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  1. Had a blast last night, in the back, moco...Blues breaking the surface, all 3 lbs hitting top water. Finished with 7, with about 5 other misses. Great summer evening.
  2. This is a great question, my I have seen conveyor belts of bunker coming thru this summer. Where there's food there's fish (Usually). Plus, I wonder if the awful Spring kept the water temp down and ultimately kept the fish in the area. I know it's gotten much warmer but perhaps the delayed warmth accompanied with a good food source and maybe they decided to extend their stay.
  3. I can tell you from experience the game officers/warden are all around the state marinas and have boarded our boat multiple times. Frankly I have never seen them near anybody on the surf or jettys. We had one time last year where we felt as if there was a bit of a gotcha attempt going on. Caught a couple of keeper fluke, 20 and 22 inches. Filet em and bagged em at dock. The warden was almost mad at himself he didnt get their 5 mins early. Even made a comment, "those racks look a little small..." lol. yeh, a fish thats cut up into pieces after being diced up usually does. Couple days later..he was back. and again came up empty (because we follow the rules to a t). We were respectful but my opinion of them isnt a positive one (though not saying he embodies the entire department).. There are many shorts being kept..where are they than? But yet theyll do repeat visits on a private boat who proves they dont ever keep anything at or even an inch above the legal limits? Sorry, but thats Paul Blart Mall cop like stuff. dont give me the "just doin are job" nonsense. If you were maybe youd pop in on the bucket brigades who keep 18 inch bass.
  4. are one of the best surf bass fisherman I've ever seen. Impressive to see you still haulen em in. Went out last evening. Back of Moco...6 fluke. 1 keeper in about 50 mins. All on this combination, 2 oz spro with a straight otter tail and a killie. That otter tail was like cat nip for the fluke. It almost drew them in but the killie made em eat.. I probably missed about 4 bites. I had my dad with me and he wasn't getting nearly as much action with a standard fish finder, light weight, killie rig.
  5. Couple of shorty fluke this past weekend on a bucktail with gulp, and a bucktail with a live killie. Northern Moco in the back. Lot of good numbers, not much in way of size. Beautiful week ahead.
  6. Yesterday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 went out front in Northern Moco as well as the back. Out front, nasty south east wind, some white water. Went with a bucktail and a strip, no luck. Decided to head for calmer waters in the back bay. Was able to really bomb metal and poppers. No luck either. On a nice skunk stretch right now. It will all average out...I think....
  7. Great April- Dead may...transitional June. Really had some fun nailing stripers in the back bay in early April. A few keepers mixed in throughout an exciting 2 to 3 weeks. Really quieted for me in May, although the weather did not cooperate. Couple of gators in early June. Had my pb striped bass in June. Other than that this month has been very quiet. I'd rate the spring at about a 5. Some high points, but a lot of quiet, uneventful points as well.
  8. Tried last night in back of Moco. Amazing amount of bait present. No luck. Last year it was almost a given that I would take a ride to one of the local bay beaches and have some fun with 3 to 5 lb blues on a hot summer eve. Not the case this year (so far). Still early.
  9. Tried out front on Saturday morning hoping for a resident bass or blue. No dice. Than on Sunday put in some time for fluke. Couple of shorts and that was it. To be blunt, fishing has stunk for me my last 4 outings. Very quiet but at least it's been beautiful out..
  10. Tried a new spot in the back of Moco yest evening. Beautiful evening. No taps, no boils, no sign of bait. Gunna try out front early A.M tomorrow. See if I can conjure up a bass or blue.
  11. Got out tonight..2 spots in back of Moco. One hookup, came unbuttoned on top. Likely a blue. That was it. Quiet, clear, cool night.
  12. Thanks UncleJohn.
  13. Im usually half in the surf and half on boat..yesterday about a half mile off northern moco beach we managed to land and absolute monster that came in just over 34lbs. Was something my dad and I will never forget. Had a lot of luck in early April with good bass, a quiet May and a quiet June..yest made up for those quiet months. And an important disclaimer, anybody who sees my posts knows im a catch and release guy. this fish was entirely gut hooked and was bleeding immediately. He was harvested and has fed 3 different families.
  14. Finally managed some blues in the back of Moco. Top water, yellow tsunami. One about 3lbs and another a big ole gator. Could not believe the length. Bout 20 mins of action that shut like a switch.
  15. I enjoy this site but man, some of you guys make people not wanna post. Constantly critiquing everything. People are shootin the breeze about what they caught and theres always a poster.."is that empty bottle next to the fish yours.?? IM CALLING THE PARK RANGERS FOR YOUR LITTERING" like relax a little. its fishing. its not that serious. 95% of the posters on here seem to practice catch and release. than in itself is a beautiful thing.