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  1. Linesideslarer you went above and beyond a GREAT JOB! and I loved the location nice seeing everyone real nice crowd except for Paladin get some tequila a few beers some baby oil and his rubber air mattress dude squrils up in his tent offering free Taiwanese body scrubs to other campers, I'll have to think twice about camping with him again, and sorry the boys from PTown (and the P don't stand for Pacifica) didn't make it would have been fun.
  2. Bro, we are so past meat.......
  3. I can’t make fun of LBP’s anymore I am now an official brown eyed bug eating bastage
  4. We are getting primed for tomorrow since Sunset is a no drinking zone, well we are going deep
  5. paladin brought his native desert
  6. Tri-top and potato’s
  7. Pork chop and potato’s
  8. Dinner time
  9. Check this out, nice lady next to us has a wolf hybrid
  10. I’m an early person ..... I like donuts
  11. Me and Paladin are camped at Laguna Seca for tomorrow’s fling camp set up enjoying some beers and watching track day ..... more to follow 4893B4D3-80B4-42AF-B956-692A6D8AE99F.MOV