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  1. Chip Kelly with his legendary S-8 offense. Just kidding.
  2. So, a perfect clinical trial. Basically, you are only testing the subjects you know are going to be positive. Like: all raccoons have rabies. Because, we tested a few raccoons that attacked during daytime and they had rabies.
  3. What is the percentage of players who don't go pro that get CTE? If a kid plays Pop Warner and High School, is he a lock to gert CTE? It's a different ball of wax when they play 4 more years of college and maybe 10 in the NFL. Takeing 10-15 years more worth of hits from the biggest and fastest might have something to do with it.
  4. I didn't hear that. Wasn't on Philly news? Huff Post? As far as big cities go, 1 stabbing a day is pretty low.
  5. The "F" bombs kinda sullied it a little. But the first 95% of it was awesome.
  6. Jersey Shore? The Real World? Yeah, I can see it.
  7. Is that what makes him a good person? Or would it be more about how he conducts himself and treats other people.
  8. Foles is a field general.
  9. has a nice ring to it.
  10. I always liked Foles. I would love to see him retire an Eagle. He just might. He's not the kind of guy who chases money and glory.
  11. Hey Riddler - I'm glad you didn't have to change your avatar picture.
  12. Go Birds!!!!!
  13. Castro got re-elected in every Cuban election too. With unanimous decisions each time. Kinda feels like that.