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  1. No biggest Sea Robin category? Phtttttt...I'm out!
  2. Well said Tim!
  3. Eddie, you're always right...
  4. I always got confuzed when terms like "this", and "next" are used for days in the week. "This Saturday" is the one coming in this week. "Next Saturday" isn't really the next one, it's the one coming in the next week. So yeah, the next Saturday is April 7, but Next Saturday is April 14. It's like Next is Saturday's First name, so it gets capitalized. EX. I will be going fishing Next Saturday. (Not really because I hate combat fishing but I will go to breakfast at the Wood River Inn and drive around a bit Next Saturday.)
  5. One of the finest short-haired American fish hounds ever!
  6. Could be coming to a bumper sticker if there was enough interest...
  7. Honestly, I do not recall the bail accidentally closing on me on any of the old Penns. Not saying that it can't happen, but it will prove to be "pilot error", not a mechanical problem. Keep the bail springs in good shape and they shouldn't ever snap shut on a cast. I try to replace them every other season or two.Good maintenance will keep a 704 working like new for decades.
  8. Quality above all else survives the test of time.
  9. Some folks still hold them this way...
  10. Chucktown after Sandy