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  1. Taylor ham, when very well done, is very similar in taste to a hot dog that is well done. And I agree about the egg, which is why I often omit it.
  2. Me personally? Or do you mean "how in general should we, as a fishing community, judge the accuracy of the data?" For me personally, for starters, is there anything more random than blind trawling? Yet that is one of the primary methods by which they accumulate data.
  3. Name of the place (it is a chain) is Red, White and Que. They are a VERY patriotic, VERY Veteran friendly place, to the point that I have to think the founders are Vets.
  4. Yes, "Red White and Que." Everything there is excellent. They are the most Vet friendly organization I have ever seen. Walk through the door, and I think you may be impressed. Usually I skip the egg for extra pork, and get a pork (very well done, almost burnt) and cheese. I'm just a huge fan of spicy mustard. Love it.
  5. Ah, but pork roll (well done, of course), cheese and egg on an egg bagel, with Mustard, is the bomb!
  6. Nice!!! Jalapeno and Cheddar is a mighty combination, and not just on bagels. On nachos, on a ham sandwich with Spicy Mustard, and have you have had Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread from the local BBQ joint? Nice!!!
  7. Good List!! Not complete though. Gotta add Feminists, Progressives, BLM, Occupy, and the UN.
  8. In all fairness, it's not like Trump has released any of the other years. I think 2005 is the only one that's out there, no?
  9. If EVER there was a day to go for Tog, or even better, offshore Sea Bass............
  10. You know, for all the studies, all the knowledge, all the know it alls, all the decades of data, all the "effort" , what regs has everyone come up with? You can keep two fish a day, a big breeder, and an even bigger breeder, both of whom have to have good genes to have made it that far. Not one "slot" fish. Not two smaller fish. No. For all the knowledge, studies and experience, the regs are to take 2 prime breeders a day. Yeah, keep it everyone. You're all doing a great job. I guess I'll just go back to my "complete lack of effort" and just go about killing the 2 prime breeders a day that all of the wizard "powers that be" feel is the right way to go.
  11. I understand that calling me a liar is the easy way to go here, and that's fine. I've seen them. I know what I've seen. And if no one wants to hear it, then so be it. PS - I really don't believe I've ever said anything along the lines of "just waiting to rescue the fishery," but whatever. "A complete lack of effort"............. Whatever. I guess that's the perfect to end this on.
  12. I'm not necessarily advocating Bird for the 3 hole, but we have to break up the Judge/Stanton/Sanchez Righty brigade somehow, and Bird/Didi are the 2 players to do it with. At least, until we Harper.
  13. Jared and Jr. would get pardoned so fast, that Trump would be able to say "I am the best Pardoner you have ever met," and for once, he'd be right about being the best.
  14. Or less. Roughly.
  15. There is a huge difference between dragging a shark or tuna you intend to harvest for the purpose of killing it, to harvest it, and simply torturing an animal for fun.