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  1. just looking for something a little more sensitive
  2. Rod has been used on about 4 or 5 trips, perfect condition. 2 piece. Looking to trade straight up for an FSC MTK marauder 1-5 oz MB 1327. Pics available upon request. Located in SI NY, can meet in brooklyn or jersey.
  3. Ill take a gasoline needle PP and shipped price
  4. Ive been using the 10ft 3/4-4oz Genesis for a year now and the sweet spot seems to be 1.5 oz to around 2.5-2.75 oz range. 3oz and heavier feels really sluggish on the rod to me, maybe others have different experiences. However, in the ranges I mentioned, it performs awesome.
  5. Ill take the bottom metal lip
  6. Ill take the purple danny for asking
  7. Looking for some VS 7” pliers in good working order, sheath condition doesnt matter.
  8. no longer available sorry
  9. Got it!
  10. still available, still 28$
  11. ok its yours if you want it. pm me for paypal info
  12. yea I could do that, long as you have paypal.
  13. dropping to 20$ shipped/paypal each for the gibbs and needle.
  14. Sorry to take so long to respond. To clarify, No it is not a crack, just checked to make sure. Also, yes, this is a newer re-issue of the 704z. Bought it new last year and fished it a few times over the course of a month.
  15. Yea gotta stick with paypal, the balance is going towards a fluke reel