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  1. Well, we disagree on things that mean I cannot be a Dem. But the funny part....... We agree on things that mean you can't be either. Welcome to the Republican Party!
  2. You have left off many of my bullet points, and list only the ones where there could be a middle ground. What about the rest?
  3. Yeah, likely, but the Yanks lost, I'm played enough chess for one night, and need something to do while binge watching Dexter.
  4. But how can I be a Dem if: - I want to deport every last illegal, INCLUDING the DACA kids. - I want slave labor camps for Welfare scammers. - I believe in Capital punishment. - I want to stop basically all immigration. - I want to deport every Syrian refugee we've already taken in. - I want it to be legal to proceed through crowds blocking roads at No Wake speed. - I want Mike Brown's parents in jail for inciting a riot. I could go on.........
  5. Wait a second. Are you two talking about "Antifa," as in the radical group, or "Anti-Antifa," as in against the radical group. So one can be anti-Nazi and at the same time, be normal, meaning you are not an Antifa, yes? And if anything, most normal people would be BOTH anti-Nazi and anti-Antifa, no?
  6. I don't see how I can be a Dem either. - While I don't believe in "not one inch," I'm very 2A. - I want every last illegal gone, even the Dreamers. - I want a wall. - I'd rather see gay marriage illegal. - I love Capital Punishment. I could go on, but yeah, I'm no Dem. I don't know what you mean by that.
  7. Yeah, but the formula you have to look at is what is better: Romine+Sanchez Sanchez+Free Agent DH of Death
  8. I don't necessarily feel I'm a Republican even in name. I'm fiscally Conservative, but socially Liberal. That's not Republican. Have I called myself a Republican? I don't think so. If I did, I didn't mean to. Pro-Choice, not hardcore Pro-2A, don't care about gay marriage........... No way I'm a Republican. But I sure as hell ain't a Lefty, Democrat, or Liberal.
  9. Yeah that's a fine line. Once you reach the level of "counter protester," you're probably closer to Antifa than not.
  10. Well then there a fairly reasonable chance that you're not one of the psycho Liberals I'm wishing such mental infliction upon. You're probably just a Lefty, who I probably disagree with on just about everything, but don't view as a threat to my way of life. You're probably someone who simply has different political viewpoints, not a madman.
  11. KKK, Nazis, White Supremists, Antifa, BLM, Westboro, MS-13......... I'd love to see some modifications to our legal system that allows for law enforcement to target them all with horrific consequences and an extraordinarily streamlined Due Process. I mean a Due Process that is so fast that it's over before anyone even really knows it started.
  12. Sure! I'm anti-Nazi, and there ain't nothing at all Antifa about me.
  13. Yeah, but we be running out of outs. I'm really not happy with that 3-0 green light they gave Sanchez............
  14. It didn't happen in 2008. I said "damn." Then I went to work. It didn't happen again in 2012. I said "what the hell is wrong with everyone?!?" Then I went to work. Know what I didn't do? I didn't block any roads, Occupy any buildings, vandalize any campuses, burn any cops cars, loot any towns, or punch anyone in the face. I did do quite a bit of fishing, and even flew a Trump flag in 2016. But "melting down?" Nah, not my style.
  15. I'm surprised they took him out also.