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  1. People who do illegal things(kill people) don't care if something is legal or not. Banning bump stocks isn't going to save anyone. If someone wants to use a bump stock on a gun to kill people they will regardless if everyone in Ma turns them in. This law is just another way for the gov to slowly but surely strip away all our rights. When citizens can't own guns anymore the gov will be in total control and that's what they want.
  2. To bad Vegas was an inside job to push there own agenda!!
  3. I had a police officer shot and killed in my town and I went down a month or two later and applied for my Ltc. I didn't think they would want to give me one after what happened but the chief believed in the 2nd amendment and people have the right to bear arms. He point blank said I'll be receiving mine in a couple of weeks before I left the station. Still weird it's up to there discretion though.
  4. May the 4th be with you!!
  5. Bts brisket is my favorite. Pulled pork on the other hand not so much!
  6. I got the letter but don't own any. And even if I did I wouldn't go turn it in. What a joke!!!
  7. If you want ribs or brisket you gotta hit up BT's smoke house in Sturbridge. In the middle of no where but delicous food.Portions are good too!!
  8. Unfortunately this isn't my Lunker but my mom's bf got a nice one today in Worc county. Plenty of ice still even with the warm day today!
  9. Enjoy your trip in June. That's my favorite month to visit obx. Unfortunately this June I'll be busy so that will force me to make the trip in May!!
  10. I was out in Norfolk on the ice yesterday and we had about 14in of ice. Wasn't ice fishing unfortunately but plenty of ice!!
  11. Must be all the dead fish from the canal that floated down there
  12. Not my picture but this was the other day in auburn
  13. What a huge school of stripers he came across. Love the shots with the drone!
  14. When Honda's put all those bumper stickers on there car it increases the horse power by atleast 5%. So question is with all those striper stickers on that truck does that increase catching a striper by atleast 5%?
  15. I enjoyed the show and like seeing a local guy get out there and make a show. Also all the commercials/sponsors are local companies and I thought that was cool as well. Seeing little local shops get air time and help with there business is good for them. Can't wait to see the other episodes. Seems like Ryan puts alot of time into fishing and it seems to be paying off.