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  1. I think its definitely worth taking along. I am brand new to fly fishing as of last summer and brought my stuff for the hell of it. I brought about 6-8 flies, had the most luck on a size 6 clousers that I tied with orange bucktail and shrimp color EP gamechange blend. Kind of kicking myself for not making a effort to get out on the bonefish flats, but I had fun just fishing from the beach.
  2. I just got back from Bimini this past weekend and I had the same questions. I went to the sport fishing marina called the Big Game Club hoping they would know. The person at the front office sent me to the customs office. I talked to all three people in the office, they only really seemed to care about people fishing from boats, they ended up telling me I didn't need a license to just fish from the beach (none of them gave a very confident answer). So I fished for about three days just walking the beach in front of my cottage without any issue. Not sure if I was legal or not This probably doesn't help much, I was under the impression that someone there would know but now I know better. I think calling a local guide like Bill suggested would be the best bet.
  3. Killie, that is something I didn't even think about. Do most airlines charge more than a regular bag to check a rod in a hard travel case? Unfortunately my only setup is a 9', 2 piece. I have a hard travel tube which plan on using. Probably will put the reel in my suitcase. At the time last year when I bought my first fly rod I was not even thinking of traveling with it. But I think a 4 piece may be my next investment....
  4. Thanks guys, one concern is that my only rod is a 2 piece 9 ft. I am wondering if that would be too large to carry on in the hard case. Ideally I would check my luggage and put the hooks in there and carry on the rod.
  5. Do any of you guys travel (by plane) with your fly gear often? Have you found what is easiest regarding checking the fly rod or carrying on? Any issues with the hooks in the luggage?
  6. My first attempt at some clousers. Only been tying a few months. The top one I was just messing around, trying to get more of a "shrimp" profile to it.
  7. I posted this in the fly fishing forum a while back and got nothing, so I figured I would try again here. I will be in Bimini the first week of February. I plan on bringing my fly rod. Does anyone have any experience fishing down there? Any info would be appreciated, fly patterns, tactics, areas, etc.
  8. I'm in, thanks!
  9. Not a chance a letter from a 1700s pirate ship would be in as good of condition as those looked
  10. Would I ever consider paying a grand for a phone? Hell no. Do I love the fact that a million other people will, and drive the stock price up? Absolutely.
  11. This guy sure has a lot of hate for youtubers... Just go out and fish man, try different spots, lures, tactics, etc. Learn, and have some fun. Don't get so worked up about what someone else is posting on youtube.
  12. Anyone in Maine every target Flounder specifically? I know we have them in Maine, but I know nothing about fishing for them. Do we have a big enough population to target them? Do they migrate? Could be a fun way to get some more fishing in after the stripers head south.
  13. Got three last night off a stretch of OOB. Small ones, one 18", and two about 22-23". Pretty surprised they are still here, but that was most likely my last outing for the year. This is by far the latest I have ever caught a striper.
  14. I don't think it makes any difference. I fished bait a lot this year, and it was frozen macks most of the time. What shocked me is that we caught many fish on macks that had been thawed and re-frozen (some even twice). It gets a little harder to keep on the hook, but I guess it still smells like a mackerel to a striper...