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  1. I am an "outsider". I live in the country North of your country. Guess the name ... ^..^
  2. The more I read some of the posts here the more I ****in laugh...Then again there nothing funny about all this ...It is just sad...It a shame...People who elected this clown should be ashamed...Or maybe they are so self centered and ignorant and full of themselves that they still did not understand that they share the same planet with other folks... Puzzling... Just my opinion. I share it. ^..^
  3. I agree. Mahi is not picky...White, chartreuse, yellow...They are a blast on fly rod... ^..^
  4. double uni or clinch not improved ^..^
  5. Hey Sams You were right. I tested these (SP17) with or without tail flag and they swim better with flags. I tied bucktail to hookless trebles... 5/0 Kaijun inlines for belly. Ready to go for next week. Cheers ^..^
  6. Youtube is your friend. Lefty and Mark Sosin are outdated litterature mate. Bimini takes a minute, No wet. If ithe double line twists when you're done, it's even better. Double line to shock if flyfishing, double line to swivel if trolling. ^..^
  7. Especially in the US of A... ^..^
  8. Same with meat. Thanx for your input mate. ^..^
  9. Actually, I caught ciguatera from a type of grouper (the missus bought it from a diver who later apologized...), can't recall the exact name, blackfin or something...Ate a whole plate of grouper fingers...Very bad...Passed out in bed for a week, lost a lot of weight...Could not stand up...Got IV and daily visits from local doc...Anyways... Never had any problems with barracuda...Ate only the small ones... ^..^
  10. I mix mayo with dill and lemon juice then cover a fish fillet with it...Usually salmon..Quarter of an inch coat...Then put it in the bbq on a cedar plank, indirect heat...Yummy. ^..^
  11. Weight and reel capacities for each size please ? Thanx ^..^
  12. You speak with wisdom gellfex. Got ciguatera in the Bahamas, but never got sick because of parasites. I will follow your advice. Cheers ^..^
  13. All good. Thanx ^..^
  14. You never freeze it ? Good. I like that. Nothing compares with fresh raw fish. ^..^
  15. Thank you very much for your advice. I always take very good care of my catches, so I should be good to go. I have experienced raw fish throughout the world but was wondering if there was anything specific with SB... Once again, thank you. ^..^