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  1. Super swirly pink plastic, ,had to grab it,,,definitely wasn't fished, if it was, very little, cool display piece at a short price
  2. Picked it up, box is from a striper swiper,,,,so it goes, just looking for a age ad any info, thanks
  3. Super guy,,,,,best sales I've ever had,  thanks again 

  4. Sold to timfish1,,,,,,outstanding guy, thanks again
  5. Sold to timfish1, hands down, ,,,,the best guy you could ever deal with, thanks again
  6. Sounds good Timfish, pm me about pick up , thanks
  7. Back on the market at a ten dollar apparent discount, ,,,,,,,,, $90 picked up
  8. Warren R.I
  9. Bump
  10. You got it csec12, I'll be around most of the day tomorrow
  11. Yes, Warren RI, I'll post a picture in the morning
  12. Brand new 30# boga grip, box tool everything, $100 .picked up in East Bay Rhode Island. No shipping, never used
  13. $55, picked up for the lot
  14. Bump