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  1. Best snook I've ever seen. Massive. Congratulations ^..^
  2. Awesome !!! ^..^
  3. North of Limon ? Awesome snook mate. Have a great day
  4. RIO has excellent flylines. And it is an american company. Airflo is based in England. Cheers
  5. I have a floating cold water Airflo on my 8 weight for over 10 years...I do not remember the model...The color is light blue...Awesome flyline... Cheers
  6. Luckily I still have a good supply of Edgewater foams... For popper heads I often use cylinders that I modify to make them more effective...I guess my snook poppers will work for stripers... Some of the gurglers I just tied...Hope they work ! ^..^
  7. Awesome Thanx ! ^..^
  8. Good morning all Thank you for the great comments and advice. Much appreciated. Gurglers and poppers... Back at the vise ! ^..^
  9. Nice bonefish... Summer for you is from November til April or May ? Thanx ^..^
  10. I love broccoli ^..^
  11. Thanx all ! Our fishery up here is getting really interesting and the numbers are there...I'm always willing to try different tactics and surface fishing is definitely my favorite. I love the "heart attack" thing...It's just that my experience with striper fishing is limited to 4 or 5 years...But I'm investing time and energy...Learning stuff on SOL, equipment, tying new patterns... Cheers ^..^
  12. Hi all I've never caught a striper on a popper while flyfishing...( Caught some on pencils in CCC...) I'd like to put more energy to it this coming season. What's your experience ? Big poppers ? Small poppers ? Calm waters ? Rough waters ? Early morning ? Late evening ? Daytime ? Thanx heap ^..^
  13. Hi Stax When is best time of year to go there, weather and fishing wise ? Any Gts around the island ? Queenfish ? Cheers mate ^..^
  14. Okuma Nomad Inshore Travel M-MH ^..^