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  1. thank you i think i will go with the stradic fk
  2. i was planning on putting it on a 9ft clarus 6.7oz rod
  3. thanks for all the advice guys
  4. do you think the stradic fk or stradic ci4+ is a better reel i heard the fk is more sturdy but the ci4+ is lighter what do you think which one would you choose?
  5. okay i think i will go with the 4000 for more line capacity
  6. hi i want to get the shimano stradic ci4+ for throwing spinners for salmon from the bank the 3000 weighs 6.7oz and the 4000 weighs 8.1oz which one do you think i should get the 4000 holds more line and stronger drag but the 3000 is lighter any thoughts?
  7. oh thank you for the recommendation do you think i should be using a 3000 or 4000 size reel for throwing spinners?
  8. hi i am looking for a 9 ft medium heavy or heavy salmon rod to bank fish with and was wondering about the shimano clarus or st croix avid salmon or any other good rod suggestions it will be used for throwing spinners with a shimano stradic 4000
  9. hi would you guys say the avid or mojo surf 9ft rod is better?
  10. okay thanks what is a good 9ft rod for around $200 i was thinking mojo surf or carnage surf any thoughts?
  11. i would think 5000
  12. should i get the penn slammer 3 4500 or the shimano stradic 5000 what do you think?
  13. hi i fish the banks of the sacramento delta and wanted to try using bucktails for striper do you know what size i should use and maybe some suggestions on other lures to use from the bank for stripers i usually use bait but want to try some appropriate lures thanks in advance.
  14. i like the slammer more than the clash duradrag on the slammer
  15. any ideas which one of the two i should buy for striper?