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  1. 7 inches
  2. 330$ or offers on splits
  3. I’ll measure it when I get a chance.
  4. Ok pm sent
  5. Both used with plenty of life left. 33$ shipped
  6. Mint 110$ Paypal
  7. 3 Needles 2 Small Swimmers All Mint 340$ pp shipped
  8. Awesome thank you both for the help! Appreciate it a lot.
  9. Ok thank you for the right id. I’ll edit that post with a real musso.
  10. Sold me to as a musso. You probably know best though. Any chance at all it’s a musso? Perhaps some more pictures
  11. The “new” and the “old. A matching grs and Musso pattern.
  12. Carried a few times. Couple light hook scratches. 43$ shipped.
  13. Reopening this...
  14. Any musso?
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided to go with the USA made Orca. Thanks all once again.