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  1. I ordered a souvlaki from a fat hairy greek bloke, and watched sweat drip off him into the souver....... i left True Story
  2. To help Bernie
  3. And a tail added...??? and underboob
  4. Bollocks
  5. Willy
  6. Maybe Joey, but looks like 'she' will soon sprout a moustache, which is surprising as 'she' only looks 12
  7. She looks like a good time to me
  8. Is this what Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham would actually look like if she was healthy.....?????
  9. Air con on the moon and Mars hopefully
  10. I like the black crate What was it used for, RR??
  11. You seem to have similar hobbies and interests
  12. Do you own any guns Terry?
  13. Too small Terry
  14. How hot does your spring/summer get in the States??
  15. Imagine what would've happened to you if you actually threw the coleslaw at her
  16. Queen
  17. Don't recall any peanuts in the version I get I'll try and remember to take a pic next time I get it
  18. Boat
  19. Cool thanks Joey How is your boat, running fine after the ice?????
  20. Please don't send him to Australia.....please The Riddler
  21. He isn't an Aussie is he.....??
  22. Many schools I know of in Oz have multiple access points. If a nutter wants to shoot up a school, they don't need to use the front door to do so
  23. Any more info MitchellNJ? Any pics etc??? Please