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  1. Any oxidation on the grommets of the top Slim?
  2. No problem
  3. Closed for now.
  4. Grs sold to me as new. But I would call it carried to be safe. The hooks are grommets do show some oxidation. As weird as it may sound really don't have any super strikes for trade at the moment. Have other peanuts, pencil that I could trade.
  5. I am interested in the commando 2 tube but low on funds. Are you interested in a purple slim grs as a partial trade for the bag. Then I can add 3 or so lower value plugs to even out the deal. Thanks for considering. Matt
  6. Wow absolute beauties
  7. I am still looking thank you. Matt
  8. God bless Mary Thank you for the opportunity
  9. Sweet collection! Couple nice super strikes in there.
  10. Understand
  11. If 45$ a plug I will take the darter. If I am not understanding this correctly I apologize. Matt
  12. Realized bluefish is sold. Please disregard that. Payment for other 2 has been sent.
  13. I assume no longer available. Matt
  14. Hey man. How much could you do for the bluefish if I added it to the two. Thanks Matt.
  15. Payment sent. Thanks Matt