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  1. Size and pics?
  2. You got it PM on way
  3. Absolutely
  4. Sorry not splitting the lot
  5. Gonna let it sit for a bit first
  6. The rear dressed hook ones are XD’s, 2.2oz. The rear treble hook ones are regular. 1.8oz. The tiny one on the bottom is 1.4oz and the big guy on the top is 3.3oz
  7. Put this lot together. Some of them have never been fished at all. All three sizes. Only selling this as a lot, not splitting. Asking $50 for all
  8. hey dan can i order 4) 1oz white fully dressed?
  9. It’s pretty simple, but with a 5yr old, 3yr old and a new born it’s just easier for me and more convenient to see if I could get some help with it instead. Not to mention I don’t have anywhere to do all the plastic stuff
  10. Cool I appreciate any and all help!!!
  11. Hey guys. I’m looking to get a soft plastic lure duplicated. I was told on the Main Forum to come here. I can’t find t anywhere anymore, and really want the plastic for me and a friend of mine. Thanks for the help! Let me know if you need more info.
  12. Awesome thanks- yea I’m definitely more likely to try and find someone to do it.
  13. I’m looking to get a soft plastic lure duplicated since I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone on SOL do this? Or know of anywhere I could go to?? Thanks in advance guys
  14. Yea that’s pretty much the way I have everything setup now. Really excited to use the new gear.
  15. So went to my b&t today and checked out some rods. Hands down, the slow pitch spinning. Felt amazing and can not wait to pair it with a reel. Thanks for all the help and input guys, I really appreciate it. Fluke can’t arrive fast enough now!! I wound up going with the H over the MH. They said the H is plenty sensitive, and it still had a “soft” tip that I wanted. The added bonus? It’s also a perfect match for the fall when I jig for tog as well. Could not be happier about that too.