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  1. Going to close this for now
  2. On d fly, going to pm you
  3. Bump
  4. Great shape black 150 x-series, has some light marks , brand new black power knob, and newer 30# green superslick, have the bag, and just the box, no papers or foam packing, got it on trade for a vsb200 last spring, fished it a bunch, it's 8.5/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanical, don't know the service history, I fished it all last season, it works awesome, $550 picked up in east bay area Rhode Island, please don't ask about shipping, it's a great reel, I'll put a few pictures up in a bit, thanks
  5. On d fly,,,,is it a second generation reel, reel looks great, you got clear enough pictures to see the orings on the knob are dried up, no problem, doesn't look like it has much of anything wrong with it. any chance you would consider shipping, thanks
  6. Reel is definitely in a lot better shape than the pictures make it look, I'll try to get some better pictures up, think I saw a post about how vs don't photograph well, only has very minor marks on the bottom and cup,
  7. On d fly,,,,,reel looks awesome, let me think about a bit, I'm in east bay RI with a RI mentality (driving any were outside Rhode Island is a week long endeavor )it's a Rhode Island thing, I'll get back to you, thanks, I am interested
  8. No problem, thanks
  9. I'll think about it, thanks, not exactly southern new England
  10. Want me to take more pictures, serial number under 2000 should have been a give away, internal counterbalance, not sealed drag, let me know if anyone would like more info, thanks
  11. That's really nice recoil, what's the deal on the whole shebang, honestly looking for a 25, to take the place of my 250, this would make me think about getting rid of my 150x
  12. Excellent condition vs250, couple minor scuffs, perfect working condition, serial number under 2000 , was factory serviced by previous owner, whom I know, got the reel as payment for boat work, fully loaded with 50# power pro (it was on there, i would have put 40) the original spool that I have listed in a different post, could be included or not, will be extra. Have the original blue bag to go with it, Looking to fund a zeebaas, local pickup in east bay area Rhode Island, $550. $625 with the extra spool, can have it with either spool if you don't want the extra