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  1. I Striper fished for 3 hrs in the am. We got our limit, 3 unders and an over!
  2. Nice solution
  3. clearly, he is an excellent bomb maker!! He couldn't even kill himself
  4. My sons ACL was diagnosed form a video. Dr said as soon as he saw the video he was 100% certain it was a complete tear. MRI confirmed. i I always wonder why pros have MRIs the day after the injury. My son had to wait 4 days for the swelling to go down.
  5. I'll take that everyday. Although, It would be cool to see Trout play for his home team
  6. Rick Leventhal just reported he has the guys name. Won't release it, but said "he has a foreign name" and he's living in Brooklyn
  7. Lol. It can’t be that bad. Tanaka, Gray, and I guess Sabathia isn’t a bad 1,2,3.
  8. That’s a shame, the Eagles/Rams and Steelers/Ravens games where excellent.
  9. That lineup is 8 deep!!!! If they stay healthy Yankees may score close to 1000 runs!
  10. Does Elsbury make $21mil?? Damn
  11. The Yankees are in the envious position of having a wealth of outfield talent. Stanton had 9 outfield assists, Judge had 5! You are correct, “someone has to go”, unless they DH Judge.
  12. You look like him. Merry Christmas
  13. Stanton at DH?? No freakin way! He’s an all star right fielder with a cannon. Someone will deff be moved so he can play everyday.
  14. This^^^^^
  15. hes gonna be a Phillie