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  1. Considering the truck and “ICE” on the side you may be inundated with people looking for a rocket pop or a chocolate cone.
  2. Do this but at the last step turn off instead of on
  3. With less than 3 months to go it looks like it’s full steam ahead. Hitch onto the train or face the wrath of the RNC (almighty dollars and get out the vote resources allocated elsewhere). I guess they are hoping the rural votes can make up for the potential loss of college educated suburban and exurban voters who may very well sit this one out or vote for the Democrats. Going to be an interesting mid-term to say the least. The implications can’t be overstated for either party.
  4. I’d be less concerned with the polls and more concerned with the significant narrowing of the margin of victory between R’s and D’s in the recent special elections. Those are hard voting numbers, not poll data, and it should be setting off alarm bells when a gerrymandered Republican district it becomes a right race.
  5. Tell them you moved to a different county. Done and done.
  6. Couple years back went on a tour of the Motown Museam which is the original Hitsville USA studio. In the lobby there is a candy machine and they said they always put the same candy bar in the first slot so Little Stevie could get the one he liked when he was there. Great museaum, just don’t travel 100 feet in either direction when you are outside or you will likely get shot. Man Detroit is a ****hole.
  7. OP goes to Hooters for the wings.
  8. Well to be fair, I said “we” as I was doing so as well.
  9. My initial post was pretty clear, or so I thought. I don’t think we need to prattle on about approval numbers.
  10. Terry- I don’t know the first thing about model trains, but there is a site modeltrainforum dot com. I just looked and they seem like a legit collector site, so if you don’t find a home here maybe check it out. Sorry about your pops.
  11. The recent special elections are somewhat telling when gerrymandered (I don’t use that as a pejorative) ruby red seats have been won by razor thin margins. Granted, special elections do not turn out many voters, but then neither do mid-terms. Democrats appear to be more motivated to go to the polls. If I were a Republican strategist, what would concern me is that with a hot economy and relative peace (vis a vis no large scale demestic terror attack, no new foreign war, etc) the President’s approval numbers are essentially unchanged, give or take a few % points. Yes, I’ll be lectured for saying this because of the media attacks, never Trumpers, etc, but it is still reality. The Republican candidates, for the most part, are hitching their wagon to Trump, ergo this mid-term is a referendum on Trump. If I were a a Democrat strategist what would concern me is the lack of cohesion in message. However, that lack of cohesion has had a positive affect in that the party is encouraging candidates to run a race that appeals to their constituents rather than a party dogma (granted the skeleton is the same). I think the house will flip, marginally. The Senate appears to be safe for Republicans, but again, if the Trump base is complacent they could be in for a rude awakening. So get get out there and vote early and often!
  12. I suppose most of it is open. Hit up Surfland B&T when you get there and chat with the folks working, they can point you in the right direction.