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  1. I'm not involved at all, apologies for this post if anybody read it prior to me editing just now.
  2. That's a nice reel man - good luck with your sale!
  3. Closing post due to lack of interest. Thanks TimS and SOL -krnguy712
  4. I second - I received an order from Tinman Tackle and it was high quality! Good luck! -krnguy712
  5. Lets get this going, SOL Ideally, we should make this a 2 day trip (Saturday and Sunday) to make it worth the drive up. 2 cents. -krnguy712
  6. You guys want to plan this for next weekend? Lets do CBBT? Any good ideas on where we can launch from? It would be my first time out on Kayak at CBBT Looking forward to meeting up! -krnguy712
  7. Pictures - can provide more upon request Thanks again, -krnguy712
  8. Lets try this again - to the top! This reel is like brand new, used 5 times or less. As a disclaimer - this reel is very loud when reeling in. Not sure if this is due to a lack of lube on the line roller - if the reel just hasn't been broken in yet - but I am hesitant to take it apart for fear that I might not put it back together properly. It has been rinsed off with freshwater after all fishing trips. Let's see if I can work out a deal this time around - edit to my original post - my price is $300 for quick sale - local pick up only DC/MD/VA Thanks for your interest. -krnguy712
  9. lets go viper, Steve, and rodfather! -krnguy712
  10. I found it online - not impressed. It's still small, slammer knob is best upgrade I think. Thanks for sharing though!
  11. Pictures??
  12. Mythic Gear looks nice man - thanks for the head's up!
  13. EVA is nice - but it deteriorates over time, and doesn't clean up as easily as the Metal Slammer Knob. Additionally - it's harder to get leverage for cranking in - as the EVA knob can only be held with your fingers vs. the Metal Slammer knob which fits nicely in your palm. To each their own =D -krnguy712
  14. Although the parts are different - the process is the same. Reply back if you need any help, and post pictures once you're done! The hardest challenge for me was getting the replacement top half lid to close fully with the rubber seal in place (didn't want to damage the seal). It's difficult to turn the top half once you start turning the lid, I recommend using a quarter covered in Saran Wrap to prevent damage to the Slammer knobs gold finish. When taking the stock EVA knob off, use a quarter also. There's 2 bearings also - one of mine was lodged inside the EVA knob but can easily be removed with a screwdriver (just tap lightly on it and it will pop out because it's not glued in, it's just a snug fit). Im curious to see how long the replacement Knob will stay securely in place, as I didn't use locktite on the screw holding it in. Only time will tell - But worst comes to worst I can always remove the top half and fix it. I've used it for 15 trips at least and it's still solid! Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing more Penn Clammers out there, or as scoobydoo would say - Penn Slash! Thanks Tony for your support on SOL! krnguy712