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  1. nice story, thanks for sharing. -krnguy712
  2. Looking forward to seeing the progress pictures and end results! Good Luck! -krnguy712
  3. I bet bro, wish you all the luck with landing another unicorn in the future! Tight lines! -krnguy712
  4. If NL is correct as the first two letters of the serial number, then it was made December 2014. You’re welcome! -krnguy712
  5. Nice Catch! Kudos to you for C/P/R -krnguy712
  6. Nomad92, I think he is referencing to the serial number, not model number. Serial number can be used to determine a St Croix Rod's age/warranty eligibility for the first owner, but not sure if the warranty travels. You can kind of make it out in the first picture, but it's hard to see the full S/N. Happy reading -krnguy712 ----------------------------------------------------- Where's My Serial Number? Since 2001, every St. Croix rod has a unique serial number. This number is located on the rod blank just above the handle. According to St. Croix's Service Policy, the date contained in the serial number will be used to determine the beginning of the warranty period, unless the warranty registration information was submitted within 30 days of purchase. The first letter of the serial number stands for the year: FIRST Letter Year Code 2001 A 2002 B 2003 C 2004 D 2005 E 2006 F 2007 G 2008 H 2009 I 2010 J 2011 K 2012 L 2013 M 2014 N 2015 O 2016 P 2017 Q 2018 R 2019 S 2020 T The second letter of the Serial Number stands for the month: SECOND Letter Month Code January A February B March C April D May E June F July G August H September I October J November K December L
  7. Entertaining trades?
  8. awesome score! -krnguy712
  9. nice video! Thanks for sharing! -krnguy712
  10. Looks like a Pellet Trout to me - only the finest diet yields gainz like this! -krnguy712
  11. I want to Kayak as well - but that Wind though ...=X -krnguy712
  12. 형님, Thanks for the fishing report and pictures, awesome! -krnguy712
  13. Crazy video. Thanks for sharing.
  14. lol - +1 -krnguy712