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  1. Just curious what a lot of fellow SOL members goals are for 2018. Just a few weeks away from when the calendar turns. Every season is different, and each previous season I think dictates how a fisherman approaches the next. I'm hoping to do a lot more fishing throughout 2018 in the Monmouth County rivers. Hoping to get into some local bass come spring time. Also have to get out of my comfort zone on techniques. I'm a popper, soft plastics type of fisherman. For 2018 would love to fish more with teasers, bucktails, and even bait from the surf...something I typically ignore. Def think I need better preparation overall before I go out. Size wise- Would love to catch a double digit fluke and finally crack the 30lb mark on a bass. -All the best this coming year.
  2. Just put in an hour out front, working some short shads and small hopkins. No Luck. Very sketchy out. My mind was thinken of the poor guy who passed off Sandy Hook this morn...tonight conditions were very glassy and the tide was very low. It gave you a false sense of security to see so much sand. Problem was their were big breakers right at the shore and they flooded out the area you were standing in rather rapidly . Decided to wrap it up once another fisherman left. Didnt feel right.
  3. I would do anything to do have a winter such as that. I find Feb 1 through April 1st is a really depressing period. NJ looks gray, no leaves, no fish, dirty snow...just a dead time. Unfortunately being in Monco, not much in the way of Brown trout in our area except maybe parts of the Raritan which isn't exactly a quick trip down the road.
  4. These couple of positive reports are making everyone think twice about making the declaration..."think I'm done for the year."
  5. The surf fisherman has sadly passed away as according to the Star Ledger. R.I.P (from NJ website)
  6. Great shot
  7. Well done. I know its a party boat report, but today the seahunter reported 600 bass caught. Nothing of real size, but some anglers caught 50. So obviously theres a ton of fish around. The question is will the surf guys get in on the action even for a few days? Your report is keeping me optimistic but the fall overall says we wont.
  8. Got out from 10-1. Caught 1 small sundial on a d.d and nothing else. Worked a few spots in Northern Monco. Boats in close, great conditions. Past few days feels like its an early a.m and nightfall bite.
  9. 2 this morning in northern bigger than 20 inches. Lot of birds working about 100 yrds out. Put on a show.
  10. Out front this morning, Northern Moco. Stiff east wind. Tough to toss anything out other than metal. No dice.
  11. My mistake, as you might have saw, I eluded to the early 2000s. been a long time, but didnt realize many spots were closed. Tried to keep it pretty general. Usually say out front, in the back etc...was just trying to give BigWill some ideas, more about structure etc.. Thanks.
  12. Early 2000s I had a lot of success on the inside coves and bunker nets of Sandy Hook. Most of the hookups were on bait. Now sandy whiped out a lof of those natural structures but theres still much more there than out front. Theres still bass on the inside. Sunday I went out for a spin on a friends boat and birds were working on Raritan within a quarter mile of land. Fish wouldnt touch whatever we threw to them, but theyre still there. Cant hurt to give these areas a shot. As far as spots, sometimes park the car on any residential street, find any access that doesnt have a huge do not enter signs, and give it a shot. Towns like Belford, Port Monmouth. Keansburg have plenty of access. For this dud of a fall, cant hurt to experiment. I like a couple hours before and after high tides in these spots. Also like finding small rock piles, mini jetties or old pilings that extend into the bay.
  13. Good report. Yes, definitely optimistic that more will come through. Blitzes still up in the Hudson, schoolies still on eastern end of Long Island so it's not like they're gone. More to come, just hope they get in close so we can take our shots. I think we have a good 2-3 weeks of fishing. I'm seeing a nice stretch of weather as well. Lets make this happen!
  14. Ive been wanting to get into this topic now that that 2017 is a month from ending. Def want to hear from other guys. If I had to rank this season on 1-10 Id give it a 5. Pretty terrible overall with a few bright spots. I spent 60% of my year surf fishing, 40% from boat. I thought the spring striper run was terrible. Interrupted by one of the worst rainy stretches in recent memory. The gator blues were hit or miss, and most of my success was in local rivers on overcast days which was a blast. Summer fluking was dreadful. Decent numbers, but a 50:1 short to keeper ratio. Albi season was solid and thats one of the things keeping me from not declaring the entire year a dud. Fall striper season, although not totally over has really underwhelmed. Ive gotten into a good number of fish, but the quality just isnt there. Not one fish over 30 inches the entire fall. Cant stress enough how bluefish saved my year. Yes, at times they can tear up tackle, and can be an annoyance when you are targeting bass, but they were the savior this season. i caught more 3-5 blues off land in Raritan bay than I have in years. All on topwater making for a great strike and fun fight. This year was def a learning experience. Def made me think outside the box when I wondered where the hell the fish were. Looking forward to making something happen these last few weeks...than its onto preparing for 2018.
  15. Later report, On Wed, 1-4, southern monco. 1 short off of the jetty. Spoke to some guys who caught mostly 20-24 inch bass throughout the day. Today got out on the boat. Beautiful day. Covered a lot of ground. Trolled a bit, threw shad. Nothing. Worked anywhere from a half mile off beach to 2 miles out. No birds, no bait, no fish. Will try the beach again some time this weekend.