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  1. Hell, I have looked several times and still can’t see a piece of bread in that raw chop. Is this a troll like the dress a few years ago?
  2. Like I said, others know better than me. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Extra limes. He’s finocchio?
  4. I’m having “garlic bread” too.
  5. Calling bull****. Never seen bread disguised as an uncooked chop. Thank god I live north of the Mason-Dixon.
  6. I’m trying to find any sign that has been heated up at all. Is it flat out raw?
  7. Dinner table at a house other than mine- off. Dining room at restaurant- off. Bar area at restaurant- IDGAF My house- my choice.
  8. ^ good book.
  9. Guy is an American hero. I know there are disputes about who fired the shot, but who cares? He was in a mission with a small team that went into Pakistan and killed UBL. I don’t care if he fired the millionth shot. I spoke to a Special Forces operator a few months back just by chance at a cookout. As some have said, you would have no idea from his demeanor, just an average dude. He mentioned a shooting competition he was going to against the NYPD CTU (?) team that weekend, and while asking him about what team he was on and him hemming and hawing his wife said “he’ll never say it, but he’s a Green Beret”. Asked if he was on an A-Team and she says “he’s a CWO on an A-Team”. Was pretty neat. He’s being deployed shortly. About the top SOF team, I believe it is called “Combined Applications Group” which is an amalgamation of top operators from all branches (DevGru, Delta, etc), inclusive of CIA and paramilitary. I’m sure others here know better than I do, so take my understanding for what it’s worth.
  10. Guy think he’s John Daly or something?
  11. What a bunch of sickos.
  12. It was a Fox poll.
  13. Ever seen the videos of maids cleaning hotel rooms? Foul ****. There’s no difference between an AirbNb and a hotel room except the ability to actually wash the sheets and dishes before you use them and contract some fungis. As far as the upgrade, you knew what you signed up for prior to the flight, and did so for a reason, so stick to the plan.