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  1. Who has what left? In PA, our deer season is closed. Except for special regs (city deer). Flinbtlock opens on Dec 26s and runs a couple weeks. It's pretty much winding down for us. In upsate PA, up on our mountain, the late season is tough. It turns into Siberia up there. Below 0 temps, two feet of snow. I think the deer hibernate up there. Maybe we do a coyote camp in Feb.
  2. A buddy and I gave it a try a few years ago. Only caught a ruffed grouse. We ran about 6 traps for fox and coyotes. Best we did is having coyote traps within 10 feet of the trap. It was a lot of work and, between us, we barely had the time to check them. Our hunting land is 2.5 hours away. So, we could only run them when we had time off. Between us, we were taking days off so we could check the traps every 48 hours. After one season, we threw in the towel. All I wanted was to catch one coyote. I just want one for my wall. Hunting, trapping, whatever. I just want to get one.
  3. I knew his brother, Mike.
  4. Time to see how Foles can do.
  5. in the process, you needled me as well. and more than a bit. Let's wait and see what the official diagnoses is. Too much doom and gloom in this city.
  6. This was your official diagnosis, doc.
  7. Is Belmo a doctor? An ortho? The difference between Dr Belmo and most other doctors is that other doctors never speculate on a diagnosis by just watching something on TV. The MRI is what we need to see to know. Other than that, it's just speculation. Do I feel confident? Not really. But there's no way to call this until we get the MRI results.
  8. Ravens won with Trent Dilfer. Broncos won with a run-down Peyton Manning who sucked in that game. Steelers won a SB with Ben playing like crap. Panthers had Jake Delhome. If you have a complete team, you can win with decent QB play.
  9. Aren't the Vikings on their 3rd string QB? Bridgewater? Bradford? Case Keenum?
  10. Browns lost again.
  11. Joey - quick look at Google directions says you're 1 hr 18 min from Citizens Bank Field and 2 hr 22 min from Yankee Stadium. How come not a Phlllies fan?
  12. Congrats on the bear, RR. I didn't read all the posts. Was it a PA bear?
  13. the alternative was hillary clinton so thank God for unanswered prayers.
  14. Will Trump help them get in for helping him win the election?
  15. If the bacon and eggs are still in the refrigerator, they haven't even been cooked, let alone eaten. Sounds like wishful thinking, trying to piece together a story out of nothing.