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  1. Looking to buy, sorry! ill edit OP
  2. I have a bucktail pouch id let go, but its got the patch removed. Lemme know if your into it.
  3. Trollers, deep trollers, needles...lemme know! Looking to buy!
  4. If anyone got anything from Cvoorhies and wants to unload, lemme know!
  5. Looking for a new level sink BM needle in Gas color. Lemme know if youve got one and how much youd want!
  6. id take the small choopy needle if you split
  7. deal whats your paypal?
  8. ill take the top 2 if u split, if those are level sink
  9. any of these the level sink needles?
  10. This thread is making me laugh. I joined this forum this year and I decided to research the strange real my pops uses and look what I find. My dad, Louie Benitto, brought me up fishing for blackfish out of sheapshead bay since I was about 5 (im 30 now). I showed him this thread and he had a good laugh and said “hey prefessa!”
  11. I have the 10’ ODM genesis and absolutely love it. Its a lightweight rod, Not sure id be interested in anything lighter. Mines paired with a vsx250 and i normally throw 3/4 ounce bucktails to 2 3/8 oz super strikes on a reg day fishing and the rod performs awesome.
  12. Im also looking for a good top, what about the Stormr Surf Top?
  13. Withdrawn
  14. price drop to 425$ lowest ill go on this.
  15. Anti reverse needed replacing