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  1. They love these
  2. Most likely it was sturgeon as you suspected. They can get over 10’ long.
  3. I’m gonna have to stand on my head until I move to the land down under!
  4. I doubt that, it’s on the internet.
  5. This is true, keeps one grounded. Just want to ensure more in the W column than the L column.
  6. There’s really only my godfather, Uncle Tommy. He’s been a derelict pretty much his whole life. Raging cocaine addict, kicked out of the Marines, thief, etc. I wouldn’t know how to get a picture, maybe a mug shot exists somewhere. He was exiled when I was young. But I absolutely get your point. I just thought the BK crowns were a bit much.
  7. She has some suspect family members. This is an actual news photo and not a hoax:
  8. So he got fatfished?
  9. I hope you reported the violation. If you care so much, you’d be part of the solution and not party to the problem.
  10. You are a boob for painting every Liberal and Progressive person as someone who hates America. It is wholly incorrect and you are an idiot for saying it. So there!
  11. There’s not going to be a space for him with the Wolverines or on the Balboa training team if this keeps up.
  12. Too bad Lord Mountbatten won’t be able to attend.
  13. Less than 6 hours until the nuptials!