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  1. That's the first I have seen this. Do you do this with puffers, oyster toads and sheepshead as well?
  2. While this statement can be true, it is not in your case.
  3. Then why complain about bias? Isn't that why you post liberal stuff on a 90% conservative site? To revel in the backlash?
  4. Do you spend any time on democrat-heavy political boards? Any bias there?
  5. The candidate you voted for, hillary clinton, does not even have a soul.
  6. Is that one way to say he doesn't fish much? Still wondering how you lip a tog. Wouldn't it crush your fingers?
  7. Why would you lip a big tog? It ain't a bass. Posting pictures isn't exactly jumping through hoops. If you got the joke, you would have seen that I specified "Polaroid" to signify when you last fished. Maybe you need to scan them. What is the IQ range for an idiot? I want to make sure that you were accurate in your assessment of me.
  8. Post up the Polaroids.
  9. This is an internet message board. I'm going to spout off whatever enters my mind and I'm not going to really think it through first.
  10. I fail to see why you have 178 thousand posts on a fishing website when it appears you don't even fish.
  11. Wouldn't retracting the claws make typing more cumbersome? I would think you would have more luck with hitting single keys with skinny claws than with the pads on your paws.
  12. Are you going to put one of your fishing pictures in your avatar any time soon?
  13. Fishing is our hobby and fun. When we are lucky enough to catch a big fish, we like to share our memory. That's all a fishing picture is. Hunter also added some insight. You didn't need us to answer. You already knew the answer and knew you were wrong. You just wanted to squeeze the lemon a little more.
  14. No, not the same.
  15. What is he doing that you don't like?