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  1. Hey is this still available??
  2. Good to here that too!!
  3. I figured they would be- but it’s worth it if it wakes up the bass to feed!!!
  4. Good to know- I should specify before this goes any further that I will be fishing from the beach, not a boat.
  5. hey guys, happy new year. the striper season on LI should hopefully be starting in a few months and with that i figured id try something new. for early season schoolies, anyone ever used or had any luck with these gulp sandworms? mainly gonna be used on the north shore but figured id see if anyone used them, and how you used them, or rigged them up. thanks in advance
  6. Sure why not happy new year. PM on way
  7. Sorry buddy, that’s a nice reel but I need the cash right now. Make me an offer
  8. Ok PM sent
  9. I didn’t read the whole thread so I don’t know if I’m repeating someone or not but: IMO, the new Penn torque 2 is the worst for a simple reason, Penn totally bombed the marketing of this reel with its whole IPX6 rating. They should’ve just manned up and put in the extra little bit to solidly say submersible and waterproof. I love Penn reels, but I feel they really hurt themselves in a way. Not sure if it classifies it as a “worst” but I’m sure plenty will get my point.
  10. Want to sell my Penn Slammer III 4500. Has an extra spool. Both spools have the drag cap and both are spooled with 30# power pro. Reel is lightly used, excellent condition. I have the box with papers and the EVA knob too. $200 shipped. No PayPal.
  11. I’ll also throw in a new stack of drag washers.
  12. Hey guys, WTS my 704Z. At first sight, it’s a little rough on the eyes, but mechanically it works great. Comes with the extra spool and it’s spooled with 30# braid. Also has the waterproof drag knob on it. I had to keep my only bail-less kit on my last 704, so the complete bail assembly is on this. Those kits can be picked up very cheap. Asking $50
  13. You got it PM sent
  14. Reel still available. Price drop to $100
  15. That’s not the first time I heard that the torque 2 is a downgrade. Penn couldn’t have messed up the marketing for this reel any worse. The torque 1 was marketed as a fully sealed dunkable reel. They came out and said the torque 2 is sealed better, but can’t be dunked. That’s a head scratcher. They feel and look amazing, but before I go spending the money on one, I want to know exactly what this bad boy can do.