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  1. And I say that the cooked, ground up shrimp and crab shells that are put into the Purina Fish Chow they feed the farm-raised salmon don't make them look like wild salmon. No where near. It only makes the flesh not white. There is no mistaking farm for wild.
  2. You can easily tell farm raised from wild just by the color. Wild looks red like meat, farm raised is pale.
  3. Have fun my friend! By the by, the scup are biting down where we usually have the picnic tables fishing get together.
  4. As the seal population increases and the water warms, the frequency of great white shark visitation will increase and take a bite (OUCH!!!) out of the seal problem.
  5. A real cheap cigar
  6. Diawa Emblem Pro 5000...casts like a howitzer! Get a used one. Very affordable.
  7. Since I haven't caught a bass yet this year, I'm guilt-free, but between the "Block Island Slaughter" and the "Canal Cancer" the fishery is doomed.
  8. Make striped bass a catch and release fishery. Poaching and back door sales to restaurants become a hell of a lot more noticible when you're not even supposed to have a fish in your possession.
  9. I agree totally. And the ones who poach and back-door to restaurants? Just being in possession of the fish will be much more noticeable and they don't like light being shined on their shady dealings.
  10. The ospreys have had a better season than I have.
  11. ...and a brother to every Sea Robin.
  12. Almost made it there but domestic responsibilities took precedence...irritating since I only live about 10 minutes away. Ed, you cradle that scup like you're old friends!
  13. Gee, what would happen if somebody had a fishing tournament and no fish showed up?
  14. If I'm in-state I'll be there...wouldn't want to miss it. (FLA Aug 8-19)
  15. "Fancy catches fisherman, simple catches fish" My point exactly.