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  1. Thanks. I’ll check it out
  2. Ha ha, no it’s not.
  3. I know. I think some money laundering was in there too. Not condoning! I thought there was more, like SS was going to reveal the clincher conspiracy crime. Guess not
  4. how can they be up and the partisan sites be doing better? market share has to come from somewhere, right?
  5. sorry for my ignorance, guilty of what?
  6. this is an excellent response. dont really like Fox and Friends so I actually do watch CNN in the AM before work. Cuomo is unbearable but Allison seems competent from time to time.
  7. Hillary has been selling US secrets her whole life, so...
  8. stupid sums it up
  9. Your outline is spot on.
  10. You can do much better up the dial
  11. White lashing! Considered renaming the boat this
  12. Pretty dumb business decision. Piss off many to please a few. Seems this is becoming the way of the world.
  13. Watched it when it aired on AMC. Really enjoyed it. Didn’t know it was a book until I recommmed the series to my father. Told me he read the books so I read the books too.
  14. yep. she should be proud for 2 reasons. she represented her Country and she won't be getting an invite to the WH, Champions only