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  1. Great to see others contributing to this stroll down memory lane! Speaking of fashion....
  2. Performance anxiety...
  3. The greatest surf casting club that never was!
  4. Pulled this pic off of an old forum post.
  5. Counting the days until a drop into that melting pot permanently...
  6. Classic Dodge Darter
  7. As things slowly grind to a halt for the winter here in the RI Forum, let's take some time to dig through old files we have hanging around and post up pictures of members past and present as well as events that have been thrown here in the RI Forum. Nothing like a stroll down memory lane to drag old timers back into the fold and show the new crop 'o members how it used to be. Dredging the channel, Chucktown B-way 199? Inspiration for Stewie's cawfee!
  8. Who was it?
  9. It's from a Cast-off several years ago. It was a memorable one...the cast-off and the backlash!
  10. And sometimes they actually get hooked! LOL