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  1. Finally managed some blues in the back of Moco. Top water, yellow tsunami. One about 3lbs and another a big ole gator. Could not believe the length. Bout 20 mins of action that shut like a switch.
  2. I enjoy this site but man, some of you guys make people not wanna post. Constantly critiquing everything. People are shootin the breeze about what they caught and theres always a poster.."is that empty bottle next to the fish yours.?? IM CALLING THE PARK RANGERS FOR YOUR LITTERING" like relax a little. its fishing. its not that serious. 95% of the posters on here seem to practice catch and release. than in itself is a beautiful thing.
  3. Got out yesterday evening in RB. Beautiful evening. No luck on swimmers or top water. Saw a pretty cool sight though. A drum fish sort of came to the top of the water about 10 yards away, took a peak (guessing he thought there was food), flipped his tail and went back down. I've seen drum fish do this a few times in the backs of rivers and bays. Always an amazing sight..and admittedly, I attempt to sight cast to them to see if they'll take what I'm throwing...they swim away slowly as if to say, 'yeh..not happening idiot"
  4. Got out from 530 till 7. Back of Moco.Outgoing tide. Really promising. 2nd cast landed this 26" right by my feet. Than after that..not a tap. some bunker flipping in the distance but that was about all on the action for the rest of the night. Some of the clearest water in weeks.
  5. They were 100% peanut bunker. They were all 3-5 inch bunker in a tight school flipping around. It was in the back of Raritan Bay.
  6. Tried out back in Moco from 5-7. Birds working about a half mile out. Some peanuts in close. No luck. Water still murky but better that yesterday.
  7. Just got in. Out back in Moco. Its winter cold out. Stiff W N/W wind. Caught the skunk. water pretty murky.
  8. haha. thanks fellas.. yes it does, Im an honest fisherman though. Just the nature of the one handed selfie. I love the instagram hero's who straight arm fish making it look like they caught a prehistoric striped creature. we all know its a dink!
  9. Moco out back, 530 to 715. Not much action but the birds were putting on a show about a mile out. Finally got a nice fish right around 7 on a topwater yellow Tsunami. Came in at 27 inches. High water and fairly muddy.
  10. You aint kidden. blowing about 40 here by water. Looks like we wont get some stability until Wed. We were getting on a roll with quality fish around.
  11. Just a heads up to some of you who might be driving in tonight to do some evening fishing. Wind has switched here in Moco..Now easterly and chilly. Bout 58 degrees. We were at 72 about 2 hrs ago. Little white capped as well in the bay. wouldnt call it unfishable but definitely not ideal.
  12. Good to know. goin to try again later this afternoon.
  13. Moco this morn. Out back. Tried multiple spots. All quiet. Beautiful morning.
  14. Back of Moco 5 till 7. Hit 3 tonight. Nice keeper in the mix. All released. Hit sp minnow. bunker color.
  15. Back of Moco, put in about 90 minutes. No dice. Lot of bunker in the area. Today felt like the 500th straight day of 20+ mph winds. Has been relentless.