you would be fishing a jig, you could learn alot about an area especially depth, you want your jigs swimming through areas and not bouncing on bottom, at 50 yrds out and 30 ft deep a tap could be the top of a rock or a hit of a fish, a slow lift of the rod could set a hook or keep your presentation just above the rocks
  15. Snagging for what ? Herring I hope