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  1. Here is the updated beach replenishment schedule: Point Pleasant Beach: mid-December to mid-January. Bay Head: late September through December. Mantoloking: construction complete in majority of town; work on area near Lyman Street is expected from mid-August to late September. Brick: construction began in April and is expected to last through mid-August. Toms River northern beaches: late July through late September. Lavallette: late September through mid-December. Ortley Beach: June 23 through early October. Seaside Heights: early October through December. Seaside Park: early August through mid-October. Berkeley (South Seaside Park): mid-October through November.
  2. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/ocean-county/sandy-recovery/2018/06/14/ortley-beach-dune-work-start-late-june-last-all-summer/698289002/ So great, not only does this do absolutely nothing... they will take away money from the town, local businesses that count on the summer months to make money... Who the F wants to sit on a beach while they pump sand all damn day! water clarity and quality will make for great swimming... Doesn't matter what Governor we have I guess.... Toms River is CLUELESS
  3. Genius
  4. Sandi provides some great aerial footage of what mother nature can do overnight... then we drop $M to fix what will prob happen again... i dont have have a good answer to this sht show, but someone has to have a better answer to fixing it long term...
  5. I am by no means an expert, and not against or for it... but... with all the commentary as to why we haven’t seen the fish as years past I thought this would be a good place start some good fact finding... Many opinions I’ve heard, but doesn’t it ultimately protect the beaches? If we just let nature take its course would we be better off? IMO I’d rather see some structure being built off shore, some interesting projects being completed with old subway cars being stripped and placed strategically in low oceans floors....
  6. Out this am.. 4:30-7 MO CO out front... rain, fog... no life to be seen water still stained ESE winds light
  7. I’m sure the local fly shops, bait shops and small businesses don’t mind...
  8. Great point about putting the tape on your rod... catch n release.... bluefish who measures those things anyway! If they pop off, even better
  9. ****er catches cows!
  10. Gotta buy me some bait shop bunker to catch big bass!
  11. Easy to “chase” these reports... schoolie heaven out front
  12. I swear my fish are big, the camera makes them look like schoolies! I think I’m gonna start posting the bunker I snag!
  13. Only shorts allowed here!
  14. You like that glider?
  15. Friday 5:30-7:30pm MoCo..tide turned out front , picked away at shorts. Lots of life out far... retrieve was the ticket... dead stickers just watched their bait soak!