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  1. I’ll throw an offer in as well.
  2. I recently broke my mojo and the first thing that I was asked by customer service was the model and serial numbers afterwards they told me it was still eligible since it was 4 years old. Now since this was their first question, I would assume they will ask the same and then tell you that it is ineligible unfortunately. Still definitely worth a try, but just my 2 cents.
  3. Looking to trade these for New GRS, Arsenal and Don Musso (Must be Mint) Dmag: Needles from 2018. Redhead swimmer 2018 and Parrot Swimmer 2017 Cyclone: 2 Peanuts 07 and no year Lefty: One large swimmer one small GRS: Blind Yellow Medium Giant, Squid Surface Giant, Lightly Used Olive Iridescent Medium Slim. Arsenal: 2017 Green Arsenior Luna: Large Swimmer has a chip. Googooman: Squid Show special Chris Groves: Lightly Used Troller Gary2: 2003 1 of 20 Surfster 4 oz special Feel free to ask any questions. Can post more pictures upon request. Thanks for looking.
  4. Both new. 78$ shipped
  5. Any interest?
  6. Bump.
  7. Thats my plan for the rest of the year. Well at least till the fall. Just going to fish once it gets dark and leave after sunrise unless the bite continues into the morning. Honestly left earlier yesterday for 2 reasons. 1 being to avoid the traffic and the second being I had hopes of having fun with some blues.
  8. Surface slim
  9. Offer 16$ for the guppy
  10. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it landed in the right hands and someone contacts you somehow. Best of luck, sorry I could not help.
  11. That is what it's all about.
  12. might have to give that a shot. I think bleeding and icing immediately would be very important.
  13. Heading out Sunday night. Will look around the lot Monday morning. Hope you find it.
  14. Fished out back in nomoco and to sum it up this will be my last back trip of the year. Fished hard from 5-12 at 2 spots first looking for blues then bass and ended the day with 1 blue at around 2 pounds. Really expected to find some fish during the outgoing tide, everything seemed to add up. Anyways back at it during the early am hours on monday someplace outfront. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all.
  15. I appreciate the response. Wish we were closer.