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  1. You will love that new Wrangler good choice, I work for a tire and wheel manufacture and sell wheels/tires/accessories to new car dealers I just did this 2018 "JL" with 3" Mopar Lift with 17" Black Rhino Yorks wrapped in 37x12.50R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers the new JL was made to handle 35" tires with stock suspension no cut or rub from what I've been told by the dealer, all the tires mentioned in other posts all good choices, BFG KO2, Nitto Ridge and Terra Grapplers, I sell alot of Falken Wildpeaks A/T3W's on my builds they are a worry free tire.
  2. The pier on TI facing SF back in the 60's good times! I had family members stationed there I remember going with relatives on the pier and seeing stripers almost as big as me at the time all over the pier must have been a great time to be stationed on TI if you were a fisherman back then.
  3. Camped at Pyramid Lake NV with a couple of friends, wind, snow and freezing temps the first day, the second day sunny still chilly JR got one small Lahontan Cutthroat (released) we had big fish swimming between our legs they just weren't interested with my presentation, learned a lot from my buddy that lives in the area I'll be back with my gear dialed in real soon ... and yes, I had waders on first time in 12 years.
  4. Looking good!
  5. I found this on Facebook, I guess in the 30's 40's and 50's the Greeks in SF were some good fishermen, their favorite beaches were Tail Gunners and Hairy Bears
  6. Shimano Clarus 9' 6-12 line wt. 1/4-3/4 oz. lure wt. med action with a Penn Conflict 3000 spinning reel spooled 10 lb PowerPro rod was my steelhead rod (screw fishing for steelhead I sucked at it) I like how robust the reel is, dunk it, drag it on the rocks and the sand keeps performing, I like fishing with braid so I feel the bite better ........ Tom you ready to fish with me and Paladin we have to beach to ourselves just need to make a little drive, trust me, its worth it.
  7. I'M IN AWE you put on your big boy pants and went out and scratched few without me or put_em_back holding your hand and leading you to fish, good job dingleberry.
  8. Been a long time Bill I was wonder when you been
  9. I just turned 60 don't have the endurance for those 12 + hour fishing days ... Lol
  10. Lol ..... Those lifeguard towers provided warmth and comfort for 4 tired and cold surf fishermen one night ..... it was ghostfish_slayer and Paladin that were caught spooning a fire ring that windy foggy cold night.
  11. Been there done all of that except the hunting part, I've done the work all day drive from Walnut Creek to the American or Feather River for the evening Shad bite, or get up early be at Goethe Park before the sun comes up to swing beads for river rotters. these days I like to fish alone and the places I like to fish you need to backpack into, its good for me to take a break because I'll get burned out.
  12. Been at it hard, I like to fish alone have the beach to myself and to do that I have to backpack in, those trips take a toll on my body. I'll hit it again in January locally.
  13. Couple more from last weeks backpacking trip
  14. Finished the day off with trailside biscuits and gravy needed the fuel for the hike back