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  1. Thanks for the comment. And yes I think I may have to go with the 11 ft spin battalion. Rated 4-8 seems like something good for me. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the response. Will check it out for sure.
  3. Each year I spend sometime catching sharks from the surf. My main setup is a vs250 on a 11' g loomis imx 1-5 rating ( easily throw 5 oz + big chunk so maybe really a 3-7 or so rating?) Would like to have a backup or just another rod to setup so I recently purchased a Quantum Boca 80 from the bst forum. Looking for suggestions for a rod with a similar action to the imx however much much cheaper. The rod has to be 11-12' and throw around 4oz + bait comfortably. Hoping for under something 150$. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Yes I was using the 4000f series the Sw series is only 5k and up I believe.
  5. Gosa 4K? Personally love the gosa line so that is what I would suggest if the 5k is too big. I had a 4k gosa on a 9' Avid in the outerbanks for Spanish mackerel and smaller blues and I loved the setup.
  6. PayPal sent
  7. Ok we have a deal send me a pm
  8. 80$ shipped and I will send immediate paypal
  9. Don't have anything to trade. But wow she's pretty.
  10. I would be willing to accept that deal. Besides I have kept 1 bass the past 6 years
  11. Thanks
  12. Pm sent. PayPal alright ?
  13. Not a peanut but still a sunset figured I would give it a shot. 55$ PayPal shipped. Thanks Matt
  14. Sorry I need to pass. Purchased 7 jointed swimmers similar to these yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to have the first shot