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  1. Apparently it never caught on during the 70s at the canal. How much further distance would you say these cast vs a canal set up that gets used these days?
  2. Sounds counter productive cast really far to where the fish are but have trouble getting them in.
  3. Just came across these alvey reels online and never seen one before. What are the pros and cons of this type of reel and how do they work? Do other companies make reels like this as well?
  4. Tuna fishing has been on fire the last two months!!! How much of a peak do you expect?
  5. If anyone is interested in donating money I strongly suggest looking up Team Rubicon. You can look at where the money goes as well as how they are graded as a charity. I have personally worked with them and was deployed in Beaumont Texas with them. They have people all over Texas Florida Puerto Rico the islands and in Mexico. They really do care about helping others and a large part of Team Rubicon is made of veterans. Anyways here's a pic I got with George p Bush Texas land commissioner while i was deployed to Texas. A lot of people received over 6ft of water in there house in Texas and still need help. Sign up and volunteer like I did or donate money to them.
  6. I thought I've seen in other threads you mention how people just throw the fish in the water instead of taking time to revive them. This is getting off topic. Anyways awesome video loved all the footage.
  7. I didn't say there was anything wrong. Just found it funny
  8. Just throws the fish back in lol
  9. Same here I'm bring a few poles down as well. I know the rules and my slosh30 is loaded up with 17lb mono for the point. My other reel I can use when I am off on my own. When in Rome do as the Romans do.I'm looking at getting a kayak for the trip to make it over to shelly island. Not sure what the fish will be up to so it will be nice to make the crossing.
  10. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you guys. I haven't met anyone from the forum yet. If anyone sees my Jeep stop by for a beer and say Hi!!!
  11. Thanks for the reply but up here in mass we do not have a slot limit. The law states 1 fish over 28in. Unfortunately I don't make the laws I just follow them. If I choose to keep a fish I caught to eat so be it. And as far as I'm concerned the laws are just bs. When every state on the east coast differs from one another nothing is being accomplished. Every state should be on the same page as far as limits go. Any ways drum rigs. Worst pic ever but I make mine similar to yours.
  12. This goes on for 7 miles straight both sides of the canal. Well over 1000 people fishing and more than half of them with the Wal-Mart combos. No regard for the person 15ft next to them. Wicked annoying but part of the game. 40inch fish cast after cast for hours.
  13. All this reading has me getting excited for my first ever trip in Oct. I can't wait to get out on the point elbow to elbow catching drum with everyone. Sanjuan gave my some great advice this spring and I now make my rigs similar to his. What is every ones thought with shelly island this oct? Will the fish swim through close to the point or will they be on the other side of the new island? Anyways here's a pic of the cape cod canal if anyone was ever curious what it's like fishing up here in mass. Weekend warriors with no respect for others.
  14. The Whistler out of Gloucester it's the old Pinwheel he bought it from Tyler . Been out on it twice recently. The second time we hooked up with a 105 in tuna. Give Kevin a call and hell put you on the fish.
  15. If something falls through let me know I don't mind an excuse to go fishing.