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  1. ACL reconstruction on the right knee in 2001. Bone graft on the left knee in 2005-ish. Bone chip removal on the left knew 2 months ago. So you're one up on me there. And yeah, although the knee surgeries suck, I think the back nonsense is worse. At least with knee, you know it's coming, and know what you'll have to deal with in PT.
  2. Yep, bad backs suck. When mine goes out, it's 3-5 days of not being able to do anything at all without being in severe pain. Then a week of merely bad pain, and then it slowly gets better over the course of a month. I can fight tuna all day and have no issue, but if I bend over at the wrong angle to pick up a rag, it's game over for a month.
  3. Were kids being put in cages?
  4. Missed most of May and June with a knee surgery and a bad back. Just got back out yesterday, but yeah, yesterday was good.
  5. "Not" an idiot. Some of your political views are mind boggling, but that doesn't make you an idiot.
  6. The simple fact that she can speak 6 languages is enough for me to label her "not an idiot."
  7. If they're Lib Judges, then I hope so.
  8. Can't offer just 1 word, but how about a thought? Try this: "taking true delight that her coast has the Limbicles all worked up." PS - I'm at work all day and don't know anything about this. Are the above bullet points really true? Did she really wear this after leaving a detention center? Really? If so, that'a pretty poor choice imo.
  9. Too funny..... I only saw "AJ" and never saw Cole. Thought you were talking about Judge, and he looked a bit gimpy coming around Third today.
  10. I think it's worked. Let them say whatever they want, she is actually above them on an evolutionary level. Not a decision I agree with, but she is far from an idiot.
  11. Agree. Would rather she just remain classy and stay leagues above all the trashing poking at her.
  12. A tad gimply rounding Third, yes.......
  13. I'd like to see all 4 Departments abolished, or at least scaled down to the point that they exist in name only.
  14. Of course I wouldn't "want" my kids treated that way, but if I break a law and get arrested, then I shouldn't have a say in the matter. Don't break the law. It's that simple.
  15. So what?