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  1. How do you eat Smelt? The name is off-putting ( same as squash, quiche, etc.) They have them at Shaws and i debated risking them, cod, or haddock. I can only splurge on whats on sale. They look like they may fit the bill, but their name is stopping me.
  2. Always take your hat off at a meal. The short stint of living in Worcester MA, it was a requirement in some banks. At home, I just bona the floors twice a day. Sounds like Red went to "finishing" school too.a cosmopolitan man indeed.
  3. Holy muder Teresa, you have some serious. Manscaping probems
  4. You have nails? Do you work. ? F-ing plumber/hvac bastards.
  5. I Went downstairs after a glorious shower because I needed my undies in the baskets I didn't fold yet. She says " are you getting love handles " ?, I said " so what!, I can get rid of them in two weeks but last time I saw you necked, it was obvious you don't know how to do a kegel. " Oh boy it's getting ugly.
  6. Racist post
  7. Cool. He obviously gets it.
  8. Off topic. But, anyone got a light? Cessiatedified smoking the wrong way.
  9. Longer than it takes for you to realize the situation
  10. Not gonna post the pics. But, go over to BET and we can barter or trade for the 411
  11. Innapropriate I'm not saying a damn thing. I have two dogs that are making it impossible to sit and watch the tube. And they aren't my frigging dogs!!! I was robbed I tell Ya, robbed. So she showed up and guess who calls to say she will be later than 6. Ahhh, awesome. I can go grocery shopping, watch some **** stuff , and get to the bus-stop. Well, I'm doomed always have been. It didn't happen that way. She gets home and starts with this " you didn't tell me you were talking to her?". Well, in my defense, it was texting and there was no innapropriate intention meant. We all take pics of ourselves with our phones. Can I post it and let the SOL members decide?
  12. She came over tonight while SWMBO was at work. Uggh.