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  1. Great job on the hunt buzzardsbaybruin you'll be eating good for awhile now!! Well said cccstriper some people will never understand. As long as the laws are followed I don't see why people have such an issue. Liked you said hypocrites. Those deer lived a good life unlike the meat they buy and turn a blind eye to at the grocery store.
  2. No limits if you win the lottery they sell you unlimited tags and want you to shoot anything that moves.
  3. I would agree with you but the amount of bacon they put on your plate
  4. Carl's for sure!! Skip class so many times in high school to get Carl's lol
  5. My friend got 3 yesterday! I went over and helped him quarter them. He said other than that it's been quiet thus year. He also said not as many protesters as last year too.
  6. I read somewhere not to long ago dare county has some of the highest dui arrests. I've been pulled over in Maryland on my way home from obx but never in nc. I'm well aware they drive like maniacs on 12 when nothing but sand dunes on both sides but once into town 25mph it is. And def no passing on the right haha they hate that.
  7. Love me some daiwa bg series reels
  8. If you think your going to get $20lb like in wicked tuna keep dreaming
  9. Last week while I was down at the point there was a guy down there pushing Vega rods. It was a 3 piece rod I believe about 14ft. I didn't catch everything he said but I sounds like he buys blanks and wraps them himself. He was looking to get $350 a rod and would sell you on on the beach if you wanted it. I was looking online and they don't seem to popular around here.
  10. The trip was a blast and had the most perfect weather any one can ask for. I spent the most time fishing than I ever have in years past and no citation drum for me. It was very frustrating I saw more fish caught than I've ever seen down there but all puppy drum (lots of blues to). The week I was there I saw one citation pulled up in front of me. I fished alot at the point and would spend all night fishing until the next morning until after the morning bite died. Fishing was wicked slow every night after 10:30pm but that didn't stop me. There was nights I was the only one at the point the entire night until every one showed up in the am. Bait was more abundant than I've ever seen before. I was catching citation size mullet with a cast nest and had more than enough. I got to know alot of people at the point and was able to share some bait with them. Some of the nicest people I've meet. Everyone was just so nice the entire trip. Eventually I got away from the crowds and headed over to ocracoke in search of a citation but not lucky enough. Fished all night with nothing in return I even went so far as kayaking a bait 300 yds out looking for a shark and not even a bite. All in all it was one of my best trips. I couldn't have asked for a better trip and can't wait to get back down.
  11. Today's the day finally. First a broken finger to postpone my trip. Then last week the flu the day before I was suppose leave. Finally everything worked out and my friend and I will be leaving tonight and fishing until thur. Looks like some great weather this week. A little windy mon but after that it will be a great week. This is the latest I've ever come down to Buxton. I'm hoping to catch my first citation to make this trip worth it. The plan is to have a line in the water atleast 20 hrs a day to increase my chances. Also bringing a kayak if I need to get my bait out further than I can cast. If anyone's reading this and will be down this week let me know.
  12. That was a very nice gesture. Hopefully someone can put them to good use and create many memories.Fellow new englander here myself. Go patriots!!!
  13. Fred toucher is absolutely terrible. All he does is complain complain complain woah is me. I would love to see him get canned. Maybe eei could pick him up. I never really liked k&c either. Country in the am it is.
  14. ^^^ are you sure you went to the right canal? All you had to do is show up and find a parking spot to catch a fish. This year is one for the books that I'll always remember.
  15. Nothing ever goes as planned but hoping to come down and fish wed-sat. Weather is looking good at the moment but that can change. Everyone bailed on me so I'll be fishing alone. Oh well there those more fish for me to catch.