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  1. Closing because of lack of interest
  2. Last time to the top, otherwise ill just hold onto it, $100 firm picked up east bay RI, thanks
  3. Aquidneck island rod builders did it, cleaned off the old tubing, cork tape for thickness, then heat shrink over, and rethreaded and epoxied the ends
  4. Its a awesome rod,,,,very light,,,,,
  5. Closing this, found a nice one elsewhere, thanks Galluch for the offer, i have too pass, sorry for the slow response,
  6. Thats a nice rod, not jumping in anyones grave,,,,,,but,,,,,,i like it
  7. Looking for a decent used VS200 preferably X series, possibly a 250, in the Rhode Island area, thanks
  8. Yes 70/30 split, i have picks in the post below this on that i just locked
  9. Old model tfo 9' , 1-5, good condition, had the foregrip thickened, lowrider guides, fast action. $100 firm, dont want to ship . Pick up east bay RI only
  10. Sold to fishy4335, Tfo still available, will close this and make a new post for it
  11. I'll pm you tomorrow, water intrusion,,,,,shouldnt be
  12. Fishy4335, lets talk if your still interested in the torque, my son has a paypal account,,,,,,didnt know
  13. Going to drop the price oe last time before i go a different route, $340 firm picked up in east bay RI, And TFO 9' dropped to $100 firm, picked up, thanks