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  1. I agree with your reply - 2/0 Gama wont be the same as a 2/0 Mustad - sad but true. I look forward to seeing your pictures - maybe we can make something work. Thanks again, -krnguy712
  2. Hi Dan, I was hoping you would see this Would the price differ if hooks were provided to you as opposed to using your own materials? I typically use 2/0 Gama hooks - 5/0 might be too big for my application and area I fish. I wish I could justify the 5/0 hook size - but then again, hooks differ based off manufacturers from what I have seen. What brand of hooks do you use? Can you post a picture with 5/0 hook next to a Quarter for size comparison? Also a picture of 5/0 Jig head hook next to a Quarter? Thanks again for your time and efforts. -krnguy712
  3. I am looking to sell my 12 foot Jon Boat - Montgomery Ward brand - Aluminum Hull - no leaks - but it definitely could use a fresh coat of paint. I will include a 40 lb thrust trolling motor, 1 spare propeller, AGM battery, anchor rope, anchor, 2 life jackets, emergency air horn, 2 oars, 1 collapsible spare emergency paddle, 1 cushioned captains chair, and the Jon Boat. Local pick up only - DC/MD/VA area - $500 Cash Thanks for your interest - I will upload pictures later on. -krnguy712
  4. WTB 2015+ Hobie Outback Hobie Mirage ST Turbo Fin I prefer Seagrass Green, Papaya Orange, or Ivory Dune colors please. DC/MD/VA Thank you, -krnguy712
  5. I am looking to purchase Blackfish Jigs - White color - 1-2 oz Thank you krnguy712
  6. Congrats! Looks like I'll have to buy mine ... =D -krnguy712
  7. Where do you find these? Interesting ...never thought to use weighted jig heads on tog, always have used inline bullet weights with 2/0-4/0 hooks off the OC jetty. -krnguy712
  8. A friend showed me - if you hold the line with your index finger higher up on the pole - the likelihood of getting your finger burned while casting is reduced significantly. I used to fish with a casting glove until my friend showed me his trick - haven't needed a glove since. Only time I use the casting glove is to cast out 8NB8 - shark fishing. Thanks, krnguy712
  9. You can DIY anything - but I am 99% sure the reels balance would be thrown off if you simply cut the bail wire to make it bail-less. -krnguy712
  10. I am just showing you what's posted online - take it for what it's worth - information posted online. If it matters that much and the reel doesn't come with it but you can afford to shell out 500 to buy one - then you can probably shell out another 100 to buy the bailless kit, Just saying. Seems like a very narrow minded view on a cool new product coming out because advertising is not consistent. You get what you pay for, We shall see, only time will tell.
  11. Might be a situation where the Product Description is supposed to be "all inclusive", but the bail-less conversion kit only comes with the bigger brothers - not the VR50. Either way - it looks like a nice reel and decent price point (compared to other VS) -krnguy712
  12. I am not sure if this picture is allowed, if it isn't I apologize in advance MOD's and Tim. I saw it on 2 websites, this is a screen shot from one of them with no Merchant website information shown - but even they reference the bail-less conversion kit. Are there any VS reps on Stripersonline that can confirm/deny? Thanks, -krnguy712
  13. Hi AckStriperGuyDD - I guess you can't believe everything you read on the internet - but the site I read this from appears to be reputable. I believe posting of links are not allowed per SOL policy - MODs - if you approve, I can post the link to the website where I read this - if not, sorry AckStriperGuyDD --- -krnguy712
  14. I read otherwise, "The reel comes from the factory with a bail, but also with a conversion kit so you can remove it and fish the VR50 in the more traditional, bail-less configuration. Expect the VR50 to begin showing at your authorized dealers beginning in September and retail for an MSRP of $499."