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  1. First, I want to see the laws/penalties changed, so that horrific consequences are in place. Get everyone on notice. The investigations should be done by the people from the other side, who are most vindictively out to get the accused. I want wolves coming after the bad guys, not sheep. The juries are the ones that get to decide Guilt or Innocence, and additionally, whether or not the vindictive investigators abused their power in the process, and whether or not there will be consequences for them as well. Well, their kids, acting like..... kids. So let them protest, and let the adults do what needs to be done. God no. But the witch hunt they chose to undertake opens them to this criticism, even if it's unfounded. I'm condemning him for it, very consistently, no? The Left would confiscate every last gun, even from the police, if we let them. We're not going to have to turn in our guns (even those like me that don't have any yet), but it's not because the Left won't try. It's because we won't let them make us, and it is the fault of the Left that the distrust is so high that the Right refuse to budge even an inch on the issue. The Left is not trustworthy. They have proven it again and again. If we give in on ARs, then it'll be shotguns, then handguns, then slingshots, and it will never end.
  2. No. What we need is way to horrifically punish those who abuse our Freedoms, and remove (jail, deport, kill, whatever) those who will not learn the lesson. The problem is not our Freedoms. It is our people. Not all our people, just the ones that abuse our Freedoms, and the ones that would let them get away with it. Of course, now some of you can lecture me on "cruel and unusual."
  3. What most people will not admit is that this is true of almost all of our Freedoms. As a nation, as a whole, we are no longer fit to deserve them, or use them as intended. - We abuse Freedom of Speech by protesting funerals. - We abuse Freedom of the Press by reporting lies. - We abuse the Right to Bear Arms by shooting up schools. - We abuse the Right to Peaceably Assemble by intentionally denying access/travel to others. - We abuse the Right to Petition the Government by assaulting them with BS "gotcha" narratives/questions. - We abuse the Right to be secure from unreasonable search by invalidating legit search warrants over BS typos. - We abuse the Right to trial via hotshot lawyers that manipulate the system. - We abuse our legal system by lying under oath. Let's face it, as a whole, we are not worthy of the Freedoms the Founders established for us.
  4. Disgusting and unforgivable. That Tweet should be a permanent ding in his legacy. Not saying he can't move on and be a very successful POTUS anyway, but I'm not going to let that one go any time soon.
  5. Maybe the Lefties are simply brain washing the kids throughout their entire time in school, and whether it's something on a national stage like this attack, or merely posting online, the kids are articulate/trained/brainwashed/convinced/molded/whatever to put a Lefty viewpoint out there in a way that seems both reasonable and intelligent? Why do you choose to twist it into something insidious?
  6. "All?" Really? I'm claiming I know "all?" I've been calling him an egomaniac on this site since I joined. It's never been questioned once that I can recall. There's no question the man has an ego that is a major part of his persona, and one does not need to be a shrink to see it. It is obvious and clear. What is $400,000 to Trump? He's a Billionaire. Not a Millionaire, a Billionaire. $400,000 means nothing, but the ability to brag that he's donating his salary to a good cause? Come on, that's a no brainer. If you want to talk about facts and substantiation, can you prove he's doing all this as a sacrifice for the good of his country? Or is that simply how you "feel?"
  7. I didn't say "sued and lose." I simply said "sued." Suing someone, even if you know you will not win a trial, in the hope they settle just to make you go away, is very prevalent in our society. It's a complete sham, an abuse of our legal system, but we let people get away with it every day.
  8. There is no question that Trump absolutely has the Constitutional Authority to fire Comey, for a reason as simple as "he felt like it." I guess I'll just ask the question again though............... If Trump says under oath "I fired Comey because I thought that would end the Russia investigation," then could he be charged with Obstruction? This is a simple question. It is not a theory from outer space. It is simply a refute to "his motivation cannot be questioned." I say it can be questioned, especially if he says something like what I outlined above, and while appears many of you do not like it, I am right.
  9. That's because she decided it wasn't worth the fire storm to reply with "yes, I have knowledgeable, informed athletes on my show all the time, but you don't fit that description, so you should just shut up and dribble."
  10. I want to stop talking about "proof," because unless Trump says something really stupid under oath, I don't see how they could ever "proove" that Trump committed Obstruction by firing Comey. And I'm not saying he did commit Obstruction. I am merely pointing out, over and over and over, that when people say it is "not possible" for Trump to commit Obstruction by firing Comey, that they are wrong, and it is possible, "if" (such a huge "if") he fired Comey (which he has the right to do) for the wrong reason. Trump cannot fire Comey in the hopes of ending the Russia investigation (not that it would) any more than he can fire Carson for being Black or Yates for being a woman. Some of you are turning this into so much more than that one simple point, and seem to be indicating that I'm on some Jihad to convict Trump. I want Trump win again in 2020, that's what I want. PS - I don't know what you mean by "RUMINT?"
  11. No. I didn't realize it. I was humoring you all because it was funny to me. That's why I joked about it. My questions about whether or not it's "possible" for a POTUS to commit Obstruction are right on the money, and if this has to be a matter of I am right about that, and all of you are wrong, well, "all of you are wrong." And I'm not joking. PS - Patchy and Sqwid? With regard to that point? Yeah, they're right too. It is possible for Trump's firing of Comey to be Obstruction.
  12. Well, with regard to "dumb," **** you. How about that? Don't be a dick. His ego is at an ALL TIME HIGH, and as a Billionaire, with a "B", that is worth far more to him than his salary of $400,000. Stop being a dick, and think before you start hurling insults. If you want to disagree with me, fine, but you're acting like a real douche. What are you going to tell me next, that he ran his charity event for the Vets actually for the Vets, and not as a way to screw CNN by ditching the debate?
  13. 49. Look, I jump off cliffs on skis, and fish 50 miles out on a 23' single engine boat. I'm doing more than my share to "hurry it along," no?
  14. When you show me something Trump is doing that is benefiting the country, but not benefiting him, even vicariously, then I will agree with you.