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  1. That's what I was thinking. I can honestly say, that if tied a trap to someone else's line, and came to find my trap above tide line , that I would say " oh well, it wasnt an abandoned spot. " That also means there are tons of spots to snag during winter when others pots are pulled because of ice flows.?
  2. A few weeks ago, I pulled a pot for some serious maintenance. I coiled the line and buried it under the rap with still attached to weight bench ballast. I knew there was a risk that someone could come and set new rigging and a trap there and that spot would be theirs. I had kept checking the spot and all was well. I finally brought the trap down and saw a pot had been set there and thought I blew it. However, the pot was tied off on my line and my ballast. Is it " finders keepers", do I pull the trap to check for license and name to track owner down ( I would re-set trap of course ) . Or do I have other options such as removing trap up to the rap edge?
  3. He's just another voice of the Democrat party. I'm lovin it .
  4. He's just another voice of the Democrat party. I'm lovin it .
  5. I was tossing a tip snapping pecker head paddle yesterday in 15+ knots and hooking up constantly during flow. They're biting for sure. Truth be told, surface presentation is where it seems to be at right now. But , not in the canal since its closed for maintenance this year.
  6. If you're asking that question, you obviously have a man-bun and drink almond milk.
  7. That's what you get for going bareback!
  8. Why eat striper when tilapia is so abundant?
  9. Is that why they have zero flavor?. Had 3 this week. Not the slightest hint of lobster
  10. Treated a customers area on a bay today. They downsized. Apparently the hubs, caught babesiosis last year and he was sick for a long time. Sounds awfull. Sounds worse than I can imagine. He was the worst case scenario so far. Put a 100k on the suspension racing back home to get the special stuff for waterways etc. I can't believe I'm doing this stuff for a job now, paid myself better before for this endevour, but it's worth it. It's personal at this point. Dad has had lymes too many times, my kids "use to " get covered in them . Just protect yourselves out there guys. Shower when you get home and check your nooks and crannies. My daughter pulled another from her hair. I had to put my yard on the que. Shower after every outing folks, wear light colored clothes, you can perm your clothes, but don't wade in them. So Many folks telling horror stories, why is the cdc lagging on this one?. I'm not advertising, but I was at a home today where a 4 year old had lymes. I hate these things with a passion. Depressing job, but I'm kicking their ass everyday .Useless creatures.
  11. That's al I have to say about that.
  12. I can't believe it's 420 and I'm up searching more 10cc songs. Man, that group takes me back to the days of 8 hour trips to buffalo in my parents station wagon.
  13. Holy carp!, you're pretty old and you thought you made it? Root in for ya.