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  1. Few whales in southern monco today. Surprising sight Feb. Guessing some bait around. 66 Wed. Yes I know its feb, but its tough to not throw a few in those conditions.
  2. Tsunami talking popper. Bone or yellow.
  3. Couldnt agree more. This past spring, I got into a nice school of really big blues. I threw the 3 of mine back but to my left and right, it was an absolute slaughter. Must have been 25, 10lb+ blues kept by 3 or 4 guys. Blues are so many surf guys savior. When bass arent around, or the albi are just too ghost, blues can give you many exciting days to fill the void. We arent going to be happy until we are standing around in our bays one spring, wondering where the heck all the gators are. Would love to see a 5 fish limit with a size restriction in place. Say 5 fish at 18-24 inches. We seem to repeat history time and time again.
  4. Just arrived from Amazon on Monday. Great read fellas. Highly reccomend. Good way to pass time on days like today.
  5. Navesink is something to see. Usually freezes up once maybe every 3 to 5 years. We have another 6 days of below freezing temps on tap so its only going to expand. Seastreak has suspended much of their service from Highlands because of the ice.
  6. Merry Christmas to all! All the best to you and yours.
  7. Pulled 2 out tonight around 5, Northern Moco. Both maybe 18 inches. Didnt touch small shads. Switched over to a 3 inch Deadly Dick and hooked up twice. Very slow retrieve. Lots of herring around. Get the feeling I could of picked a few more as the night wore on but decided to call it around 530.
  8. Put in some time out front in Northern Moco..Skunk for me. A couple of guys reeling some small bass in. Looked like they were all 20 inchers. Spoke to one of the guys who told me the bite was hot mid afternoon than shut off fairly quick.
  9. Just curious what a lot of fellow SOL members goals are for 2018. Just a few weeks away from when the calendar turns. Every season is different, and each previous season I think dictates how a fisherman approaches the next. I'm hoping to do a lot more fishing throughout 2018 in the Monmouth County rivers. Hoping to get into some local bass come spring time. Also have to get out of my comfort zone on techniques. I'm a popper, soft plastics type of fisherman. For 2018 would love to fish more with teasers, bucktails, and even bait from the surf...something I typically ignore. Def think I need better preparation overall before I go out. Size wise- Would love to catch a double digit fluke and finally crack the 30lb mark on a bass. -All the best this coming year.
  10. Just put in an hour out front, working some short shads and small hopkins. No Luck. Very sketchy out. My mind was thinken of the poor guy who passed off Sandy Hook this morn...tonight conditions were very glassy and the tide was very low. It gave you a false sense of security to see so much sand. Problem was their were big breakers right at the shore and they flooded out the area you were standing in rather rapidly . Decided to wrap it up once another fisherman left. Didnt feel right.
  11. I would do anything to do have a winter such as that. I find Feb 1 through April 1st is a really depressing period. NJ looks gray, no leaves, no fish, dirty snow...just a dead time. Unfortunately being in Monco, not much in the way of Brown trout in our area except maybe parts of the Raritan which isn't exactly a quick trip down the road.
  12. These couple of positive reports are making everyone think twice about making the declaration..."think I'm done for the year."
  13. The surf fisherman has sadly passed away as according to the Star Ledger. R.I.P (from NJ website)
  14. Great shot