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  1. Raritan expo center: Edison
  2. In conclusion... I thought this forum was for fisherman to learn, ask questions and get good advice.... appreciate the “fisherman” that took the time to give others and myself some good advice... do I buy custom plugs? Absolutely! Without data? Absolutely! Do I need it? No, that’s why I keep fishing! as someone that realizes that I don’t know everything about fishing, I thought it would be an interesting topic. Maybe be a better thread would be... “pictures with our 24” inch fish with a beautiful sunset” ..Tight lines
  3. Well played and well said
  4. I’m sure that’s a custom plug... and I bet stores all your data... bite ratio, pressure, attack angle, time spent in the water vs in your bag, travel distance in the air.... dude, it’s genius
  5. No brochure required, I don't fish Strengths or tide direction... it's called CURRENT, incoming or dropping tides... now that's ridiculous, and you did articulate that in a public forum... Tight lines magic mike. Stick around and keep coming back... it's gets better.
  6. Apology accepted... Never thought a question about a Plugs Greatness would quiver such a debate. ... and I agree, I fish what works. I experiment based on previous experience with other plugs.. I guess my point was, sure I can ask the builder? I have, I was just wondering why no one PUBLISHES it. and for those guys out there that know everything... keep thinking that, when you think the smartest in the room the game is over. I come here to learn from SMART fisherman, people who challenge the status quo and actually give me sound, logical (Scientific or not) advice. I take it and learn from it.... as for Afterhours.... too bad you will not be one of those guys I take advice from... You already are the SMART one in the room... ....sorry for the lame thread, b/c without a thread like this... people won't ask you crap about your PLUGS, what you use, it's shape, design, color choice, movement, sink rate.... ect... good luck and happy plug building
  7. That's pretty easy..... You see Titleist invests millions of dollars to perfect club distance, accuracy, sound... with a prediction model of a golf swing help your type of swing and recommend what club works best for you... called club fitting (aka Data investment)... If you don't care about this kinda of stuff... buy the knockoff, buy the cheap plug.. I'm all in favor for buying the next best plug if it catches fish, heck even if it looks cool.... Just like buying a $50 plug... does it swim better (faster/slower), does it rattle, thru wire, ... all things that improve catch ratio. Didn't think a PLUG question could lead us to this... Pray for us..
  8. Yeah sorry bout that! I re posted... .... good point and you should read the sh$&t show going on since I posted it... man, some people, it just goes over their head
  9. good read. thx
  10. umm no....I'll keep it simple for you. He answered my question about specs about PLUGS... Catch Ratio requires someone that has completed such analysis. ... leave the scientific stuff to us fisherman that actually are interested in this kind of stuff... I'll fill you in when I complete my analysis and study.
  11. DUDE!!! that's perfect... exactly what I was looking for!! thanks for taking the time to answer my question
  12. Troll? that's funny... I haven't better time on my hands. If you build something from scratch, which is what these guys do.. I consider it an art! Their work is extraordinary! So how would you execute this? think about it, it's not hard. It requires time, effort and money - so of course not everyone has that time to do it, that's my point... not even the mass production guys do it.... .... and yes now you're thinking about this scientifically and that is my point! everything you buy is based on data, it supports and provides insight.... I'm not saying that everyone or anyone HAS TO DO IT.... but if someone did spend the time, money what would we learn... maybe something you never knew before? Troll on that.... no need to be so sensitive about a PLUG... unless you're one of the builders that just try to make a quick buck copying another guy.... it's called a value proposition...
  13. Not trying too....
  14. SIC - you may have the nicest plugs... interesting that no one has an answer or the data to show yet...
  15. Very true about the confidence, that comes with experience knowing when to use a specific plug under specific conditions.. kinda interesting that even on many builders “Facebook” sites data is limited