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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  2. God Bless Mary, good luck everyone!
  3. I'm in, good luck everyone! -krnguy712
  4. I've never tried the Predator, but the Outback is a solid choice. I took my 2015 Outback to CBBT and had no problems with a surf launch, made it safely to the first island and back! One thing I might do is to replace the stock round storage hatch that comes with the Outback, and upgrade to the Pro Angler rectangular one - I gotta check to see if anybody did a write up on how to do this ... Also makes A BIG DIFFERENCE if you upgrade to the larger rudder - granted I've never tried the stock rudder, but I feel that most will agree to this upgrade as well! 2015+ Outback has the new Vantage CT seat - Good Luck! -krnguy712
  5. Cheers bro. Good luck with sale
  6. It’s a nice board, but I think my value would be lost through shipping costs alone (just a guess though, but I assume shipping wouldn’t be cheap for an item that size). I have a burton frontier 168 and was looking to downsize - as I get older that beast is getting harder to control and heavy too! If jbaer is local might be better to work out a deal with him - no hard feelings! GLWS!
  7. Is this pick up only?
  8. Pictures please?
  9. I use TA Clip 125 (TAC-0001), and they are big enough to use for every application I've needed (Jig/bucktail, Plug, etc). 2 cents -krnguy712
  10. Looking forward to what you dig up, @Scooby -krnguy712
  11. Hilarious picture - hahahaha!
  12. Haha, true story - you got me there Cheers, Sudsy! -krnguy712
  13. I took a leap of faith(after speaking with some friends who swear by it) and gave it a shot. I purchased a big roll as you mentioned above but it had some QC issues (Expensive braids have QC issues also!). I emailed KastKing support to plead my case, and they let me keep the defective roll while sending me a new one to replace it - Great customer service! Granted I had no use for defective braid on a fishing reel, but I still use small bits/pieces to practice tying new knots! The color bleeds a lot though, but I found if you leave it inside water overnight it's not as bad. At the price point of 1094 yards at $28.59, take a gamble and give it a shot =D Powerpro and KastKing #50lb is only different by .04MM, so KastKing is thicker but not by much, and I've never had issues with it breaking for me also. I caught plenty of big blue catfish and stripers using #65 KastKing, and standard KastKing jumps from 4 strand to 8 once you hit the #65 mark(if my memory serves me correct). On YouTube, there is a guy who compared Powerpro to KastKing - and KastKing outperformed in most every test he did - at half the price point! I would post a link if it was allowed, but go search "KastKing vs. Powerpro" and check it out! I'm going to have to try that Daiwa J-Braid out also ...heard lots of good things. Good Luck! -krnguy712