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  1. I am in
  2. No sorry, sold. I thought I locked the topic
  3. i know ARB makes really good stuff. i gotta check out the ARB and the Stauns. thanks for all the feedback guys!
  4. All good info to know. I’d rather play it safe than try to gain an extra few minutes on the beach. No sense in driving with them on
  5. Gotchya- seeing a lot of positive things about the Stauns
  6. Hey guys, so I’ve never bothered using them. I’ve heard mixed reviews, and from time to time I see people screw them on and drive away immediately. What’s everyone’s thoughts on them, and which ones do you recommend the most. I’ve seen a few different brands and if I’m gonna buy I’d much rather have feedback first. Thanks!
  7. On is way
  8. You got it. Next in line
  9. I’ll do $125, if your willing to send check or Money Order
  10. It’s a right handed reel, when mounted on the rod, you crank and reel in with your RIGHT hand. Hope that helps.
  11. Sorry I’m firm at $130, and I only accept check or Money order
  12. Your up spaghetti, you still want the reel?
  13. Deal, I’m sure it will pass!! PM on way
  14. getting rid of this gem. Great rod, model number is tsawess-882M. It’s a 70/30 split. The ratings and model number are in the pictures. The rod is in excellent shape with no defects or blemishes. I can do local pick up on Long Island. Looking to get $90 for the rod.